When are you called an old person? I do not really know since I believe is has a lot to do with how one thinks and well one is. I remember my own fear for getting old when I was close to 60. My sister called me quite often and asked how I should celebrate my birthday and I changed the topic every time she asked. I went on a mission trip to Georgia a few weeks before I was turning 60. When I was there, I got a question about my age. I reluctantly had to answer my interpreter and she was very nice and polite saying that I looked younger. While I was answering her, The Holy Spirit came over me and I told her that the last thing that I would do before I died, was to laugh. I understood then that I didn’t have to change my personality and I lost all fear for getting old and thank God, it never came back. I just turned 80 and I have never been so active in the kingdom of God as now.

I do know that our bodies might get a few more problems when we get older, but we do not need to die sick. The Lord might come and get us when the time is ripe. I got a few problems after I had covid three and a half years ago. I am still waiting for healing of my back hoping to get rid of a walker when I have to go a little longer distance. I have four times dreamt that I walk normally as when I was young, and I want to hold on to that dream. I also want to get rid of an injection for diabetes. We read in Isiaha 53:4+5 that we have received healing in the wounds of Jesus. I want to receive what He has done for me.

There are ditches we can fall in when it comes to how we should look and dress when we get older. One ditch is to dress like teenager. The clothes do not match with the rest of our looks. Another ditch is a feat of using modern colourful clothes and fear of colouring one’s hair. I am not against grey hair, but I gladly colour my hair. I am doing that myself and it doesn’t cost much. I believe that everybody is free to do what you are comfortable with. I got a serious question once when I was on a mission trip. “Is it sinful to colours one’s hair?” It wasn’t so common in that country, and I had to take it seriously. I think she happily did.

If you have had children, you will now enter an age when the children build their own families or at least move out. This period is difficult for some people. Some are divorced and it might feel very lonely to be alone. I have had friends with grandchildren and their lives are all of a sudden circling around the grandchildren. Everybody is not like that, but some live for their grandchildren all the time. It is good for grandchildren to have a certain contact with their grandparents. My children didn’t have that, and they missed it. When that is said, I still believe that elderly people should live for more things than their grandchildren. Grandparents should not control the lives of their children nor their grandchildren. What do you do when they live their own lives one day?

In Scandinavia it is decided how old you should be when you retire and get a pension. Some people look forward to retirement, but others do not know what to do and they go into a time of depression. They might even do that when the children move out. I have a difficult time understanding that because of the fact that I have helped other people most of my adult life. I could also travel as a missionary when I got older. Some of my friends were very worried about not getting enough retirement points. I received a prophetic word then that God should take care of my pension. He really has even if I have a little less than my colleagues. I am fine.

Some old people complain that they are so lonely. I believe that some are sitting waiting for somebody else to take an initiative. Maybe it is you? Are you participating in a group or a church? Do you have a hobby that you can share with somebody else? Do you know somebody who needs you? I do believe that the devil wants to isolate people. I feel that the is a spirit of isolation over the place where I live, and I do not want to come under that dominion. If you are physically limited, ask somebody to come home to you sharing the Word together, pray together and maybe share a simple meal together. Do not be too afraid to ask for practical help if you need that. I have twice hurt my foot, and I was asking friends for help. One could also order food to be delivered home. Many did that during the pandemic.

Some people will lose their husband or wife when they get older, but I usually say that they should not stop living. God has a purpose for you as long as you are here on earth. If you can’t go out so much, you might start praying for somebody. I do not believe that there is a retirement in the kingdom of God. God has given us gifts that we must use to His glory. We are also having knowledge and experiences that we need to share with the younger generation. The Bible says that we should make disciples, and I want to teach others about counselling.

Prepare yourself to get old before you get old. Try to keep active physical, psychological and spirituel. If you are limited in moving around, ask for remedies to help. If you need to come to a nursing home, ask God to place you in a nice one. You are a child of God even in old age. He will take care of you as long as you live. As a Christian you can look forward to the place that is prepared for you in heaven.


Mother Else

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