I have recently been reading some of the letters written by apostle Paul. I was amazed by his honesty and he didn’t try to make himself to be a superstar or a superhero. He wrote about things that had to do with everyday life. He had a sincere relationship to those he wrote to and he could express his longing for them. He is mentioning the names of the people working closely with him and he is expressing his appreciation for them. He is showing his concern for them when they get sick and his thankfulness when they get well. He doesn’t need to worry about them any more then. Paul is very thankful to the people helping him practically, economically and spiritually. He does correct things that he considers wrong, but I am amazed by his love for his spiritual sisters and brothers. He starts every letter by saying: “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Paul is often looked upon as strict and some are saying that he encouraged oppression of women. That is not my opinion. He is actually praising his female co-workers and he never said that any male should oppress any women. On the contrary, he did say that the man should treat a woman like Jesus did. Jesus didn’t condemn the woman caught in adultery. He showed respect and compassion for women, much more than the common rule at that time.

Why do I say that we should be true people with spiritual power? I have unfortunately seen quite a lot of falseness and I believe that the world is longing for the pure, the genuine. Many non-believers have come to me and said that they are longing for this. I am working with people and many are putting on a façade. Some preachers are one on the pulpit, but totally different at home. If you are not the same both places, it will influence people’s confidence in you. The more one knows the pure, the easier it is to reveal the false. The more we are with Jesus, the easier it is to reveal the things coming from another source. You cannot reveal false money if you do not know the genuine ones.

Lying is accepted in many countries, even among the believers. Lying is often used to excuse sins. One is also lying in order to gain some profits. The devil is called the father of lies and I know lying is coming from him. I have no tolerance for lying. I do not care if it is called white or black lies. They stem from the same source. We talk about white and black magic. All magic has an evil root.

We Christians have received the Spirit of Truth and we should use this and we should identify ourselves with this Spirit. The truth should be built on the Word of God.

We are talking about love and tolerance today, maybe more than ever and these words are often used in order to stop talking about sin. One can sin in the name of love and one must tolerate wrong behavior since one always must understand why. One must be very careful in order to avoid hurting anybody. I do not mean that we should be rude, but if something is contradictory to the Word of God, we must dare to say that it is wrong and one must not be afraid to call sin a sin. Many are so afraid to say the truth because they do not know our God, One who is true, but also righteous and full of grace. We Christians must also remember to show mercy and grace. That is not a contradiction to truth. God is gracious, but righteous and He doesn’t tolerate sin.

Many non-believers as well as believers are seeking the alternative today. Many are desperately seeking help for both physical and mental diseases and disorder. Others are longing for experiences. I think it is very sad that we must seek help from sources that often have an occult root. What about the power of God? When Jesus was on this earth, He healed everybody who was sick and afflicted. He was so full of power, that it was enough to touch His garment. We remember the woman with the blood issue. When she touched His garment, power went out of Him and she was immediately healed. The same spirit living in Jesus, is living in us who believe. We read in Mark 16 that we should lay hand on the sick and they shall recover. That means that we can transfer healing power. It doesn’t say that we should pray long prayers. It emphasizes touch. The Bible is also warning us about wrong transference. I do not allow everybody to lay hands on me if I know that they have unclean spirits. I do believe in transferring power by touching.

I am longing for more of God’s power in my own life this year. Then I am longing for more of God’s power in your life. A few people are functioning in the supernatural, but most of us live way too much in the natural and we are limited by human thinking and are not governed by God’s thoughts. One man that sees a lot of signs and wonders is Art Thomas. He says that he sat reading the four gospels for three months. He wanted to learn from Jesus who had such a great success in His ministry. If we want to see more of His power in our lives, we need to be more in the Word and more with Him. A process of sanctification and cleansing will also give more room for the Spirit in our lives. I know that I have to make certain changes in my priorities. I do believe that honesty and signs and wonders belong together even if I do know that there are those who live a double life. They have received gifts of the Spirit, but they have not developed a divine character. Let us develop them both.

I believe that both the genuine and pure and a manifestation of God’s power will draw people to Jesus. The cost of advertising will be greatly reduced for churches and Christian organizations. I have quite often heard a non-believer say that they cry when they listen to Christian music or songs. I believe that we are created with a longing for God and when He manifests, deep chords in our being are touched. Funerals give a fantastic opportunity to reach  non-believers with the Gospel. We are not supposed to scare people to Heaven, but to show them a loving and true way. There are so many who do not know the difference between religion and Christianity. Christianity is a relationship and it gives hope and faith for an eternal life with God. It is not built on our deeds, but on the works of Jesus on the Cross. Jesus who offers us unconditional grace.

I have been reading about different revivals. Most of them are not planned by men. They are not advertised, but they happen. People came to churches and prayer houses in multitudes. They realized their sins without anybody telling them. People repented and turned away from their sinful life. Many times speakers couldn’t speak and there was no program. The Holy Spirit had full control over the meetings and there were no set patterns. A lot of Christian activities are built on human thoughts, but a true revival is built on God’s thoughts. This is the revival we are longing for.



Mother Else