We will have to dress and undress in the year of 2009, part 4!

15th of March

Part 4

We will start by reading the Colossians the third chapter. In my Norwegian Bible the headline goes like this: “LAY ASIDE THE OLD AND CLOTH YOURSELF IN CHRIST!” We are encouraged to seek the things which are above. I have mentioned this several times before, but the truth is that if we are thinking about the things in the world, we become worldly. If we are looking at Jesus and His life, we become more like Him. In this chapter you will recognize many of the things that I have written about before. Please go with me to the eight verse. There we read: “But now you yourself are to put off all these: anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy and filthy language.” I do not believe that we shouldn’t get angry at all since I read another place that when you get angry, you should not allow your wrath to stay when the sun goes down. (Freely translated) The Bible also talks about a holy wrath. Quite a few Christians walk around with a false smile, but underneath they are hiding a great amount of anger. My advice is this: “Do something about your anger before you put on your smile.” Anger and unforgiveness often “walk” together. There are others who have the false conception that they never can say no and they are angry since they do things they do not want to do. Others are having the feeling of being run over. They might get angry inside instead of saying something about it. Maybe it was just a feeling. Jesus Himself did something about His wrath. He was driving out those who bought and sold in the temple and He overturned the tables of the money changers. We should not get sour when we get angry, but the anger should drive us into positive action. GET RID OF THE ANGER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

We are not supposed to allow filthy language to come out of our mouth. I believe that most of us are thinking of cursing and dirty jokes when we read this, but I think that gossip and slander come in the category of filthy language. We should not allow curses to come out the same mouth that we use to bless with. LET US CLEANSE OUT TONGUES IN 2009.

The same chapter says that we should get dressed in love, the peace of God and thankfulness. (You know that I have mentioned these things before) The peace of God is the opposite of fear. When one suffers from anxiety and fears, one really suffers. It can become like an illnes and quite a few people are eating medicine for this. That is not wrong, but the perfect will of God is different. He wants you well. He has therefore given us peace as one the fine dresses in our closet. People with fears might need help from others, but do not forget the Words from God that are written 366 times in the Bible: FEAR NOT! The Bible is also calling fear a spirit and it is not a good spirit, but an evil one. We can get rid of spirits.

I want you to look up Gal.5.19-21. “We read about the works of the flesh and we can read that those who practice them will not inherit the kingdom of God. The works are: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness, idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, envy, murders, drunkeness, revelries and the like.”

I have touched on several of these before, but have not written about jealousy and envy. One can be jealous on others who are doing well or envy them their success in different areas of life. This is not very loving. How many young women haven’t envied their girl-friend who is getting married? People in all age-groups and both sexes can do the same. When you are envious or jealous, you can start talking bad about the other person. You might know of a friend or neighbour who got prommoted, Why not you? You might all of a sudden find faults with the other that you have not seen before. Your neighbour gets a brand new car and you cannot afford to buy even an old one. Inside you cry: “Unfair.” It might even come out of you. Some people might make a streak in the varnish or others go around beeing angry at God. TAKE OF THE CLOTHES OF ENVY AND JEALOUSY. BLESS OTHERS INSTEAD. Then I beleive that you will get happy and you might even get the things that you wish for.

Murder isn’t so usual among Christians, but controversies and divisions are. If it hadn’t been so, we wouldn’t have so many different churches. In some places we find a great number of small churches without any growth. The leaders cannot co-operate. A certain variation is good, but I do believe that God really wants to see the Christians united in love. Then we would draw the non-believers to us and we would have a favourable condition for revival. Quite a few prophets have prophesied that we will see a greater unity among the Christians this year. THEN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US HAS TO TAKE OFF THE CLOTHES THAT STINKS OF CONTROVERSIES, DIVISIONS AND CONCEIT.

You might not believe that socery is found within the walls of the church, but it isn’t only in Africa we see that. A growing number of Christians are seeking alternative medicine and some of them have their roots in occultism. Pray for wisdom before you seek this kind of help. MANY CHRISTIANS HAVE TO UNDRESS OCCULTISM BOTH FROM THE PAST AND THE PRESENT. To confess sins and to be delivered are usually elements in the process of undressing.

Many Christian leaders are controlling their members in an unhealthy way and they are overruling their will. They might want to decide to whom you should get married, which friends you should have and he might say that you are not spiritual if you have an opinion of your own. Others are taking away your devine calling. Maybe yours is different than his. I could mention many examples of demonic control, but ask yourself if your free will has been captured by someone else. Even if you can make a wrong choice, keep your devine free will. WE SHOULD ALL TAKE OUR RESPONSIBILITIES IN THE CHURCH, BUT NOT BE FORCED. I unfortunately see that many are walking around with a steel-armour around themselves. GET RID OF IT. You can start by asking the Holy Spirit if what you are doing is acoording to the will of God. Do you have peace about what you are involved in? Do you feel that you have to? Are you afraid to disappoint somebody? If that is the case, you might be ruled by fear of men. Where the Spirit of God is, there is FREEDOM. DRESS YOURSELF IN LOOSE, FINE CLOTHES THAT BRING YOU WHERE THE SPIRIT LEADS YOU.

In Gal.5.19-21 we read about adultery, fornication, drunkenness and revelries. You might think that this was not written to the Christians, but Paul mentioned these things several times in his letters. These things occured then and now. I BEG YOU TO NEVER, EVER DRESS YOUSELF IN THESE CLOTHES. THEY ARE VERY UGLY AND SHOULD NEVER BE WORN BY THOSE WHO BELONG TO THE KING OF KINGS. Many are not aware of the fact that they are children of a King and they have not dressed themselves in royal dressings.We have been given white, shining clothes and been justified through the Blood of Jesus. We have been reconciled with God.


Mother Else