We read in Matthew 6:22 that the eye is the lamp of the body. If your eye is good, it means that your whole body will be full of light. I know that some people have a sickness in their eyes and others are born blind and some become blind later in life. This has nothing to do with sins and I am so glad that Jesus loved to heal the blind while He was walking here on earth. Jesus is the same today and He will still make the blind to see.

We might talk about seeing physically, but sometimes we use the word “to see” spiritually.

In counselling I meet depressed people and some of them are depressed because they feel that they are not seen. They feel invisible and they feel that they are not confirmed. Others are experiencing the opposite and feel that everybody is looking at them and they think that it is unpleasant. Some want to attend big churches where they can hide themselves and others prefer a small group where everybody knows each other. Yes, we humans are different.

If you think that everybody sees the same thing when we look at something, a person, a film or a happening, you are wrong. When an accident has taken place and the police talks to witnesses, they might get very different answers and that’s why they want to talk to as many as possible in order to get a true picture.

Some people are only seeing the negative while others only see the positive. I remember a pastor saying that when they should dedicate a fantastic new building, he only saw a small black dot on the wall that shouldn’t be there. What are you seeing?

What are you seeing when you see yourself in the mirror? Some people look intensely on the nose or the hair. Others are wondering if they have gotten a couple of pounds too much. An anorectic is seeing herself as fat even if she or he is very thin. Are you looking at yourself with critical eyes or are you thanking God for creating you in a marvelous way? That is what is written in psalm 139:14. We are many times criticizing the Lord for the way He has created us. Has He made a bad job? I sometimes ask people to get new glasses in order to see oneself through God’s glasses.

How do we look at each other? What are you looking for when you are looking for a partner? For me it is very important that a person can look me in the eyes. If they can’t, I wonder what they are hiding. I do not want to talk to a person that looks down when he or she talks to me. Can I see some smile in the eyes of the person? Yes, you can smile with the eyes. I have met people in other countries. I cannot talk to them, but we can smile to each other and I can see if their eyes look friendly. I was spending a long time in a train and I was dependent on trusting the people around me. I looked at their eyes to see if they looked friendly and trustworthy.

I have listened to young people and some of them look at the opposite sex with eyes of lust. They are focused on the sexual parts and not on their character. Social media are encouraging this type of behavior. If they should get the person they are lusting, it most likely will be a short happiness and a short- lasting relationship.

Back to the Bible. It says that we should testify about what we have seen and what we have heard. It might be easy to discuss theories, but it is much more difficult to discuss what another person has seen and heard. That is therefore the strongest testimony. Maybe you should start focusing on what you have seen and heard about the goodness of God? It is not wrong to write down all the good things.

God is a holy God and He is so holy that He didn’t allow people to see His face.

The apostle Paul is often writing in his letters that he is longing to see them. That shows us how much love he had for his sisters and brothers in Christ. We are in the process of closing a period of pandemic and many people lived in isolation during that time. Many were longing for their families and friends during that time. We are today able to talk to each other through telephones and computers and most devices have cameras so that we can see each other. I live quite far away from both my daughters and it is fantastic that we can talk to each other on skype. It is so much better to see each other. We all have a body language and we know much more about each other when we see each other. A doctor should really look at the patient and avoid starring at the computer. He or she would know much more about the patient then. I work with people all the time and I can quickly see how a person feels. Make-up cannot really hide that.

A few years back I often heard that Jesus was revealing Himself to Muslims. I saw films about it and I started to get jealous. I also wanted to see Him. I said: “Why can’t I see You?” I asked. He said: “You believe in Me without seeing Me” That is true. He has revealed Himself through the Word and what I have seen and heard. I still want to see Him since I believe that He will be even more real to me then. I know that He is preparing a wedding for me and that I shall live in His presence for eternity.


Mother Else


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