To make a comparison!

15th of August I will to-day share a story that my daughter wrote some years ago. We found it some days ago and I will share it with YOU. This story will be the background for my reflections on the same theme. Read it and allow the Holy Spirit to touch you. The queens and the King. One night I was dreaming and I saw two beautiful queens in lovely dresses. The dresses were shining and I saw diamonds and precious stones. Their entire beings were radiating the Glory of God. No one had seen ... (read more)

Does age make any difference to God?

1st of August I will share some thoughts circling around the theme: “Age”. Am I too young to be used by God? Maybe I am too old for God to use me? How does God look upon us through the different ages? How do we look upon each other? I will start by quoting psalm 8:2. We read: “Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have ordained strength, because of Your enemies, that You may silence the enemy and the avenger. We might have read this verse many times without fully ... (read more)

What has Jesus carried and what do we carry?

1st of June I shared with you my own experiences last time, but I also gave some advice both to those who are weak, but also to the strong. There was a strong focus on being sick, both physically and emotionally. I have a difficult time with the translation of the chapter to-day since it cannot be covered by one word as it can in Norwegian. What I want to share are thoughts around what Jesus has done for us and the things we carry unnecessary. I will start with Is.53:4+5. It goes like this: ... (read more)

Carry each others burden!

15th of May I will be sharing with you some personal experiences from a difficult period that is not totally over. I have just returned from India where I have experienced strong testimonies and seen what God can do through simple people, His vessels. People were hungry for God and they were so open that they got the best from me. I could freely operate in the gifts of the Spirit. THE ENTIRE HONOR GOES TO GOD. I have been to India several times before, but this time I got sick, so sick that I ... (read more)

Build the kingdom of God here on earth!

1st of May This is actually a continuation of last time’s sermon called: Turn your eyes upwards look and outwards. It was important for me to emphasize the importance of seeking the Lord before one does anything else. God has created everything and He knows how everything functions. It is very smart to be on His team. God, the Creator knows much more about our body and our physical and psychological health than any medical ward. They have to learn about it, but He has created ... (read more)

Turn your eyes upwards and look outwards!

15th of April I have mostly written about you and me this year. We have been in focus the last six chapters. The theme has been: What to undress and what to put on and how to do it. The purpose has been to make us more like Jesus. He sits in Heaven together with God and He really needs as many Jesus images as possible, people that can establish His kingdom on the earth. I have written earlier that we should turn our eyes upon Jesus since that will make us more like Him. If we only ... (read more)

Pains of childbirth

1st of January The pains of childbirth have started. We are entering the last and most drastic times of the history of this world. The economic crisis has affected many and this is only a sign. Now is the time to look at Jesus and less to media and all what people are saying. We have to trust God. We cannot trust banks nor human resources. The Word of God is the same yesterday, today and for ever. I do not believe that only the world will be shaken, but also the Church. That will prove which ... (read more)