The Kingdom of God, part 3

1st of September


We will start with a prayer in the Lord’s Prayer. We find that in Matt. 6:10 and it goes like this: “Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

In Heaven there is no sin, no demons, no sickness, no tears over things we lack. There will be no unjust treatment. In Heaven we will meet only pure and unconditional love. Heavenly love is not polluted by anything. In Heaven we find peace and purity. No pollution. No one is fighting there. Only hundred percent harmony. We are all having our own place and we all know what to do. The glory in Heaven is so great that it is hard for us to grasp it here on earth.

When we come to heaven, we can always be close to our DADDY, the Creator, Who created heaven and earth and all living plant and creature on the earth. We shall be with the angels and together we will worship and honor Him. I have no special vision of Heaven so I can only mention what the Bible says about it. I do know for sure that Heaven is a wonderful place to live for eternity, but God wants us to bring His kingdom down to earth as long as we live here. How do we do that?

The first thing we should do, is to PRAY. God wants the same love, the same purity, the same health, the same harmony to come down to earth.

Some of us have seen the Transformation films. They show how everything and everybody was transformed after Christians got together to fast and pray for a longer period of time for a city, a place or a country. People got saved. The criminality was reduced drastically. The economy got much better both in the life of an individual as well as for the whole society. We saw an increasing size and quality of the fruits and vegetables. God changed the soil where they grew. The Holy Spirit came during different meetings in a way as never before. People had an encounter with God. The unity among the Christians increased. THE PEOPLE AND THE AREA BECAME TOTALLY CHANGED.

It started with prayer. I believe that everything that is born by God, starts with prayer. We are supposed to pray for our family, our neighbors, our friends, our congregation and the leaders of the church. We are supposed to pray for our job, the schools in our area. We are also supposed to pray for our community and for our government, for the President or the King. The Holy Spirit can remind us to pray for almost anything. We must believe that God answers prayers and we must understand that the work we do by praying, changes people, situations and areas. We can pray FOR or AGAINST something. We can take authority over the devil and command him to leave people, issues or areas. I know of so many people and situations that have changed after these kinds of prayer. I recently “saw” a wedge between my daughters. Somebody tried to divide them from each other. We commanded the wedge to go and that lead to a strong unity between them and the person who tried to divide them lost the power. I have commanded the devil to leave people and the result has been healing, peace and joy. I was recently in India and I met people who had experienced terrible, terrible things. They were totally delivered and all manifestations stopped. The devil must obey the NAME OF JESUS. I mentioned that we must believe that God answers our prayers since the Word says: “Pray and you shall receive.” Another place it says: “Call unto Me and I shall answer you.”


You can read James 2:14 “What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith, but does not have works? ” He continues by mentioning people who are nude and lack food. We do not help them by saying that they should depart in peace. We must help them with clothes and food. In verse 20 it says that faith without deeds is a dead faith. When we Christians meet people with a need, we so easily say that we shall pray for them. We do not understand that we most likely are part of the answer. If the person needs a lot of money, you might not be able to give all, but you can give some.

In Luke 10:25 – 37 we read about the GOOD SAMARITAN. Both the priest and the Levite passed by the bleeding and nude person, wounded by thieves. When a Samaritan came by, he got compassion when he saw the wounded person. He bandaged his wounds, poured oil and wine in his wounds and set him on his own animal and brought him to an inn and took care of him. He paid them for helping the man as long as he needed it. Not every country has a social system and hospital bills can become very high. Maybe you should help somebody to pay their hospital bill. We are so afraid of being involved and take responsibility to-day. We need to ask the Holy Spirit to teach us when to help. I find it very difficult not to give to the poor in India, but if I give to one, I will have hundred beggars there in one minute. In most places it is forbidden to give since begging is part of organized criminality. God has opened a possibility to give to persons I meet personally. I have the nature of God in me and God’s nature is to give.

Maybe it is easy to give to those far away, but not to those who are close to us. The result is that many are lonely in nursing homes. They need a hand to hold, someone to talk to. They need to talk about their daily life and they want to hear about the rest of the family. They need to be seen and remembered. I believe that they will live a better life and a longer life if someone is there who cares for them. Jesus says that when we visit the sick and lonely and those who are in prison, we do it for Him. Jesus identifies Himself with them, but He is in Heaven and is totally dependant on us to do the job. JESUS HELPED EVERYBODY WHEN HE WAS HERE ON EARTH. I cannot do everything, but I can listen to the Holy Spirit and let Him tell me what to do.

Many times we do nothing because we think we have to do so much. That is most of the time a lie. Maybe a smile, a good word, an encouragement, a card, a sms, a call is enough. God is a God of creativity. Ask Him to give you creative ideas.

God has created us with spirit, soul and body and He cares for all parts of us. We often see only one part. I once heard a preacher say that the Holy Spirit should take care of the people after they get saved. No human being was needed. They risk to die then since the Holy Spirit is dependant on us. A new-born baby needs a mother and a father to take care of him. Are you willing to become a spiritual mother and father? A new-born baby needs a lot of care and attention and their future walk with the Lord, depends very much on the spiritual food they get in the beginning. When a person is born again, the Kingdom of God moves into his or her spirit. ARE YOU READY TO HELP THAT PERSON IN ORDER FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD TO GROW IN THE PERSON AND THROUGH THE PERSON? We feed the person with the Word of God and lead them to a spiritual home, a church. Maybe he needs help to forgive people from his or her past. Maybe the person needs healing in the soul or in the body. Then you can use Mark 16 where it says that you should lay hands on the sick and they shall recover and it says that we shall drive out demons. I pray that we will have a revolution in this area of signs and wonders. Just think when we can empty the hospitals. This has happened, but not many times.



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