This time I use words that are mostly used in connection with physical food and drinks. I am partly doing this in order to get your attention, but Jesus did also compare spiritual things with everyday life. That makes it easier for people to understand what you really want to say. If we are only using spiritual phrases, some people might feel confused.

If we are without food for a long time, one really starts to get hungry and it might influence the body in a negative way. If you stop eating, more and more of the bodily functions will stop. In the end you might actually die. The body is created to get nourishment in order to live and function. The body will give signals to us when it wants food and water. Just think of a little baby. As soon as it is hungry or thirsty, it starts crying and the mother might say: “Oh, now it is time for breast-feeding again.” The child has pains in the stomach when he or she gets hungry. The small baby is just drinking water and milk in the beginning. When the intestines are properly developed and the baby is getting teeth, it can start eating more solid food. Some of you might think I am stupid to mention these things since everybody knows this. I just want to use it as a comparison. The apostle Paul is talking about feeding people with spiritual food and he is talking about milk and solid food in the Galatians. A new-born Christian needs to hear simple truths based on the Bible. I usually recommend the four Gospels and the Psalms. They need to know what Jesus did on the Cross, the base for our salvation and all His deeds. They should read about His goodness and promises for us. The Bible is saying that the gospel is so easy that even a fool can understand it. Complicated theological discussions are not for them and not for anybody in my opinion.


Christianity is about a relationship and not about complicated theories.


I compare the Word of God with natural food. Without food we might get sick and without the Word of God we might get weak and confused and might eventually die spiritually. God might speak to us in different ways, but how do you know if it is God if you are not rooted in the Word?

I like to have a variety of food. I believe that y body needs a wide specter of nourishment. I love food and I enjoy eating. I also love eating together with others and the food becomes something more than just a necessary thing.

How do you look at the Word of God? Is it something you feel you have to read or is it something you are longing for? When I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, the Bible got alive in a completely new way. I have my favorite food, in other words; my favorite Bible verses, but I want to read everything. I might eat the Word alone, but also together with others. We all see in parts and my sisters and brothers in Christ might help me to see and understand things that I do not do alone.

How often do you eat a day? Your answer might be two or three times a day. How often do you read the Word of God? I seriously do not read the Word as often as I eat food, but I will ask the Holy Spirit to make me hungrier for the Word of God. I do pray more often and have an open relationship to the three parts of the Trinity, but I see the need for more spiritual food. I am on my way for betterment.


Have you ever been in love? Most people have and not only once. One really wants to be with the person one is in love with then. How is it with Jesus? Are you longing for Him? We do know that His spirit is living on the inside of us who are born again. Jesus talks about the living water that we can draw from every day. There is no limitation of time. Some people say that they are walking like in a desert. Have you been drinking of the living water then? Are you thirsty? Are you longing for the living water? More people are longing more for cokes and juices than for the living water. When you are in love, you do not go to him or her only in times of crises. No, you cannot get enough of your sweetheart. Jesus describes Himself as a bridegroom and us as a bride. He is therefore something much more than a sweetheart. He is our bridegroom with whom we should live with for eternity. That relationship starts here on earth. Shouldn’t it be only natural that we are thirsting and longing for Him? We read in the Revelation 3:20 that He stands at the door and knocks and if we open, He will dine with us.

I was recently attending a meeting where the speaker said that he had prayed for weeks to get a touch from God. It seemed like the person was looking for an experience and he got one, but the experience didn’t lead to a spiritual fruit. Are we hungry for experiences? I believe that many are and many are so hungry that when the experience comes, that do not always know the source of the experience. I have been watching meetings on television where the Holy Spirit, human flesh and evil spirits are mixed together as a stew in a big pan. I do not like that kind of mixed food. Many are unfortunately eating this kind of stew. I do not want you to misunderstand me. I do believe that the Lord wants us to have experiences. He has created us with emotions, but I do want pure food. The gift of discernment is needed more now than ever. I have experienced spiritual manifestations physically, but the experience had a purpose and bore fruits in my life and later in the life of others. The Bible says that God gives us gifts in order for others to be equipped. I have earlier written that it is dangerous to play with the holy things and I believe that it is wrong to seek experiences. They will come when we seek the Lord first. When you think of your sweetheart, you might get very happy and a little extra warm in your heart. You might wish to dance or buy her or him something. If we are very sad when we are together with Jesus, something is wrong in our relationship. The Bible says that the joy of the Lord is our strength. We must know the source of our joy.


I am personally very hungry for more of Jesus in my life, but then some of me and my own things will need to disappear. By sanctification I will be filled with more of Jesus in my life.


What kind of books are you reading and what are watching on the net and television? What we see and hear will enter us and we might call it food. We must never think that it doesn’t have any effect. That’s a lie.

I am not saying that we should only hunger for spiritual meetings. I eat almost all kind of foods, but it should not be poisonous or polluted. That goes for what I read and see too. It might be very good for us to see programs from nature. God has created both the animals and the nature. We can find good films and I personally love a good concert. I also enjoy documentary programs. Certain teaching programs might be very good as long we know the origin of the teaching.


I know people who are so hungry for the Lord that they run from conference to conference. Others are spending hours every day watching known preachers on the internet. Many of these are equipped with spiritual knowledge and gifts. Why aren’t they hungry for seeing people saved, healed, delivered and restored?




Mother Else