BUILD THE KINGDOM OF GOD HERE ON EARTH! Part 3 I closed last chapter by suggesting that you make a solid foundation. It should be built on the Word of God and the teachings of the apostles and the prophets. We know that if the foundation isn’t solid and dense, the entire house can fall together. It seems like some individuals as well as churches can be successful in spite of the fact that the façade is hiding both lies and sins. Lying is also sinful. The Bible says that you shouldn’t lie. ... (read more)

Build the kingdom of God here on earth

BUILD THE KINGDOM OF GOD HERE ON EARTH! Part 1 Why do we Christians live here on earth when it is much better to come to heaven? The apostle Paul also asked himself the same question, but he chose to stay here since he knew that God needed him here. What would this world look like without a single Christian here? The devil would rule alone then and the world would be full of evil and darkness. We are called to rule and reign. When God created Adam and Eve, He gave them an assignment. They ... (read more)