The Prophet, part 5!

15th of December Part 5 A new era started on the Day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit was poured out. We are now talking about the beginning of the Church. This was prophesied by Joel and will last until Jesus returns for His bride. I will also write about Jesus as a prophet and some others functioning in the gap between the old and the new era. John the Baptist is probably the most known one. He was a forerunner of Jesus. He was supposed to prepare His coming to this earth. To-day we have many ... (read more)

The Prophet, part 4!

1st of December Part 4 I am in the process of going through the prophets of The old Testament and we have come to the prophet Habakkuk. The name means to embrace or to cling to. It is probably the last meaning which suits Habakkuk the best. He had to cling to God in spite of what happened to his people. He didn’t always understand why God did what He did, but he clung to God anyway. Habakkuk is a prophet in a time that is called Judah’s struggle for death. The people were called ... (read more)

The Prophet, part 3!

15th of November Part 3 Last time I wrote about the prophets Isaiah, Jonah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. They were used to announce judgment, but also salvation through repentance. I mentioned their dreams and visions. I said that God cleansed their sins in order to sanctify them and I wrote about the persecution they had to go through for the Lord. We must remember that the prophet is only a spokesman for Him. To-day I want to start with the prophet Daniel. His ministry takes place under the 70 ... (read more)

The Prophet, part 2!

1st of November Part 2 Last time I stated the fact that the prophet is both a spokesman and a seer. He was so both under the Law and in our days. I wrote about Moses, Deborah and Samuel and quoted a prophesy about Jesus from Isaiah 53:4+5. To-day I want to continue to write more about the prophet Isaiah. He was functioning in the 8th century before Christ. His book consists of 66 chapters, the same number as the books of the Bible. The first 39 chapters write mainly about God’s judgment ... (read more)

The Prophet, part 1!

I will write about the prophet in the Old testament, the prophetic ministry and the prophetic gift of the Spirit. I really pray that the Holy Spirit will help me since I want this to be of encouragement and blessing to you. I do not know everything there is to know about this subject, but will share with you what I do know. I might start with the very beginning, with Moses. He was absolutely a great prophet, but he was also appointed to be a leader for his own people. God had already chosen ... (read more)

The Family, part 3!

1st of October Part 3 This time I want to write about the big family, The Church, both the local and the global. We are not created to live alone, but to function in connection with others, both spiritually and in the secular world. Quite a few people have become so wounded or experienced such encroachments that they fear to start new relationships. They want to isolate themselves. This is also one of the reasons why some people hesitate to enter a local church. These people will often be ... (read more)

The Family, part 2!

15th of September Last time my focus was on all the things that do not function and how the devil tries to destroy God’s plans for the family. This time I want to emphasize how a Christian family should function. Adam and Eve were called husband and wife from the very beginning. In 1.Chor.7:2 we read: “Nevertheless, because of sexual immorality, let each man have his own wife, and let each woman have her own husband.” God is against free sex. It should take place within the ... (read more)

The Family, part 1!

1st of September I am going to write about the core family, but might even mention God’s family, the enormous one. The devil is attacking the family more than ever before. He knows that the family is important and does whatever he can in order to destroy the relationship between man and woman. He is thereby creating problems for the children growing up. The devil is also wiping out the conception of a mother, father with one or more children. I do not say that this is common, but in many ... (read more)

Faith, part 2

1st of July Part 2 We need faith for every area of our life and I will write about a few areas. I, myself, need teaching on healing right now and that’s why I will start with that. My faith needs to grow. Our faith comes from hearing and what we hear must be built on the Word of God. (Rom.10:17) When I write the truth about healing, our faith will grow and we can easier receive our healing. Many, many people are sick, both believers and non-believers and I am so glad that we have a God ... (read more)

Faith, part 1

15th of June To-day I will write about a subject that we all need to come back to again and again. I have written about faith many times in connection with other subjects, but never as a subject of its own. I am desperate for changes in my own life and for that I need faith. The Holy Spirit asked me to listen to teaching and preaching on faith and to read the Bible and books on faith and that’s what I am doing right now. We have a saying that goes like this: “What your heart is ... (read more)