1.Peter 5:7 says: “ Cast all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. “ We read in the previous verse that we should humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God in order for Him to exalt us in due time. God cares for us. He is like a good and loving Father, actually the best one we can have.

I recommend you to read Matthew 6:25 and the rest of the chapter. It describes in detail a few areas that the Lord takes care of. We do not need to worry about what to eat nor drink. The Lord will also take care of the things we need for dressing. Some people do not have enough money for food and lack of money creates a lot of problems for many people all over the world. There is a great difference between the rich and the poor. The Lord asks us to give to the poor. Those of us having enough money for food, create other problems: What are we going to eat? What tastes good and what is useful? What did I have yesterday? We do want to have a variety of food. We might spend a lot of time worrying about what to eat and a lot of time preparing the food. In India it takes hours to prepare a meal that we eat in a few minutes. I think we can ask The Holy Spirit to guide us and reduce the time of thinking and worrying. We read in 1.Peter 5:7 that the Lord cares for us. No problem is too small, nor too big.

The Lord takes care of both birds and flowers. Why shouldn’t He take care of us? I start every day to wonder about the clothing for the day. What am I supposed to wear today? Is it cold or warm? Who will I meet today? Do I need to be formal or may I stay casual? If I am in another country, I always ask for the code of dressing, especially if I am going to preach or teach. I have lately asked The Holy Spirit to guide me in order to save time and energy. No problem is too small nor too big for the Lord.

Many people worry about their health. Certain sicknesses run in families. We wonder if we also may get sick or in the worst case die from the sickness. It is not wrong to take care of one’s body, but in 1.Peter 1:18 it says that we belong to another family after being born again. We can therefore brake the curse of sicknesses in the biological family. This was very important for me and I have helped many families with this. If you go to a doctor and he gives you a diagnosis, the diagnosis is most likely true, but the Word of God says that we are healed by His stripes. The Word of God has a higher authority than a diagnosis.

I think you should read Matthew 7:7-11. It starts with a promise: You will always receive an answer to your prayers. It also says that we will find when are seeking and it will be opened for us when we knock. In the same chapter we read that a father will not give a worm to the child who asks for fish or a stone when the child asks for bread.

Our Father in heaven will give us good gifts when we ask Him.

We are saying that God is our Father, but He is also our Shepherd. Psalm 23 is describing how a shepherd takes care of his sheep. The sheep will not lack anything. The Shepherd will let me lie in green pastures. That means that He wants me to relax and just be. I believe that God wants us to have vacation. He wants us to rest. Some Christians act as if they were called to be slaves and not children of God. He has promised to always be with us, even when we walk through the shadow of death. He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies. He is also anointing my head with oil. The head of a sheep is very vulnerable and insects will attack this area. The sheep bangs his head toward a stone and very seldom will die from the headbanging. The oil will protect them. You might need protection from burning arrows from the enemy. In the sixth verse we read that only goodness and mercy shall follow us. Do you stop and receive His goodness and mercy or are you running away from it? Stop and receive!

The Scripture says that we should cast or throw our worries upon Him. To throw means to do something active. I was preaching over this text last Sunday in a smaller church. At the end I asked them to write down the cares they really wanted to get rid of. I went around with a bucket and they threw their papers into the bucket. We prayed over the problems and I strongly asked them to leave their worries with the Lord and not to take them back. This might be easier said than done. If you try to solve the problems yourself, you have taken the worries back. If the Lord wants or need your help, He will ask you. If He doesn’t, leave them with Him who cares for you.

As a mother I know a lot about caring for my children. They are like part of me. I do know that there comes a time when the umbilical core has to be cut and they have to stand on their own, but my motherly love will never disappear.


Mother Else