I will pray more about the next year later, but God gave me the word: Changes. It might be for me and it might mean changes in general. I do think both. I do believe that we will see great changes in the year ahead of us. When we look back on 2014 we have seen and heard about more demonic activities than I can remember during my lifetime. Some of the same things might have happened before, but in lesser scale. Only a few days ago, I heard that almost two hundred children were killed during school-time in Pakistan. Thousands and thousands of Christians and others must flee from extreme Islamists in order to save their lives, natural disasters happens everywhere in the world and I could continue to mention all the terrible things happening. I have never seen the devil more visible than now. His time is short and he tries to destroy as much as possible before he gets bound in order to finally be cast in the lake of fire. How should we Christians react to all of this? Should we get anxious, angry, passive or indifferent? Luke 21 says that we should not be afraid when we hear about wars and natural disasters. Verse 17 and 18 says that we will be hated for His name’s sake, but not a hair on our heads will be lost. “If you do not give up, you will possess life,” says the Lord.


I do not believe that we can stand firm in this fight if we lack conviction. We must know Jesus. We cannot be indifferent to Him if we want victory over the devil. If someone threatens to kill you if you do not deny Jesus, I think that the decision might be very difficult if you do not have a close and intimate relationship to Him. I have heard men saying that they are willing to fight for their wife and children. How much more shouldn’t we be willing to live and die for Jesus who gave His life for us? If we think we can stand in the fights in our own strength, I am afraid that we will lose for much stronger forces. We must be in Him Who protects us and gives us power and new strength. Do you remember the shepherd – boy David winning over the giant Goliath because he trusted God Who is with us? He won over the giant with a small stone and a sling. The stone sank so hard into Goliath’s forehead that he fell on the ground.

We cannot continue to look at circumstances and resistance with natural eyes. We have to look at the world through God’s perspective. We must count on supernatural help and believe in solutions much greater than we can think. We have a big God and a kind Daddy!

Will there only be misery in 2015? No, I seriously believe that the light will shine brighter and the darkness will get darker. I believe that the devil will continue to be angry, but God will help us Christians to stand as lights in this dark world. We will shine in such a way that many want to follow Him Who is the Light. If this is going to happen, you might have to lay down your own self, your own ideas and plans and your own ambitions. Your Daddy in heaven has much greater ambitions for you than you have yourself. You must believe that He is good and wishes you well. He is for you and not against you.


If you think that everything will be the same way as it always has been and you can do the same things as you always have, I do not think 2015 will be that way. I can see what God has done in my life only the last year. There have been tough times, but I had to lean on Him more than ever before. Every resistance has forced me to go deeper into the Word, pray more and Jesus has become more and more real to me. I have gotten a deeper desire to see others saved and I had a chance to pray with more people for salvation last year. Problems that seemed big before have minimized by the help of God. I can now see them through the eyes of God and then I see possible solutions.


When I seek Him, He meets me.

The Lord never forces Himself on us. We must approach Him. He is always there and He is always for us. Many do not dare to come to Him since they are afraid of God, but they must have a wrong picture of Him then. I have many times destroyed these wrong pictures in the Spirit both in me and others. God wants us to see Him with the glasses of truth and not with fear.

I started to write about 2015 as the year of change. If we are going to walk with the Lord, we might have to leave our comfort zone and move into the unknown. If we are going to do that, we must have our safety in the Lord. We might sometimes feel like we are alone, but that is only a feeling. We can’t leave our comfort zone without the Lord. He is there with us and for us and will support us in all possible an impossible ways. I remember that I used to have some personal problems when I was out travelling. When the Lord wanted me to travel more, I asked Him to heal and release me from these problems and He did. Before that He healed me from car-sickness. I have been taken by cars mile after mile in different countries and I have not always had drivers keeping the rules and speed limits. I didn’t feel that I always could comment on the driving, but I am sure that the angels were very busy. I never got sick.


Fear for the unknown is often caused by wrong pictures of God or oneself.


We are often limiting ourselves and think that we might not manage new challenges. I often pray for people that they should get the right and true picture of God and themselves. In Scandinavia we have a law called “janteloven”. That means that you must not think that you are something or that you can more than anybody else. That means that people are hindered in taking new steps. We are also limited in our creativity. This manmade law has nothing to do with God Who says: “Everything is possible for those who believe” We must believe that we can be used to perform things that in our eyes look impossible. I am usually saying that the devil is an expert to blow up problems that are small to big balloons. I want you to look at obstacles as possibilities. Somebody called repeated problems for a way of correcting us. I do not think that God sends us problems, but He does allow them to come, but He doesn’t make them since He is the solution.

How do you meet the New Year? I personally meet it with a certain excitement. What will happen in the New Year? What plans does the Lord have? What will I participate in? When and where will I be travelling? Will personal and general prophesies come to pass during the year? I am very lucky to be on pension. That means that I easily can move around. Some feel very bound by having small children. I recently heard about a family with four children between three and seven. They have opened their home and their home is becoming like a small church. Others feel limited because they are alone. That’s a lie. I am alone and I am busy all the time. It is really a privilege since I do not have to ask anybody else for permission than the Lord. He and I are a team. Sickness might be a hindrance, but look upon sickness as an enemy that Jesus took with Him on the Cross. Don’t make your illness to a friend. It is difficult to get rid of it then. If you are sick, you can always pray. I know handicap people who function as intercessors.






Mother Else