Part 2


Last time I wrote about generational curses and inferiority problems. You can read for yourself. A Christian has a perfect spirit and cannot be possessed, but might have a demon in the soul and the body. I have recently been asked how I know if a person has a demon or is governed by his flesh. Others have asked I distinguish between a mental sickness and a demon. Many have asked me how I know if a person has a wound or how do I know if the person has a demon. I do not have a perfect and a complete answer to thise questions, but I will come with some thoughts.

The Bible says that the flesh is resisting the Spirit. I believe that this is a daily war. Romans 8 are writing about this and so does the letter to the Galatians. Galatians 5:19-21 writes about the deeds of the flesh and Gal.5:22 writes about the fruits of the Spirit. Gal.5:16 are saying:

“Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.”

We have a tendency to say that we feel this and want that without thinking if what we feel and want are in accordance with the Word of God and His will. If you are not reading so much in the Word, you really do not know His will and it will be a mixture of our own thinking and desires. When that is said; I really do believe that most Christians are sincere when they say that they want to follow the Will of God, in other words; The Spirit. I really believe that the gift of discernment is an important tool in discerning what is based on God and what has another origin. I would have had a very difficult time functioning in the tasks that God has called me to without this gift. He will always give us what we need for performing good deeds.

I believe that when a person says that he reads the Word, desires to follow Jesus, takes time with Him and still is having a hard time stopping with a bad habit, sinning or doing anything else against The Word of God, there might be a demon in that area. I really want to go to the root of the problem then. I might have to ask The Holy Spirit to reveal the root-problem for me. Sometimes the person knows him – or herself. When the root is revealed and crushed by the name of Jesus, it is easy for the Holy spirit to burn the rest of the tree and the “birds” have to fly away. If the problem is connected with sin or lack of forgiveness, that has to be dealt with first. Sin has to be confessed and one has to forgive the person(s) that have hurt you. I start by forgiving in obedience to The Word, but the emotions might take longer. You can forgive again and again. One day I am so healed that I can meet that person and look him or her straight in the eyes without any pain. To forgive doesn’t mean that the other person hasn’t done anything wrong. Jesus forgave those who killed Him. Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean that we should spend a lot of time together with that person, but we should be free from painful emotions.

This is possible in the name of Jesus.


Sin is binding you. If you live in sin, you have actually tied a rope around yourself. The Lord has actually given your power to break the power of sin and He has carried all of our sins. Confessed sin disappears and you become free. (1.John 1:9)


It is written that the truth is setting us free. That must mean that lies are binding us. I have sometimes used chains and ropes to tie around people as a symbol to describe the consequences of lies. The more we are bound by lies, the harder it is to get out of it. Do you know that you can get delivered from a spirit of lie? The devil is called th father of lies. If you lie once, it doesn’t mean that you have a spirit of lie, but if it is a pattern, I believe that you have this spirit. I think that demons lie behind any pattern or anything that you can’t stop doing. I will actually say that anything that is more important than Jesus in your life is an idol. We are not supposed to have any other gods.

We are often thinking about other religions when we talk about idols, but anything can become an idol. I can for example think about the mobile. I have been to prayer meetings where even the pstor couldn’t turn off the mobile. I couldn’t help asking if he told God that somebody else was more important. Others can’t serve God because they think they need to be available for children and grandchildren all the time. If God had told them to do that, they are obedient to Him, but many are so bound that they can’t live their own life.

Other people can bind us.

Friends, family, Christian leaders, bosses at work can all give us guilt-feelings and they might even use that in order for us to do even more for them. You do not want to disappoint them and you might be afraid of rejection and that might lead to the fact that you never do what the Lord wants you to do or the things that you desire for yourself. If that’s the case, you are bound by people and by fear of men and not by God. We really need to break the soulish ties to these people then. I break these ties in the name of Jesus and that will often lead to practical consequences. I might have to say no where I before said yes. In some cases it might mean that we will not see each other so often any more. In extreme cases it might lead to a change of job, church or any other group. It is recommendable to ask God for guidance in order to avoid leading of the flesh.


The Bible is mentioning the names of quite a few demons and I believe we can have more than those mentioned in the Bible.

Who are going to drive out demons? Mark 16:17 says that the first sign following a Christian is to drive out demons. That means that it is for all Christians and not a few.


Many people ask me if I drive out demons of non-believers. My answer is no. I do know that Jesus drove out evil spirits and that was before He had been to the Cross. Nobody was actually saved then. We can receive Him today and be filled with His Spirit in our spirit. I will often bind the strong hold in a non-believer before I testify for him. I can also bind other spirits in a non-believer, but I do not throw them out. I do not want seven worse to come into the empty space. Matthew 18:18 says that we have been given the authority to lose and bind.


Fear will often stop you from doing the will of God. It is binding you. 1.John 4:18 says that perfect live casts out fear. The Bible says that we haven’t received the spirit of fear. We might have many kind of fears and when that is the case, I often see the fears as an octopus, in other words: a family of fear. There are times when we can take the entire family, but most of the time I take one area at the time. When the spirit is gone, the person might need a change of thoughts, healing and changed behavior. That might take time.

Another problem that can come into many areas is rejection. You can be rejected already in your mother’s and then later for your how you look or how you behave. In some countries girls are rejected and in some places certain classes or groups of people are rejected.

The Lord will never reject you. He hates sin, but loves the sinner.




Mother Else