How to become successful in the Kingdom of God, part 2.

15th of October

We are living in a time of quick results. When we are hungry, we prepare food in a microwave or we press a button and out comes a coke or some other drink. We eat fast food and less and less people take the time to prepare a healthy meal for themselves and the family.

We live in a time when technology allows us to send messages all over the world and we can receive answers within seconds. The computer has opened up a new world of information and there is not much of a distance between countries any more. Wherever I go in the world to-day, I can keep contact with my friends and family through e-mail and sms. We are getting so used to get an immediate answer, that we loose the aspect of waiting.

Many products are made with a lower quality than before since the producers want us to buy their products more often. The worldly mind-set is based on temporary thinking. “I have a need and that have to be met right away.” This is contrary to the way God thinks. He thinks in terms of eternal values. The Bible says that one day can be like thousand years. God is planning for eternity. He has laid eternity down in each individual and no matter which background or religion you have, you are an eternal being. There is a Heaven and there is a Hell and each individual has to make a choice where he or she wants to spend the life after their death here on earth.

Jesus died for the whole world so there is a blood stained road to Heaven for each and everyone who accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

The eighty or ninety years that we live here on earth are only a few years of the whole eternity. Many people say that they are planning for the future of their children, but they mean that they plan for their schooling. In some countries a good school can be very expensive. It is good that the parents love their children and want the best education for them, but do they plan for their eternity? They might not think further than a few years in this life. We have a big problem if we are collecting treasures for the short time we live on earth instead of collecting treasures in Heaven. You can read Matt. 6:19-21. In verse 21 it says that where your treasure is, your heart will also be. Our feet should be planted on the ground, but our heart should be in Heaven. THE SPIRIT OF THE WORLD CAN TAKE HOLD OF US, BUT WE AS CHRISTIANS SHOULD CONQUER THE WORLD. WE WILL NEVER BE SUCCESSFUL IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD IF WE ALLOW THE DEVIL OR CIRCUMSTANCES TO RULE OUR LIVES.

We might confess that Jesus is our Lord and Master, but in our daily lives we allow circumstances to determine our lives. Some people even call if fate. The only fate that we have are God’s plans for our lives. WHEN WE FOLLOW GOD’S PLANS FOR OUR LIVES, WE WILL SUCCEED IN ALL OUR DOINGS. Many people ask me about God’s plans for their lives. How do they know? First of all: You have to know God. You have to know Who He is, His character and know Him as your Father. You need to have a daily intimate relationship with Him where you two can talk to each other or just be together. You need to worship Him for what He is and has done for you. You need to know His Word. You can ask Him to give you dreams and visions for your life and ask Him what you should do to fulfill them. Ask Him for daily guidance and ask Him to open doors and close those that should not be open.

In to-day’s world there is so much disturbance and often it takes time to become quiet. We are so restless. There is noise and music everywhere and we are not used to be quiet. Our thoughts wander here and there and even during praise and worship I have caught myself planning our dinner. I have to make up my mind to be with God. I have to tell the devil to leave my thoughts. I have to make up my mind to take time with God. If somebody comes and tells me that they do not have time, I say that they lie. They have just made the wrong priorities.

If you want something that is in accordance with the will of God, ask Him. The Bible says: “Ask, and it shall be given, knock and it shall be opened.” I have heard of stories where people have asked God for certain things and they had to wait for a long time. They got impatience and they asked God why they did not get it. The answers were that they had not been specific about it. If you have to wait for the answer, there might be many other reasons for it also. The devil plays a big part in trying to prevent an answer and our own confessions is another area. Maybe we confess that God will not answer us.


Some people say that the more they have to do, the more they have to pray. That does not mean that God only count the hours we pray, but He looks at our heart. DO WE PRAY IN FAITH? Mark 11:24 says: “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” If you have asked God for a thing and next day you start questioning God if you really will have it, you do not have faith.


Hebrew 11:6 says that without faith, it is impossible to please God.

First we have to believe that God exists. Then we have to believe that He is love and full of goodness. We have to believe that He created us and that He is our Father. We have to believe that He is a righteous God and that He sent His only begotten Son for our atonement. We have to believe in Jesus and in the fact that He died and rose again on the third day as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. We should believe in the Word of God. When the Word says not to worry, we should not worry. When the Word says to crucify the flesh, we should crucify the flesh. When the Word says that we should walk by the Spirit, we should walk by the Spirit. When the Bible tells us to pray, we should pray. When the Bible says to confess sins, we should confess. When the Bible says to forgive, we should forgive. I could go on and on. WHEN WE KNOW THAT THE WORD OF GOD IS TRUE AND WILL MAKE US SUCCESSFUL, WE SHOULD TRY TO FOLLOW IT. In order to do that, we need the Helper, the Holy Spirit. He is there to help and guide us all the time. We were never expected to be successful on our own. That is actually impossible because of our flesh. We need the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit.


Mother Else