Part 2

I was finishing my last writing by talking about relationships.
God’s kingdom is built on relationships.
The first relationship was between a man and God and then it continued with the relationship between a man and a woman and their relationship with God. An intimate relationship between a man and a woman created children. We then hear about the relationship between parents and children and then between brothers and sisters. Jealousy came in very early and Cain killed his brother Abel. The relationship between sisters and brothers can be wonderful, but can also create great problems.
Every person is a product of earlier relationships.
When I counsel, I must go back to the first relationships in childhood most of the time. It might be mother or father, sister or brother, teachers or other members of the family. If one has been part of a church, it could be one of the leaders or the common member there. A few problems were created through different catastrophes, but most of them were created in one or the other relationship. The Bible gives us guidelines on how we should treat each other. The parents should love their children. To make clear lines, is part of love. Children need to grow up in homes where mother and father live in harmony with each other. Children are very sensitive and they understand right away if something is wrong. I always recommend parents to be honest and open as far as it is possible. Let the children get to know Jesus and allow Him to part of everyday life, at meals, in conversations and in praying.
The kingdom of God starts first and foremost in the home.
Paul writes in his letters how a servant in the church should behave. He should stick to one woman. They should be honest and should not drink too much wine. They should be honest in money business and they should be able to rule their own homes. Many pastors have not followed this recommendation, but started outside their home. This is not according to the will of God. If we can’t rule our own, how can we take care of others? I have several times told pastors to make their families their priorities. I seriously believe that we should love the Lord first and foremost and then ourselves and then our partner. Our children are the next in line and then the church. Do not allow the devil to tempt you to run away from your problems. I believe that openness and trust are the foundation in all relationships. The family is the first church and an example of the big congregation. The devil wants to destroy families, but we have to take back what the devil has stolen. Pray for your own family. Pray for the members and make Jesus the Lord of your family. You can especially read the letters to Timothy. We must show love and respect to everybody even when we come with corrections. Love is not without bounders. They create a safe and sound atmosphere and they are necessary in all building.

How do we build a house? One starts by clearing the ground, digging deep and then we lay the foundation. The better foundation we have, the more solid the house stands. What are the foundations in the kingdom of God? The Bible says that we should build on the teachings of the apostles and the prophets. The letter to the Ephesians 2:20 say that we build on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets. If an apostle and a prophet teaches something else than the Bible, we should naturally not accept their teaching. Apostles and prophets are not accepted in all churches and these churches go against the Word of God. There is a restoration of these ministries in the body of Christ today. I have attended a few apostolic and prophetic conferences the last years.
When we talk about a human being, we say that its foundation is inheritance and what they experience the first years of their lives. I am teaching quite a bit about inheritance and how negative inheritance can be broken. This is partly a teaching about generational curses. Sicknesses, alcoholism and other problems can go in generations. We can even be born with demons that are running in the family of the mother or the father. I am very thankful to the Lord for teaching me about these things when my daughters were young. I had the authority to do something about it then. You can read 1.Peter1:18. You are building the kingdom of God when you get rid of bad inheritance and delivered from demonic influence. The cleaner we are, the more of God’s life can bless ourselves and others. If the devil would have his will, he would have either killed us Christians or made us physically and mentally sick. He knows that if we are really sick, there is a chance that we cannot be so effective in the kingdom of God. There are those with a handicap that are doing great things in the kingdom, but most of us concentrate on the pain and discomfort when we suffer. They steal my energy as well as taking away my focus on the Lord. I know that I have written a lot about the things concerning us as individuals, but we are the ones called to build here on earth. We must be equipped to do the work.
When we have laid the foundation of a house, what comes next? We start with first floor, not the top one. Architects have first planned what the house should look like, how big it should be, what kind of a house and how the rooms should be placed. When one is building the kingdom of God, one must also have a vision and one needs to know how the vision should be executed. Some people are complaining to me saying that they never feel that they get anything done. I must really ask them about their visions and plans then. We read in Hosea 4:6 that we perish in lack of visions. Some translations say that we perish in lack of knowledge. We are doomed to fail if we start a project without visions and knowledge. That is not the fault of God, but ours. A regular house is built from drawings and knowledge of architects. The house of God is built on His Word and visions.
When we teach the Word, we are building the kingdom of God. We are giving others the knowledge that we have and I am called to give people tools for building the Kingdom. In order to build, we must know what we are called to do. I am not calling a watchmaker when I need a carpenter. Many are confused and they do not know what they are called to do. They really need to seek the Lord then before they run around without a clear purpose.
One needs to be zealous and one needs to have a clear direction. How can we reach the destination when one doesn’t know where to go?
A house is built from the bottom, but I have heard many young men wanting to be like Benny Hinn or another known person in the Body of Christ. They lacked teaching in the Word and they didn’t know how to use the gifts of the Spirit. They might not really know that they had gifts of the Spirit. We should never try to be like someone else since God has created each and every one of us unique and every one of us has to start from scratch. I will continue with the same theme next time. Until then:


Mother Else