Part 1


The supernatural has drawn people like magnetism and it has frightened people at the same time. It has always been like that. I am writing about this theme since there is a lot of confusion about it. Some people think that everything supernatural comes from the devil while others do not believe in it unless they get a natural explanation. Sometimes people have difficulties knowing what comes from the devil and what is from God. I will write what I think and hopefully make it easier for you to distinguish.

We can go back to the beginning of the Bible where we read about the creation of the earth and everything on and in it. I really do not believe that I come from a monkey, but I do believe that I am created by God. I do not understand how God could just open His mouth and command things to be created, but He did. That’s supernatural. Things we can’t explain in a scientific way, will often come in the category of the supernatural. Scientists have tried to prove how the world began and how we were created, but they always come to a “missing link”.  I choose to believe in a God Who’s saying is: “Nothing is impossible for Me.” I also believe in a good God and whatever He has created is good. He created a beautiful garden called Eden or Paradise and we should live in this paradise, but the first human beings made the mistake of sinning and everything came under the dominion of the devil. Mankind was separated from God until Jesus restored the gap. We must always remember that God is good and He will never give us scary supernatural experiences.


As Christians we belong to a supernatural God giving us supernatural experiences.


On the picture we see a picture from Sid Roth’s television show: It’s supernatural. We hear stories and testimonies from what God is doing today, things that is supernatural. We can hear about healings, signs and wonders and deliverances. I am very encouraged to listen to these stories. Some people refuse to believe these stories, but I know that God is God of miracles. Jesus performed miracles when He was here on earth and the same power is active in us who believe in Him.

Some churches experience very little of the power of God and some of these churches fill their hunger for the supernatural with power coming from other sources. Yoga has today become very common as a treatment in hospitals and other heath institutions. Many churches have also opened up for yoga. Some people call it a form of training, but it stems from the mystic of the East and from other religions. When one starts to meditate, one is supposed to repeat a mantra and this mantra is often the name of another god, an idol. As a Christian I can’t cry out the name of another god. That was clear already in the Ten Commandments. Also schools are using yoga and that is really the plan of the devil. He wants children to come under his influence as early as possible. If we cry out to the Lord, He will answer us (Jer.33:3) and so will other gods.


         The difference is that our God is good, but the devil is evil.


I know that some people will make a protest now since they have experienced a positive effect of yoga, acupuncture, healing, warm hands etc. I do not deny that. The devil doesn’t come so often as a roaring lion, but more often as an angel of light. The fact remains; you will not be drawn closer to Christ through these treatments. You might get dependent on either the treatment, the one giving them or the gods you are calling out for. Some of the people calling themselves for “healers” say that they have gotten this gift from God. The ones I have talked to cannot say that Jesus is the only way to God or accept Him as Savior. They can’t say that “by His stripes, we are healed.” (Is.53:5)


When I lay hands on the sick and they recover, I know that it is the Lord’s doing, not mine. I can’t heal anybody. I do not have any special qualities for healing. The Lord is the doer and He gets the honor.


I can almost hear some of you asking me about the gifts of the Spirit. One of the gifts of the Spirit is the gift of healings. Others have the gifts for miracles. What is the difference between these gifts and warm hands for example? The gifts of the Spirit are given to us by God. They are supposed to be used for God in His service. They are not supposed to be used independent of Him. He has given them and He will say when to use them and how to use them and He gets the honor. I also have gifts that are given me by God. They are most of the time activated after I have started praying. I seek the Holy Spirit for help. I am only a channel for the Holy Spirit. Who are you a channel for?


What are you saying to your children when they say that someone is under their bed or they hear a ghost? Do you say that there is nothing there or ghosts do not exist? I think that you should be careful by saying so. Children can perceive things that we adults do not see and ghosts do exist. I am not afraid of them since I do know that God has given me authority over them and they must disappear in the name of Jesus. I do not want to go to places that are known for ghosts unless I am there to drive them away. I believe that both children and adults can be taught to use the name of Jesus. He won a victory over the evil ones and they must obey that name. Maybe you must be delivered from fear for demonic influence before you enter spiritual warfare. You must be secure in the fact that Jesus is victorious and in Him you are bound to win. The Book of Revelation 12:11 says that we win by the power of the blood and the testimony of our mouth. As a child of God, you are already placed on the victorious side. Feed yourself with the Word of God.


Secular people are very fascinated by the supernatural and television channels are making programs about the unknown, the supernatural senses and many other names. I usually do not want to watch them since they usually portray fortune tellers or people with other occult spirits, but one day I watched to see what it was all about. A woman went in a house from room after room and she got revelations about happenings in these rooms. What she “saw” might be correct, but who is giving the information? I have gifts of revelation and I use these in order to help a person become heal and delivered or coming closer to Jesus. I cannot use these independent of the Holy Spirit. People who are clairvoyant do get information from somebody, but not from God. Paul got angry with a woman with a spirit of divination. He cast it out of her. The devil has been around for ages and he knows our history. He can therefore be very correct about the past. When it comes to the future, he might be correct, but he has often scared people by foretelling negative things. They might be self-fulfilling if you do not watch out.


As Christians we should never go to a fortune-teller!


The next text will be coming out a couple of days later since I am out travelling.



Mother Else