Part 3


I will start by telling a story from a female prison in Ukraine. This happened a year ago. God had actually prepared me and said that something special would happen in that prison. I was speaking to about 60 women. They were in all age groups. I felt God asked me to break the past over these women. I took an invisible sword and cut their past, but it was not invisible in the spirit world. I continued to “paint” Jesus in words for these women and when I invited them to come and receive Christ, ten ran out of the room and ten ran forward to confess their sins and to be born again. They were shining of joy and they received a new freedom even if they were in prison. There was great joy in Heaven that day. I was with people who would keep contact with these women and make them disciples. I do understand that certain things from the past have to be dealt with and some areas need deliverance and healing. I saw that the past was like a rubber band that was cut. It couldn’t continue to haunt them.

I have done this quite a few times for other people later on. Certain things have to be worked on and it might take some time. Healing and deliverance might also be necessary, but the past should not continue to pursue them. The Bible says that the Lord is doing something new and everybody should be given a new chance.

God is forgiving all kind of sins and there is nothing that cannot be washed away by the blood of Jesus. God forgives, but there are times when people cannot forgive oneself or others.


All confessed sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus.


If you have been treated unjustly, you have to forgive the person who did it and ask God to heal your memories. You might have to break some words in order to break their negative power. Words are not disappearing by themselves. When we talk about chains, we are not talking about physical chains, but use this picture symbolically. It might be words or demonic and soulish ties. It might be bad memories and there are many more.


                            The Lord is saying: “Look, I am doing something new.”


I will now enter into totally different areas; religion and occultism. These two areas are slightly bound together. I can start with religion. We are travelling much more in these days and it is important that we have some knowledge about the religion in different countries. Many of us are also receiving refugees from other religious backgrounds and we should not be ignorant of their culture and religion. We human beings are actually created with a hunger for God. The sad thing is that men and demonic powers have created so many other gods that are like a substitute for the original Creator. We might think of the well- known religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. We will find a number of divisions, sects and groups both inside and outside these major religions. I have met people with another religious background wanting to become Christian, but it is not so easy to break with the demonic powers and their religious mind set. When they have chosen to make Jesus their Lord and Savior, I can break the religious powers and chains. These newly saved foreigners need more help than our newly saved country-men. They are far away from their own country, family and friends. They might even be persecuted by their own people. It might be difficult to change religious thinking and practice. The old religious roots must be crushed, the trees burned and the demons have to flee. They really need to experience the love of God and His power. My daughter is quite often praying for Muslims and when they get healed, it is an opening for her to share the Gospel of Jesus. He is the only One taking away all our sins and making it possible to come to God by grace and not through good deeds. The sad thing is that even Christians can become religious. I myself was brought up with many do’s and don’ts and I experienced a Christianity where one must suffer. I hadn’t understood that Jesus suffered for me in order for me to have peace and joy. I lived with one leg in the world and one with God for a few years, but returned fully to God at the end of the seventies. I really needed to hear that God was good then and I went to a church where that was said repeatedly. It was much easier for me to break ties to the world than to religious spirits. I do not believe that we can live according to our flesh. I absolutely believe that the Bible sets boundaries that are good for us, but there is a difference between fearing God and being afraid of Him.


Religion is built on fear. Be free from religious spirits.


We have a lot of confusion today. The Bible says that no one comes to the Father, but through Jesus. I have talked to quite a few saying that they pray to god, but not through Jesus. They believe that there are many ways to God. Some people call god a higher power. In New Age they might even use certain Bible verses, but they do not say that Jesus is the only way. They talk about good and bad guides. A lot of their theories are built on other religions. I have prayed for people to become free from demons received through New Age. Many people within New Age are really seekers for the truth, but they do not find Him saving them for eternity.

In many countries one is not allowed to talk about Jesus if one is employed in an official institution. The strange thing is that occultism is forced on small children in day care, in schools and hospitals. Yoga is one such thing. When I read about that on internet, it says that one is calling upon other gods. One is using meditation, acupuncture and mindfulness. I do not eat poisoned food even if it looks good on the outside.

I have recently met Christians asking why they experience so many bad things. These people have practiced these things mentioned above and they do not want to say no to them. God is not punishing them, but they have opened themselves to other gods and the devil is evil. They have open doors that are invisible in this world, but very visible in the spirit world. It’s therefore very important they you say no to things that have demonic roots.


Many are thinking about occultism as black magic and witch-doctors and that is occult, but I seriously do not believe that many Christians practice that. I am far more worried when the devil comes clothed as an angel of light. Many are actually in need of deliverance from deceiving spirits. The devil doesn’t want to let you go so easily so say no to him right away. The Holy Spirit is always there to help you discerning what comes from Him and what comes from the dark. You must let Him guide you.

If you feel that you are hindered in following the Holy Spirit and the Lord, something is binding you. It might be sin, bad habits or demons. People might also bind you and you might have too strong ties to them.






Mother Else