Why am I here on this earth, part 3?

1st of December I closed last chapter by saying that our mouth and hands should be used in service for God. I referred to Mark 16. I want to write even more about our tongue. You can look up James 3. He compares the tongue with a bit in the mouth of a horse or a small fire setting fire to an entire forest. He also compares it with a rudder steering the whole boat. God has made Himself dependant on us. He very seldom talks to people with an audible voice, but He is using us, His children to talk ... (read more)

Why am I here on this earth, part 2?

15th of November I said last time that we are created to have communion with God, our Creator and our Daddy. He wants us to multiply and bear fruit and we are supposed to walk in deeds that are already prepared for us. We are supposed to take back all what the devil destroyed in the great fall of mankind. That goes for almost everything. Jesus made that possible by carrying all the sins of the world and all our sicknesses and all the curses. We can read Matt.16:18+19 where Jesus said to Peter: ... (read more)

Why am I here on this earth, part 1?

1st of November We live in a time when many commit suicide. More and more young girls take their own life. Many people feel that life is without meaning. When we look around and see all the negative things in the world, I do understand that one can become scared. Especially if one lives without a God and without thinking about eternal life. I have no doubt that we live in what we call “the last days”. The world will become darker, but the Light will shine brighter for the children ... (read more)

How to become successful in the Kingdom of God, part 2.

15th of October We are living in a time of quick results. When we are hungry, we prepare food in a microwave or we press a button and out comes a coke or some other drink. We eat fast food and less and less people take the time to prepare a healthy meal for themselves and the family. We live in a time when technology allows us to send messages all over the world and we can receive answers within seconds. The computer has opened up a new world of information and there is not much of a distance ... (read more)

How to become successful in the Kingdom of God, part 1.

1st of October Many of the principles in the secular world are contrary to the principles in the Kingdom of God because the world is under the dominion of the devil and secular people are often ruled by their fleshly nature. When Jesus came to this world, He lived out the nature of His Father. No one had ever seen God, but Jesus was the most pure image of God Himself. Many of the Jews would not accept Jesus since they expected another Jesus. They thought He would come as a king and would rule ... (read more)

The Kingdom of God, part 4

15th of September Part 4 I started last time by saying that we should bring His kingdom down to earth. Only Christians can do that by the help of the Holy Spirit. Jesus, Himself, is in Heaven so we as Christians have to show the world Jesus. The picture they get of Jesus, is the picture they get from us. I have often heard people say: “I do not want to become a Christian if I have to become like this person or that person.” DO NON-CHRISTIANS WANT TO BECOME LIKE YOU AND ME? Jesus ... (read more)

The Kingdom of God, part 3

1st of September PART 3 We will start with a prayer in the Lord’s Prayer. We find that in Matt. 6:10 and it goes like this: “Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” In Heaven there is no sin, no demons, no sickness, no tears over things we lack. There will be no unjust treatment. In Heaven we will meet only pure and unconditional love. Heavenly love is not polluted by anything. In Heaven we find peace and purity. No pollution. No one is fighting ... (read more)

The Kingdom of God, part 2

15th of August Part 2 You can look up Matt. 13. There we will find a lot of parables about the kingdom of God. We can start with the parable of the sower. You, yourself, can read about the seed that fell on the wayside, on the stony places and among thorns. Some fell on good ground and yielded a crop of hundredfold, some sixty and some thirty. The next one is about the mustard seed. That is the smallest of all seeds. A man sowed a mustard seed in his field. When it is grown, it is greater than ... (read more)

The Kingdom of God, part 1

1st of August Part 1 What is the Kingdom of God? It is not of this world. That is absolutely sure. Jesus says to Pilate in John 18:36 “My kingdom is not of this world. My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews, but now My kingdom is not from here.” The head-line is the Kingdom of God and we understand that this kingdom comes from God. Jesus says that we are IN THE WORLD, but not OF THE WORLD. That actually means that those of us who have received Jesus ... (read more)