The opposite of kind is bad or naughty and Christians should not be either bad nor naughty. The problem is that we define the content of the word kind and bad in different ways. That is what I will write about.

When you see the title, you might ask yourself: “What do I think of when I see the word kind or bad?” Some people will say that a kind and good-natured child is one that always is obedient and never protests. Others will describe a kind baby as one who very seldom cries and one who sleeps a lot. I have heard parents say: “My child is so good-natured. I never have any problem with him or her.” When I hear things like this, I wonder if the baby or the child is passive or lack enough stimulation or is he or she happy and content? When a student is sitting in the class without saying much, is the student good natured or afraid of saying anything? Those children that are noisy and show a need for being seen and heard, might not necessarily be naughty, but might have a hidden problem.

A so- called good-natured child might easily become overlooked.

Since I write to Christians, I have to ask: “Was Jesus kind?” I would answer both yes and no. He was not kind in the sense that He accepted everything people were doing, but He is the kindest person in the world. He was acting as a servant washing the feet of the disciples. He had to bow down in order to do that. He said that we should humble ourselves for Him and serve Him and each other, but He didn’t say that we should say yes to evil things. Jesus was tempted by the devil in the desert, but He always answered the devil with these words: “It is written.” He referred to the Scripture then. Jesus said no to the devil. The devil can actually talk to us through people, even Christians and sisters and brothers. We must say no to people when they speak from the wrong source. The problem is that many Christians do not know the difference between the voice of the Lord and the voice of the devil. They think that they are bad if they say no to a Christian leader. (He must have heard from God) A Christian leader would very seldom ask you to watch pornography, but would rather ask you to do so much in the church that you do not have any time left for the Lord, your wife and your children. The leader might after some time controls your life and you are not led by The Holy Spirit, but a human being. This can lead to a divorce and symptoms of being burnt out. You might even worship the leader more than the Lord. Are you kind then? I think that we always should ask the Lord before we say yes to anything.

Jesus is Lord over my life!

Some girls think they are kind when they have intercourse with a boy or a man. He might say: “If you love me, you have to prove that by sleeping with me.” You are not kind, but you are being seduced.

Quite a few Christians are being exploited since they thought this was expected of them as Christians. Others allow themselves to be misused since they have a need to be liked and accepted. Neither one is correct. God has created us with our own will. I have made Jesus to my Lord and I want my will to be the same as His will. I do not allow anybody to force me to do anything that is not in line with the Bible. I ask God how I should use my money and my time. My home is His home. I counsel a lot, but I do not say yes to all the requests. I was not so secure in the past and there were times when I allowed people to use me in a wrong way. One example is that a friend of mine could talk to me for an hour or two several times a week. This irritated my husband. Today I can make limitations. That is kind towards the Lord, myself and the family.

I am sure that you have been in a shop when a child suddenly starts crying and says to his father or mother: “You are naughty, you are so bad.” The child had asked for sweets and got a no. The parents want to limit that to only once or twice a week since it isn’t healthy for the child. Is that bad? The child defines the word bad or naughty equal to a no. I often get sorry when I watch parents avoid setting healthy boundaries for their children. I can easily imagine the problems the child will have as an adult.

We might not say that Jesus was kind when He turned the tables in anger and commanded the money changers to leave His Father’s house. It was supposed to be a House of Prayer. He might have called bad by those being cast out, but God was proud of Him and Jesus had honored His Father.

If we think that kind means merciful and compassionate, then I agree. Jesus loves people and that should be natural for us Christians as well since Jesus lives in us. Those churches that show love to people by seeing them, greeting them and maybe offer help, those churches grow. We are supposed to love people, but hate the devil.


Mother Else