Build the kingdom of God here on earth!

1st of May

This is actually a continuation of last time’s sermon called: Turn your eyes upwards look and outwards. It was important for me to emphasize the importance of seeking the Lord before one does anything else. God has created everything and He knows how everything functions. It is very smart to be on His team. God, the Creator knows much more about our body and our physical and psychological health than any medical ward. They have to learn about it, but He has created everything. God had certain thoughts about the earth when He created it and everything on it. That goes for any kind of agriculture and environmental works. I think that the environmental activists should ask Him for strategies. God has also created the universe and I think that people doing research should ask God for help in order to build His kingdom. The technical developments are a result of the human brain, created by God. All the developments are far away from devine. They can be humanistic or demonic. IF WE ARE GOING TO BUILD GOD’S KINGDOM, WE HAVE TO START AND FINISH WITH GOD.

God’s kingdom is without any doubt in heaven. We read in Phil.3:20 that our citizenship is in heaven. (Those who are the children of God) We read in 1.Thess.2:12 that we should walk worthy of God Who calls us into His own kingdom and glory. In Luke 17: 20-21 Jesus says to the Pharisees: “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, “See here!” or “See there!” For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.” I have before written about our spirit, the invisible kingdom of God within us.

Last time I referred to a prayer in the Lord’s Prayer. It goes like this: “Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” I wrote about the love of God. He as given us His grace and He has asked us to be gracious like Him. WHEN WE HAVE A CLEAR CONCEPTION OF SIN, BUT STILL TREAT THE SINNER WITH LOVE AND GRACE, THEN WILL THE KINGDOM OF GOD COME DOWN TO THE EARTH.

WE ARE SHOWING PEOPLE THE NATURE OF GOD WHEN WE HELP THEM SPIRITUALLY AND PRACTICALLY. Quite a few people do either one or the other, but Jesus preached and fed the five thousand. Our task in life is to populate heaven and bring the kingdom of God down to the earth. Both elements have to be there. I watched yesterday a very good program about AIDS. Thousands of people do not get the proper help due to corruption and many places are lacking knowledge and medicines. Pictures of all these sick people touched me and I wondered what I could do. God never wanted these people to suffer this way. Many children are born with the sickness. Others have gotten it as a reult of unhealthy sexual behaviour. If the kingdom of God came to these people, they could get healed, get medicines and knowledge that could lead to a changed behaviour. Are some of you called to Africa where this problem is a demonic giant?

If one should change one’s way of living, one need the help of the Holy Spirit. In order to get healed, one need the POWER. In 1.Cor.4:20 we read that the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power. I recently got a prophesy that the resurrection power should be released and increase in my life. That power raised Jesus from the dead and the same power can overcome anything in this world. I can talk and talk and I might even speak the truth, but if I lack the power and the anointing, I might talk in vain. Two people might pray for the sick. They might do and say almost the same thing, but one leaves the meeting with very few testimonies about healings and the other with many. The last one has taken hold of the RESURRECTION POWER and is spreading THE KINGDOM OF GOD. How do we get hold of this power? We have to be with Jesus, get to know the Holy Spirit and understand that without Him, we can’t heal anybody. We also have to ask for revelation knowledge in order for faith to increase. Jesus performed signs and wonders and He says that: “I am the same yesterday, to-day and for ever more. ” We might loose our faith when we look at ouselves and our limitted resources, but gain faith when we look at the OMNIPOTENT JESUS. He lives in us. Without faith we can do nothing, not even please God. We need faith in order to build the kingdom of God. Faith is one of the words that can be characterized as “building material“. I have mentioned others such as: Love, compassion, grace, caring, prayer, practical help, healings and signs and wonders. You can add many other words that are appropriate to use as “building material“.

In Luke 13:18 Jesus compares the kingdom of God with leaven. He says that a woman took a little bit of leaven and put it into an enormous dough” and after some time it had permeated the whole dough. Are you the only Christian at shcool or at the job? Do you know that you can be like leaven and permeate the atmhosphere of the whole place? Before there was no light, but now everybody can see some light. Put a small candle in a dark room and that room is no longer dark. Jesus also compared the kingdom of God with a mustard seed. Out of that tiny, almost invisible seed, grew a huge tree. When Jesus lives in us, we have the capacity to influence a lot of people and many areas. It in’t dependant of size, skill, nor fame. My daughter has recently read several books about women who have done great things in India. Mother Theresa was one of them. If she had looked at herself in the mirror and thought: “I am a woman, I am small and I am going alone into this enormous country, she would probably have stopped there and then, but she was driven by another force and another love. She had a passion that influenced millions of people.I heard about a man who went from town to town. He chose towns where they had no church. He stayed in that town and prayed until somebody started a church. Then he went to the next one and the next one. CAN YOU SEE THAT THE LITTLE MUSTARD SEED GREW FAR? ONE PERSON CAN ACCOMPLISH A LOT.

Jesus said that we should go out and preach the kingdom of God. In Luke 16:16 we read: “The law and the prophets were until John . Since that time the kingdom of God has been preached, and everyone is pressing into it.” Other translations are saying that we should storm the kingdom of God. In Acts 14:22 it says that we must enter the kingdom of God through many tribulations. We shall preach the the kingdom of God. We are supposed to preach about salvation in Jesus Christ, but that is only the gate-way into the kingdom. We have to preach about the entire kingdom. It cost Jesus His own life to bring us through the gate-way and we might also have to suffer in order to enter the kingdom and stay there. We have been promised persecution. That should not stop us. We should be so eager that we are storming the kingdom. I recently listened to a prophet and apostle. He talked about building the kingdom of God. He had twenty points that described a builder of the kingdom. I do not remember every one of them, but I got the feeling that those of us who have signed up for the task, must be courageous and fearless. We had to see further than one’s own needs and see the general picture. We should be driven by a vision and a passion. One should not be limitted by a narrow border of a church, but see the town, the country and maybe the nations. (I do not say that we shouldn’t belong to a local church. When I listened to this man, the resurrection power rose on the inside of me and I started to believe the Word that says: “Nothing is impossible for those who believe.”

In Heb.12:27+28 we read that we have received a kingdom that cannot be shaken. THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS UNSHAKABLE. We see to-day that God is shaking individuals both within and outside of the church walls. In some places we can see that the entire nation is shaking. What do we have left when everything has been shaken? THE KINGDOM OF GOD.


Mother Else