To make a comparison!

15th of August

I will to-day share a story that my daughter wrote some years ago. We found it some days ago and I will share it with YOU. This story will be the background for my reflections on the same theme. Read it and allow the Holy Spirit to touch you.

The queens and the King.

One night I was dreaming and I saw two beautiful queens in lovely dresses. The dresses were shining and I saw diamonds and precious stones. Their entire beings were radiating the Glory of God. No one had seen anything like this and many envied them the love and goodness that were showered upon them by the Lord. They both loved their Master and in their eyes I could see their admiration for Him.

Then I saw them bow down before the Throne and they presented their offerings to their great King. Nothing was wrong until one of them caught a glimpse of what the other one was giving and all of a sudden they became jealous. Each one of them started to look at themselves in a degrading way. The glow left their eyes and they started to complain about what they had received. They got ashamed and didn’t notice that they were soon clothed in rags. They continued to go deeper down in a disgusting mud.

All of a sudden the Lord started to cry and He wept and He wept and He wondered where He could find His two beautiful daughters. Then the Only Begotten Son went and asked why the Master was so depressed and He said:

“I had given these two queens the best I had in my treasure-chamber. I clothed them in glory and grandeur, but they were still complaining. They do not see that I have created them in My image and made them exactly like they are. No one can replace them. I have created them different in order to fulfill each other and to serve others with the gifts that I have given them, but they rejected Me. Why couldn’t they have looked upon themselves the way that I do? Then they would come before Me with boldness. Then they would both have praised Me for what I in My grace had given them. Then they would be free and could function together.”

The dream ended there, but luckily it wasn’t over yet. I “saw” the two valuable creatures when I woke up. They had listened to the Lord and a new world opened up before them. They grabbed the Big Book in front of them and started to read. Some revolutionary truths were revealed to them and at the same time the room was filled with light. The mud dried away and the girls could see clearly. They didn’t need to be sick, ugly, depressed and without hope. They had everything in Jesus.

They got so happy and they jumped and danced from eternal joy. What a great Daddy they had. In the middle of this joy, their clothes changed and they got back their beautiful white dresses. They were more beautiful than ever, but this time they looked at their Majesty and not at themselves. The queens were full of life and gleamed more than ever before.

These two “girls” had decided to follow the Will of the Lord and their obedience led to salvation for many. They delivered people, laid hands on the sick and they recovered. They used everything that the Lord had given them. They were bold and no one could stop them.

I saw an ocean of people and they were all rescued.

Helena “saw” this story and it became alive. It is written a few years back, but it still has a current value.

In the story we read about two events that caused a catastrophe both for these two queens, but also for many others. The first one was that they started to look at themselves and the other one is that they started to look at each other.

In Gen.1:27 we read that God created man in His own image. He created them man and woman. We are not made by ourselves and each and everyone is created as a special person. You and I might have a different look, we might have different characteristics and talents and God has given us different gifts of the Spirit, but we are still created in His image. The “law of equality” is very active in the Nordic countries, but it is not very Christ-like. It says: “You must not think that you are better than anybody else.” That is not so bad, but it leads to saying that we should all be equal and not be different than anybody else. It is an equality-principle that stops many from living the way God had intended them to live. I do not want you who lives a sinful or antisocial life to make my saying as an excuse for sinning. God has not made you to live a sinful life.

We read in the Word of God that we should not condemn each other, but we are very good in doing just that. We might judge others because we, ourselves, have a low self-esteem. Maybe you feel a little better if you find faults with others. In the Bible we read about the speck in your brother’s eye. That we see, but not the plank in our own eye.(Matt.7:3)

God has made you so special that no one can be like you. It is therefore totally wrong to compare anybody else with your own norms of behavior. I find myself doing things that are different than the norm in my own country and even in my church and the devil and some people can torment me sometimes. I was so happy when a totally stranger came and prophesied over me and said that God wants me to do and to act the way I do.

I the preceding story they came before the Throne and started to compare the gifts they gave. The Bible is very clear by saying that the left hand should not know what the right hand is giving. (Matt.6:3+4) These queens started to look down on themselves and got envious on others. Envy is a terrible poison. None of us knows how God will bless us in the future. What might look as unfair now, might be for the moment. So often we live only in the presence, but God sees the Eternity. We are all going to different trials at certain times and the purpose is to cleanse us from poisonous matters. Envy is one of them.

Who is important when you come before the Throne? The King of course, but in the previous case the queens were very involved with themselves. We must not forget that they were queens. We are all royal if we have received Jesus.(1.Pet.2:9) The King has given us white robes that are shining in the spirit world and we must thank Him for the fact that we belong to a royal priesthood and a holy people.

God cares for us and He becomes sorry when we come to Him with a divided heart. These queens didn’t give Him gifts for His sake, but for the sake of talking to others about it. We should never promote ourselves, but the King. He will praise and promote us when He sees that the time is ripe and we are ready to receive it.

It says in 1.Pet.5:6 that we should humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He might exalt us in due time. The key word is “to humble”. God resists everyone who is proud. I want to be on His side and have Him on my side.


Mother Else