RECONCILIATION Part 2 While I was writing about reconciliation, a woman contacted me and asked for forgiveness for something she did and she wanted a renewed contact. I became very happy and I have forgiven and want to renew the relationship. I was also thankful to the Lord and this was another proof that He wants reconciliation and He is working on the hearts of people. I wrote a lot about the role of the father last time. A lot of the same things are the same for mothers. I have lately had ... (read more)


RECONCILIATION. Part 1 I will write about something that the Lord is concerned about and since He is, I am also. Reconciliation has always been important, but I think it is more important than ever since many of us believe that Jesus is coming soon for His bride. Forgiveness and reconciliation are two words that belong together. The Bible has written quite a lot about this and I will refer to the Word of God. When I read the Old Testament, I saw that a gift was often used as a sign of ... (read more)