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A newborn baby needs a safe home where he or she is taken care of, fed, and showed a lot of love. That is the same for a person that just has received Jesus as their Savior. He and she are like newborn babies. Many Christians leave a person when they have prayed the prayer of salvation without any assurance of further contact either by themselves or somebody else. That is the same as putting a baby on the street.

I will first write to those evangelizing in the marketplace and on the streets. They are out testifying about Jesus. I call them for fishermen, and I am usually saying that they should catch the fish and I could clean it. It is a little joke, but by saying so I mean that we have different callings. I get very happy when somebody gets saved, but I am not called to function as an evangelist. We are all called to testify about Jesus and to be a witness for Him.

In the city where I live, I know of people from different churches getting together and they have meetings in the centre of the city, and they talk with people. Every church doesn’t have an Alpha-course, but those having can receive the people that are newborn Christians or those curious about Christianity. An Alpha group is not so big, and it has a relaxed atmosphere where you can ask questions without feeling stupid. Those of us who have been saved for a long time must have patience with people with a totally different background. Things that are obvious for us, might be like a big question-mark for the new ones.

I believe that those of you out on the street, should ask God for guidance and have a program that is suitable for the target-group you want to reach. I have heard that those on the street where I live, have a great variety of age. That means that they can reach people in different age-groups. Think about using a program that makes people stop and listen. We know that music, singing, dancing or drama are good tools for attracting attention. It is also important that one shares personal testimonies. It is not so easy to discuss something that you have experienced. I generally think that you should avoid getting in a discussion. We Christians are not there to defend ourselves, but to present the best message and to introduce the person who has taken our sins and carried our sicknesses. Jesus is fantastic. It is all about Him.

If you have just received Jesus as your Saviour, start looking for a spiritual home. Some people receive Jesus alone in their own home and they really need to get together with some from the same family. First you need a Bible, but then you need your sisters and brothers. There are a great variety of churches within Christianity. Try to find a church that suits you. Some want a service with loud music and lots of life and activities while others want to come to a church with soft music and an atmosphere of peace. If you are an evangelist, do not force anybody to come to the same church as yours unless the person wants that. God can reach people in different ways.

If you are the leader of a church, are you prepared to receive new children? Children are a blessing, but it will be a lot of work. Many of those being saved as adults, come with a rucksack. Some say that something left when they got saved or when they got baptized, but that is most likely just the beginning. It is important that the church has people that love the new ones. They need attention and I think they should be invited home to some more mature Christians. Are you looking down on them because they dress and behave differently from yourselves? I heard about a church with some new people, former prostitutes, and they didn’t dress in nice dresses like some of the other ladies. The pastor told his members to say nothing and give these women some time. It didn’t take long before the new ones got jealous and now it was time for the church to give them money for new clothes.

The church is not only for new converts. How does the church take care of the different age-groups? Some churches are led from the platform and the members are sitting staring into the neck of the one in front of them. Some might be satisfied with that if the spiritual food is good, but most people want to be more active. I believe in small groups where you can share your own thoughts and bring your prayer requests. It should also be a place where you can practice the gifts of the Spirit.

I believe that a church should be like a home where everybody has a function. A body has many different parts, but they belong together. It should be the same in church. The Bible says that people would be drawn to us when they see how much we love each other. I have unfortunately experienced the opposite in a couple of churches. People have envied each other and compare one with another and that has led to gossip and false accusations. I have had people warning others to stay away from me without knowing me or greeting me. I have had many in counselling experiencing the same. The church is not a nice place to be then. Sometimes God asks us to deal with such things, but if that doesn’t work, maybe you should change to another church.

In order to grow, we need good conditions. Love and safety are two important factors in all spiritual growth.

To you as a pastor: BE A GOOD DADDY!

Mother Else


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