Do you remember some of the things that I wrote a year ago? I had a vision of many pregnant women and they were ready to give birth. I was first and foremost thinking of visions and dreams that you had been carrying, maybe for years. I wrote that 2013 would be a year of breakthrough. I cannot say that all of my dreams and visions have come to pass, but I have seen several breakthroughs. I have other areas where the birth has started, but I haven’t seen the baby yet.

The book I wrote has been released this year and I have sold a nice number of them. Some pastors are using the book as a source for teaching on the theme: Inner healing and deliverance. I would like more books to be sold next year and I would like to teach on this subject myself, more than I have done during the past year.

When it comes to the Body of Christ, I have seen a sword dividing the body. Many central themes like the only way for salvation, baptism and the meaning of communion have been discussed and pastors and churches have changed their believes. The Bible has not been the only source for truth any more. Others have become more dependent on the Bible and claim it to be the sovereign source for the truth. A lot of hidden sin and falseness have been revealed and have come to the light this year. That has lead to the fact that people must make a choice. What shall we believe and whom should we follow? This has led to a lot of confusion and a lot of pain where I live. How can a pastor go from one extreme to the other extreme? I have prayed a lot from Ephesians 6:12 saying that we should not wrestle against flesh and blood. I have received fantastic answers to those prayers. Some of us have prayed for conflicts that we have considered being demonic and we have prayed against demons in the invisible world. The answers become visible. People who haven’t greeted each other or being cold towards each other start greeting each other in a warm way. A pastor starts praising a person who was previously ignored or even looked down upon. I really call this a breakthrough and an answer to our prayers.

I have experienced that lukewarm people start spending a lot of time with the Lord. I have never experienced so much praying as in 2013. In our city there is a prayer-meeting every day in different churches. Many people have really gotten involved in praying and they are doing a very important job.


I believe that God will answer many of our prayers in 2014.


This might be the reason why some people say that 2014 will be a year of jubilee. There will be great joy when God answers our prayers. It should at least be so. We shouldn’t be among those who do not thank Him when our needs are met and our prayers are answered. We should actually thank Him before we see the answer. That shows God that we trust Him and we know that we get what we ask for. Without faith we cannot please God. (Heb.11:6)

God has lately reminded me of my position of receiving. I should trust Him and live in His promises. Faith-teaching has sometimes talked about stretching our faith and that might give us associations of our own doings. Faith is a gift and I would rather rest in faith. His promises last today, tomorrow and for all eternity.


The world will shake and individuals, congregations, societies and countries will be shaken. It has already started, but it isn’t over yet. I believe that this process will continue in 2014. Everything will be shaken, all from small shakings to great earth-quakes. When this happens, we must have a secure base to stand on. Jesus is called the Rock and the Word of God shall stand for ever and are unshakable. People can say so many things and they have lots of different opinions, but what is the source of their opinions? If their opinions are against the Word of God, it comes from the wrong source. We need to know. Some will say that the Word opens up for different interpretations, but ask the Holy Spirit. He knows what is right. He should guide us to the whole truth. I ask the Holy Spirit to be together with me when I read the Word. The Holy Spirit was originally there when it was written and He is part of the divinity and knows what the Father wants to convey to His children. We humans might interpret what seems good to us.


How will 2014 look like and what will happen?

I haven’t gotten any specific revelations yet, but I do believe that the dark will become darker and the light lighter if we seek His face. I seriously believe that the process has started already. It has always been a war between the devil and God, but we must not forget that the devil was conquered on the Cross. (Col.2:15) Adam and Eve were sinning and they opened up for the devil to become the ruler of the world, but we Christians can take areas away from Him by using the name of Jesus. We can win victories over areas in ourselves, districts and even countries. If we Christians had risen as one body and taken our position in the army and fought for our place and country, the world would have looked very different, but we are unfortunately both lazy and divided. Many hesitate to fight. It’s so tiresome they say. Yes, it’s tiresome, but we are not fighting in our own strength, but in the power of Him Who conquered the devil.


          We Christians are partly deciding how 2014 will look like.

          I recommend you to take your position in the prayer-army!


The devil knows that his time is short and he is more active than ever before. It will therefore become a very clear division between the dark and the light. Jesus wondered if He would find faith on the earth when He returns. That must mean that it will not be so easy in the future. Difficulties can either lead men to Jesus or away from Him. Persecuted Chinese Christians are asking us to avoid praying for a stop to the persecution. They are afraid to become lukewarm then. Some people forget God when everything is going well. I think that is the reason why God allows persecution and hardships. I do not need difficulties to seek the Lord, but many forget God when everything goes well. I really wish that it wasn’t so.


I believe that 2014 will be an exciting year both in a negative and a positive way. Surprises are about to come and they might come without a warning. I know of people who are keeping a supply of food and water in case of war. If God is asking you to prepare yourself, do it, but there are also people out there frightening us and we must know the difference. We Christians must remember that we have a Daddy promising us to always stay with us. He has also asked us to throw our worries upon Him.(Matt.6:34) He cares for us. The Bible says 365 times that we shouldn’t fear and that means that we shouldn’t fear a single day in 2014.


All fears and worries are unnecessary!


I really wish that you and Jesus and that I and Jesus will get very close during the year 2014.




Mother Else