Prayer, part 5

1st of June

Part 5

I closed last chapter by referring to some of the great prayer meetings where they tear down the fortifications of the devil. We are calling this: SPIRITUAL WARFARE. I will write more on intercession later, but will at this time mention that intercession is directed either towards God or against the devil.

Look up Ezek.22:30. The people had sinned in a terrible way and God was seeking for a man that would make a wall and stand in the gap before the Father. This could have stopped the destruction, but unfortunately, He did not find anybody. I am sure that many of you wonder why God made Himself dependant on a human-being. Isn’t God a sovereign God? Can’t He do what He wants, when He wants? No, He has to follow certain spiritual rules. Quite a few do not know that. We can return to Genesis, chapter one where we read that God gave man the dominion and authority over the earth. The devil came and tempted Eve and both she and Adam fell in sin. That was fatal. Their sin seperated them from their intimate relationship with God and had given the devil a legal opening to this earth. Sin is always an opener for the devil This gap between man and God was restored through Jesus when He was slain for our sins.

We can go back to Ezekiel. God would not have destroyed them if He had found a man to stay in the gap. God has not changed. WHAT A RESPONSIBILITY.

Do you remember the conversation between God and Abraham. God was going to destroy the wicked cities of Sodom and Gommorah. Terrible things went on in these cities. Abraham asked if God would save the just in the city and no matter how many righteous there would be, God would save them and Abraham stood there in the gap pleading for the safety of the righteous.

I will refer to Peter Wagner. He said: We have to understand that our sovereign God has made the world in such a way that His will is dependant on people, attitudes and actions. He allows people to make decisions that influence our history. We might not fully understand why He has done it in such a way. The passive attitudes of people cannot change the power of the reconciliation, but the reconciliation of Jesus will have no effect on those who get lost because of our passivity.

God has made Himself dependant on our prayers. Thank God, He is not dependant on us to answer them. (We might have blockages, but that is another thing). Some of these things are difficult to understand, but do as I do: Ask the Holy Spirit to help you.

When we are at war against the devil, we must always remember that we are on the side of the One Who won victory over him. You can turn to Col.2:15 where we read that Jesus disarmed principalities and powers. He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it. Go to 2.Cor.2:14. It says: “Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ.” It is important that we know our position. If we think that we will loose, we enter the battle with fear and have no faith. If we think that the enemy is stronger, we do not come with shouts of victory. As Christians we know that the enemy was defeated on the Cross and we sit with Jesus in the heavenly realm. (Eph.2:6) We know that we are over. We are the head and not the tail. I can “hear” some of you saying: Why should we fight an enemy who is already defeated? Yes, Jesus has defeated him, but he has not been bound nor has he been removed from the earth. IT IS ONLY IN CHRIST THAT WE HAVE VICTORY OVER THE DEVIL. We have no strength in ourselves. The devil is only afraid of you when you are in Jesus.

You are never fighting people. You love and bless them no matter what they are doing. You do not have to accept what they are doing, but you never war against them.

Go to Eph. 6 and read from verse 10 to 20. This is about the armor of God. We all need that every day. I recommend you to put it on every morning. I have written about this before so I will not go into details.

When you war against the devil, you do it in the NAME OF JESUS. It is because of that name that he has to back off. You can go against him and fight for yourself or someone else. In my family there are many saved in my generation, but almost none in the next generation. I asked the Holy Spirit: Why? He said the the parents had not been standing in the gap for their children, but had allowed the devil to steal them. Some of the parents told me that they did not know what to do. I DO NOT WANT YOU TO LACK KNOWLEDGE. This is why I give you this teaching. I have alrady written to you that you must give your children the Word, lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus, pray together with them etc. When you understand that the devil tempts them and wants them, you stand there and you say: “In the Name of Jesus I command you to take your dirty hands off my children.” You stand there as a lion or lioness with the whole armour on. You proclaim the promises over your children. If they are grown up and have made demonic choices, you bind the strong one in them and go to war. You as parents take ten thousand and if more are needed, you ask others to stand together with you.

You can fight for freedom in every area of your life, the lives of your family, but also for your friends and neighbours.

AS CHRISTIANS WE SHOULD HAVE DOMINION. We should have dominion over the place where we live. We should command the devil to leave. We can make ourselves a “heavenly zone” where he is not allowed to enter. I ask the angels for help. They are here to serve us. Many people are needed when we are to fight for big areas, like a city or a country.

Another weapon is the Word. Jesus, Himself, used the Word. Read Matt. 4 where Jesus was tempteted by the devil. Jesus answered the devil: “IT IS WRITTEN..” I say the same. By using the Word, we are using the Sword of the Spirit against the devil. Find a verse that fits the situation. We can read James 4:7. “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” It does not say that he will barely move, no, it says that he will FLEE. Jesus has given you the Authority in His Name.

I mentioned that these big prayer meetings had a lot of confessing of sins. That is also imortant in our own lives. Sin is an opening for the devil and when we fight him, we must make sure that we do not have openings for attack. WE MUST CONFESS SINS AND LIVE IN THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF JESUS.

Everything we do need practice. Start with the little things. We must also remember that we have different callings. Some people are called to be generals and others to be simple soldiers. ASK GOD WHICH POSITION YOU SHOULD HAVE IN THE HEAVENLY PRAYER ARMY. Prayer centres are being built in many parts of the world. Many have a vision that their city should be covered with 24-hours’ prayer. I have personally been a part of that. Maybe you should take some hours in something that has already started or maybe God is asking you to start somthing where you live.

God asked Nehemiah to restore the walls of Jerusalem. They worked and prayed side by side.

I believe that this is a secret. The work finished in a miraculous speed. They had watchmen praying night and day. We are again speaking of praying watchmen on the wall. We have all areas that need to be protected.


Mother Else