Balance in the Body of Christ

1st of September Warnings against the unhealthy. This time I will start by quoting 2.Tim.1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. There are many translations and in my Norwegian the word fear is translated with discouraged. In another English one it says timid. God pointed out this word to me and He showed me people, organizations and congregations. It was a tendency to overemphasize one or the other, but God wants us to have all three ... (read more)

Warnings and explanations

15th of August To-day I want to write about manifestations that come with revival and why people can have sin and demonic areas in their lives and still operate in the Holy Spirit. Many have asked about this the last weeks and I will answer some of the questions here. I recommend you to read the two chapters on warnings that I wrote earlier this year. I might repeat myself since these chapters belong together. I do not attack any spesific person, but write about these things in general. I also ... (read more)

Prayer, part 7

1st of July PART 7 I will continue to write about some of the intercessors that are mentioned in the Bible. I will start by mentioning one who isn’t so known. His name is Epaphras. He was one of the co-workers of Paul. We read in Col.4:12 “Epaphras, who is one of you, a bondservant of Christ, greets you, always laboring fervently for you in prayers, that you may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God. In the next verse we read that he had a great zeal for those in ... (read more)

Prayer, part 6

Part 6 To-day I want to write more about INTERCESSION. When one intercedes, one does not pray for one’s own needs, but you place yourself in the gap for one or more persons. It can be for one person, but also for nations. When you intercede, you pray to God or fight against the devil on behalf of the other person or persons or territories. When you intercede, you can pray in tongues or use understandable words. Who can be an intercessor? EVERYBODY. Do certain people have a special calling ... (read more)

Prayer, part 5

1st of June Part 5 I closed last chapter by referring to some of the great prayer meetings where they tear down the fortifications of the devil. We are calling this: SPIRITUAL WARFARE. I will write more on intercession later, but will at this time mention that intercession is directed either towards God or against the devil. Look up Ezek.22:30. The people had sinned in a terrible way and God was seeking for a man that would make a wall and stand in the gap before the Father. This could have ... (read more)

Prayer, part 4

15th of May Part 4 To-day I will repeat that God answers our prayers when we pray according to His will. What is the will of God? The Bible is the perfect will of God. The more we read the Bible, the more we can pray according to the heart of God. I recommend you to buy a Bible dictionary. When you have a need, you can look up that word in the dictionary and find out where in the Bible you can read about it. If you are sick, you can look up the word sick, well or healing. You will find many, ... (read more)

Prayer, part 3

Part 3 I closed last time by reffering to Eph. 6:18 where it says that we should pray always in the Spirit. I said that we always can pray in tongues even when we do other things. You may say: “I can’t pray in tongues or God hasn’t given me the tongues.” Do you know that God had intended that every Christian should pray in tongues? Look up Mark 16:17. It says that we should drive out demons and speak with new tongues. It actually says that these are signs that should ... (read more)

Warning, part 2

PART 2 I will start by referring to some places from the Bible that are warning against deception. God knows that we need these warnings. Our flesh is very open for deceptions. You can look up Col.2:8+18. Verse eight tells us to beware of worldly philosophy and empty deceit. These theories are according to men and are not including Christ. This is very relevant to-day since the intellectual has such a great impact in our society. Knowledge is not wrong, but it is wrong if this knowledge is ... (read more)

Warning, part 1

15th of March I have written many chapters on prayer and the first came last time. You have to wait to the 15th of April for the next one. The Spirit has asked me to warn some of you. You are in danger. I am obedient and will twice write about deceiving spirits. WARNING! I have to warn you. Against what? Against deceiving spirits. They have existed at all times, but it will become worse and they might become quite tricky. I heard a woman say on television that she would write a book to warn the ... (read more)

Prayer, part 1

1st of March Part 1 My next subject will be prayer and I will teach on that a few times. I love to pray and I hope to transfer that love for praying to you. I would like to teach you about prayer, the different ways, how we pray and what we can achieve with prayers. The first thing I want to convey is that: To pray is not complicated. It is all about being together with God. Some say that prayer is: To walk with God. Others say that it is to talk with Him. I read in a dictionary that it is a ... (read more)