Don’t give up!

15th of May

Do you remember that I have written that there will be many births this year? I do not primarily think of biological children, but I think of God’s plans and visions. They will come to pass this year. I said that birth-pains could be painful and it is not easy to give birth. Mine were not easy ones. When you see the child, you forget the pains and you know that it was worth the pain and the hard work. You rejoice in the result.

I participate in different groups and we pray a lot. Almost all the churches in town pray more than ever and the city is covered with prayers every day. We unfortunately see that several leaders get hurt in different ways and many are complaining about tiredness and some say that they can’t take any more. It seems like the Lord uses me more than ever to pray for people. He is eager to deliver and heal people. It seems like He is taking off lids and a lot of neglected pain and wounds are coming out into the open. We have been taught that we should forgive and we really should, but we must be careful and be sure that we do not become religious and deny the fact that unjust behavior can really hurt. The Lord wants us to be honest and bring the wounds into light. Otherwise He can’t heal us. When we reject and neglect the wounds, we might give the devil an entrance to our subconscious. I have been confronted with a lot of that lately. People might be surprised about their own reactions and about the pain that they have suppressed for years. We are squeezed like a lemon right now and we can’t hide things any more. Why should we? The Lord wants a spotless bride. Many use a lot of energy in order to keep a façade, but neither the Lord nor your Christian brothers and sisters can help you then. You might cry alone, but you put on an unnatural smile when you are with others. The war outside is quite pressing now. We can’t afford to use energy on the internal one.


We will more and more need our energy in the war outside. There is a spiritual battle as well as a practical one and we need to stand together as one body more than ever before.


I am warning you who think you can manage on your own. You can’t. If you are born again, you are part of a body and a body has parts that are connected. The entire body is depending on your functioning. If one part is suffering, the other parts will also suffer. The other parts might compensate for the suffering part, but everyone is sensing some of the pain of the suffering one. The suffering part must get help. None of us should identify so strongly with the pain that we become paralyzed. Empathy is fine, but there is a limit. The devil wants everyone to stop functioning and might use over-identification as a tool to do so. We must always remember that Jesus has already identified Himself with us. He does not only know about our sufferings, but He has done something about them. Isaiah 53:5 says that the chastisement was upon Him in order for us to have peace and in His wounds we are healed.


The Holy Spirit continues to show me inner pictures from a birth. He is thinking about the births that are going to take place in the near future. Today He showed me a picture about comforting husbands. They are usually holding their wives’ hand or patting her on her back. They are there to comfort her. The Lord said: “Stretch out your hand and let me hold it during the process of birthing. I am with you and I will strengthen you and give you power.” If we think that we can do it on our own, we might give birth to something else than a “Holy Spirit baby”. We might also get exhausted. The devil is against God and we should resist him.

God is for us and we read in the end of Romans 8 that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. I recommend that you read these verses and you will see that absolutely nothing can come between you and God’s love even if it doesn’t feel like that. You must receive and

believe in His infinite love for you. If you can’t believe in His love, you might have a difficult time to receive healing. That’s part of the “love-package”.


The devil loves activities, but hates the presence of the Lord. If you get so busy that you forget the close relationship with the Lord, you are pleasing the devil. The Holy Spirit is often using an eagle as a symbol. We should become like an eagle. He flies high and soars in the air. The eagle doesn’t bustle about as a crow. When we rise high up, the problems will look small. An eagle is soaring and waiting to grab his pray. The Bible says that whoever believes, will not act hastily. (Is.28:16) We might do the opposite and we act quickly without asking the Lord. An eagle is waiting for the right wave of the wind and the right time.

If we continue to use symbols from a birth, we can see that a premature birth can cause damages. “The right wave of the wind” represents the Holy Spirit and we need His power in order to give births to the things of God. The eagle is planning and waiting for the right time. Who is the enemy and how will you attack him? If you feel that you are attacked from everywhere, stop for a moment. Don’t take a gun and shoot wildly around you. It is better that you lay down and listen to some praise and worship or some other Christian music. Turn your eyes upon Jesus and ask Him what you should do. Stay long enough with Him in order to hear His voice. An embryo is bathing in amniotic fluid. In other words; the baby is protected and is not in a hurry.

We must become like small children bathing in God’s presence and in His love.


A birthing woman must breathe and regain her strength before she continues to the next push. We must do the same spiritually. We must constantly seek the Lord.


I believe that there are many in the middle of the birth-pains right now and that’s the reason for writing to you. I know that there will be many who will give birth to God’s plans this year and the struggle is soon over for many of you. The Lord has promised us that His glory will be poured out in a special way this year and that will be clear to all His children. I want to quote from Isaiah 60: “Arise, shine, for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people, but the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you.” It is also written that the wealth of the heathen will be given to His children. Instead of concentrating on every difficulty and every obstacle, we should feed on the promises of God. I really believe for a break-through this year and we will experience things that are much bigger than our imagination. We read here that darkness will cover the earth, but His glory will arise over His people.

This is a time of expectation and not a time to give up.

The Bible says that the joy in the Lord is our strength. Do not allow the devil to steal your strength during the last part of the birth pains.




Mother Else