This theme is about our focus. What is important to us and what priorities are we making? That really differs from person to person, from family to family and also from different cultures and religious groups. We are also having a variety of more factors as well concerning our choices. Yes, that’s what it is all about, our choices. You might protest and say that you have other people deciding over your choices. If you are an adult and allow other people to rule your time and money, that’s a choice and maybe not a good one.

I am totally dependent on a calendar. It’s sometimes interesting to look at it and see the content. I do not write everything I do in it, but it gives me a certain picture of how I spend my time. I have a feeling that some of you want to explain to me why you spend your time and money the way you do. You might desire to come with a long list of defenses. Please, put it down. I am not writing to judge nor accuse you, but I think that all of us should think about our priorities and choices from time to time. I am on pension and I do not have a regular job that takes many hours a day, but I a “employed” by God. A lot of my time is used for counselling, praying, writing and preparations for seminars and preaching. I am daily spending some time with the Bridegroom, but not as much as He wants to. He is longing for us He wants to spend time with us. Don’t you know that the Bridegroom wants to spend time with the Bride? We have a tendency to think that we ought to be more with Him, but we have not understood His longing for us. He is not forcing Himself on us and we must give Him more time.

I know that children and especially when they are small take a lot of time from the parents, but I think that is a right priority. That time doesn’t last forever, but their future should have an eternal perspective. Do not allow all the practical things with small children to take all your time. It is possible to take time with Jesus both alone and with the rest of the family. The children should get to know Jesus as their Friend and Savior at an early age. I believe in the saying: “Those who pray together, stay together.” I meet both parents and grandparents that complain about their children and grandchildren. They are not walking with the Lord and they are not born again. I therefore believe that it is very important that children grow up in an atmosphere where Jesus is in the center and also getting a right picture of Him, God and The Holy Spirit. Nobody wants to come to a person they think is there to punish them. Do you have the right picture of Him? If you don’t, that might be one of the reasons why you do not have Jesus as your first priority timewise and moneywise.

Working and sleeping are two major parts of our lives. Together they take at least 15-16 hours out of 24. It is necessary to work, but some choose a work that takes much more than eight hours a day. Some should have chosen less money and more time with the family. Maybe they should have chosen part time. Some people choose things instead of time together. I make travelling a priority. I pay many of my mission trips myself, but my home has very simple furniture. I have many at home for counselling, food and prayers. I prioritize food before furniture. I am not saying that this should be your way of living, but I share with you what is important to me. I spend money on rent, food, the Lord, travelling and on people. Yes, I do have clothes, but they are not my priority. Since I am on pension, I am quite free timewise, but I have less money. I have chosen to do what The Holy Spirit leads me to do as far as I am able to hear.

I often hear people complain about lack of money and they say that that is hindering them in doing what they want or even what the Lord wants. I think that there might be something wrong here. Have you and the Lord put up a budget together? I have seen families with lots of money, but they never had any. How did they use the money? Many are not able to use their money in a wise way. Ask the Lord and one trustworthy person to help you. What is important to you? How much do you give to the Lord? I seriously believe that we get blessed by giving. Some people give away most of their money, but later they come and ask others for money to pay the rent. Yes, we have many ditches we can fall into. If we walk with the Lord, we do not fall into a ditch.

I will mention another ditch. There is a lot of Christian activity and some people work and work for the Lord until they get totally worn out. I believe that the devil can get us so involved in work that we lose contact with the One with think we are working for. If you are asked to do some work for the church or some other voluntarily work, ask the Lord if this comes from Him. He has spoken very clearly to me lately and He has told me exactly what I should get involved with and not. Another ditch is the ditch of laziness. You might feel depressed and alone and you do nothing except feeling sorry for yourself. God has made us creative and maybe you should start taking initiative. Maybe you should invite somebody to you? If you are passive, do you spend time with the Bridegroom? Many spend time complaining about all the things they are lacking and they go around in a vicious circle. They circle around themselves and the devil. I know that pain and sickness can steal a lot of time and energy, but maybe it is time to rise in the spirit and use the weapon of the Word against the devil. God doesn’t send sickness as punishment over us. No, Jesus carried all of that on the Cross. (Is.53:4+5)

Matthew 6:33 says that we should first seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness and then everything else will be added. I therefore do not believe that everything else should take most of our time and money. I think we often start at the wrong end. It says: Seek first! I recommend that you start the day with Jesus and allow Him to be part of the rest of the day. Let Him be your economic advisor and The Holy Spirit your Helper.


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