I closed the last chapter by saying that the tomb is empty and Jesus has overcome the power of death. “Jesus is risen, hurrah, hurrah, He is alive today.” This is a song that my children sang when they were small. My favorite Easter song starts like this: “Easter-morning quenches the grief, quenches the grief for ever.” What kind of grief? The sorrow of being separated from the intimate relationship with the Father because of sin. Adam and Eve caused this division by their disobedience. Because of Jesus we do not need to be separated from the Father. Jesus took the sins of the world and we can be declared free of sin and righteous, worthy to go to heaven.

I do not think that we fully understand what the resurrection- power mean. I remember a long time ago when a friend of mine had been praying. When I was ready to get out of the chair, I couldn’t move. I sat glued to the seat for at least fifteen minutes. I finally asked the Lord why this happened? He said that I was tasting just a little bit of His power. A little bit was enough to glue me to the chair. We must understand that the resurrection power can brake chains and any kind of fortification.

I wrote a year ago about the resurrection power living inside of us. That is the same power that raised Jesus from the death. Maybe you feel very weak and cannot feel the power I am writing about. The fact is still that you have this power on the inside if you are born again. One reason for feeling weak might be that you identify with your weakness and not the enormous power living on the inside of you. If we are sick or over-worked, we might feel tired and weak, but we must never forget that we have something very strong on the inside.

The secular world talks a lot about different energies. I have heard about “listening-energy” and many other types of energy. Where do these energies come from? I want to be filled with the energy of God. The devil wants to steal our energy and make us weak. When I feel weak and tired, I do not want to pray and minister to others. When The Holy Spirit comes over me and anoints me, I get new energy and I do not experience any obstacles any more. Everything is possible. I function in His power then.

We can go back to what happened on Easter morning. The women close to Jesus arrived at the grave where they thought Jesus was buried. They had taken with them spicy ointment to anoint the dead body of Jesus. The stone in front of the tomb had been very big and heavy and they were wondering whom they should ask for help. These worries were totally unnecessary. The stone was rolled away and Jesus was not there. The tomb was empty. Can you imagine their surprise? They got scared, but there were two angles and they said that Jesus had risen exactly as He had predicted. The women told some of the disciples that Jesus had risen, but they didn’t believe them. They actually thought this was their imagination. Peter and a couple of others wanted to find out for themselves and Peter was the first one inside the grave. They were also surprised and had many questions in their mind. Jesus appeared Himself to them and the disciple Thomas couldn’t believe that it was Jesus before He had put his finger in the wounds of Jesus. He is therefore called the doubting Thomas. It wasn’t every day that they saw a person risen from the dead.

I have heard many testimonies about people risen from the dead. Some have been in heaven, but they were sent back and they were told that they still had something to do here on earth. Others were called back to life by intercessors. It is the same power raising people from death today as it was when Jesus was raised from the death. I believe that some people die much too early because of a spirit of death. I believe that life comes back when that spirit is commanded to leave.

The resurrection power lives in our born-again spirit. It is given us by the Father. It is a gift. What do you do when you receive a gift? Do you hide it in the cabinet or do you throw it away? Others get very happy and use the gift as often as they can. I believe that God has given us power to use as often as possible.

I have often heard non-believers talk about Christians as weak people. They think they use God as a crutch. I believe that we Christians have something so much more powerful than the world. Why do we not use it?

The Bible is saying that we are the head and not the tail. We are over and not under. Some people think that they can treat Christians in a disrespectful way. They are so kind and do not make any resistance. That is tragic since we have received defending-weapons as well as weapons of attack. Romans 12 is saying that the revenge belongs to the Lord, but that doesn’t mean that we should bow for the attacks of the devil. No, James 4:7 says that we should resist the devil and he will flee from us.



Mother Else