Jesus had a close relationship to His Daddy. He often chose to go aside to be with Him. Jesus actually said that He only did what the Father told Him to do. (John5:19) In order to hear, one needs to be close. The Holy Spirit is the third part of the Deity and He is the One conveying the Father’s will to us. I often say that I only want to do what The Holy Spirit tells me to say or do. When I preach or teach, I lean on The Holy Spirit and when I am in counselling, I listen with four ears, two physical and two spiritual ears. I do not rely on books or other knowledge, but on The Holy Spirit. What I hear must be in accordance with the Word of God.

Jesus loved to be with His Daddy. He knew Him well and knew that He was good and full of love. Since He knew Him so well, He knew that there could be none other like Him. Do we know our Daddy in Heaven the same way? Is God our first priority? I love people and I often choose to be with a person on skype or face to face instead of my Daddy. I need to repent.

Many people do not have or haven’t had a good father-relationship. In some homes he has not be present physical. In other cases, he has been there, but he has not really seen his children. Some men think that being with the children is the task of the mother. Some are having daddies with a problem of alcohol or drugs. Children from such homes, might become insecure. Others are having fathers that have misused them sexually, physically or used words that are hurting. These experiences will most likely create wounds that need healing.

Many are those needing healing for å bad daddy-relationship. This might be necessary in order to trust God as a good Daddy. He is always there for you. He never sleeps or takes a vacation. On the contrary, He says in Jeremiah 33:3 that we should call on Him and He will answer us.

My own daddy was in many ways kind, but he was weak and didn’t protect me enough. I have had difficulties trusting God for solutions when I had problems. I shouldn’t compare my earthly daddy with my heavenly, but so often we do. We might not do it consciously, but sub-consciously. I think you should sit down and think about your own daddy. What is or was good and what is or was negative? Then think of your relationship to God. Do you expect answers to your prayers? Do you believe that He is there for you? Do you think that anything is impossible for Him? Do you think that He answers everybody else, but not you? Do you think that He is just and that He will stand up and protect you? Do you think that He loves you exactly the way you are or does He love you a little more if you serve Him more? Do you know that you cannot do anything to be loved more than you are right now? He loves us unconditionally and we are loved by pure grace. God has created us to be together with Him. When that relationship was broken through the sin of Adam and Eve, God had a plan to restore that relationship through Jesus.

God is in Heaven and we are here on earth. He needs us here to be salt and light. If we would not be here, the world would be even more dark and evil. We Christians are like letters read by non-believers with critical eyes. Are we loving or are we judging everything? Are we real or are we one person in church and another at home? Are we trustworthy? I am mentioning our responsibility as Christians, but life has another aspect as well. Did you go on vacation with your daddy as a child? To do is only one aspect of life. Your heavenly Father wants you to rest in faith. I once was in a church where we were taught to stretch our faith all the time. That could become very tiresome and often mixed with our own flesh. When one is full of peace and feels safe and relaxed in the presence of his or her Daddy, one sees solutions and one knows that Daddy will help. God has helpers and they are activated when I come to Daddy with my needs. I might not receive an answer immediately. I might have to go against resisting spirits, but God is for me.

God rested on the last day of the week. He is actually saying that we should keep that day holy. He doesn’t want us to work all the time. He will give us a vacation and He want our soul to be satisfied. What satisfies your soul?

If you never forgave your own father for being selfish or doing worse things, then it is high time to start that process. Jesus forgave those who killed Him. We can forgive time and time again until the pain is released. It is time for reconciliation. One might not always spend good times together, but reconciliation is necessary. None of us can afford a bitter root.


Mother Else