Summer is a time of relaxation, a time for vacation. Many are having vacation for four or five weeks. Students might have two months. Some older students might work during the summer. June, July and August are used for vacation here in Scandinavia. The time for vacation might be different in other places of the world.

Some younger students think that the vacation is too long, and they do not know what to do and some get bored. If you have grandparents, you might go and spend time with them or some other relatives. Many youngsters are going with their parents for vacation.

Many are complaining about their economy, and they do not have enough money to go on vacation. Others have been saving for a long time. Some countries are arranging camps for the children, and some are arranging camps for children from countries in war.

Vacation means to do something that is different from the usual things. One should be able to relax, but many want to have some exiting experiences. You do not always have to travel far away to get some exiting experiences.

If you are a believer in Christ, have you asked Him where He wants to go with you for vacation? You might get a little angry and say that He doesn’t have anything to do with your vacation. Yes, He does. The Holy Spirit might even help you in arranging your vacation. He knows you and He know your needs and He know how many resources you have. You might say that He has more than enough to do with the war in Ukraine and the Middle East. Yes, He has a lot to do there, but He cares for all of your needs, down to every little detail.

If you do not want to go anywhere or if you cannot afford it, do something at home that is different from the usual routine. If you have children, do something they like. Maybe they should participate in the planning. I have a lake close by. I usually put a nice chair in the car during the summer. I drive to the lake, take out the chair and I sit and just enjoy the view. There are times when I pick up some other people lacking a car to get them there. They also need to get out of the house during the summer.

I hear people complaining and they say that they do not have enough time to read a book. Maybe you should do that now during your free time. You need a lot of new power and strength for returning to your job. The Word of God is a source of power. You might also need a lot of sleep and a lot of fresh air.

Others are complaining about lack of time for family and friends. Maybe you should do something about that this summer. Maybe you could do something together. I have still a good relationship to some of my cousins since we were together as a family when we were young. I will meet some of them next week.

Many churches and Christian organizations arrange camps and conferences during the summer. That is a way of getting spiritual food as well as meeting other Christians. You might even get new friends. You might also get a chance to take a bath, play and have some good food. God has created us with spirit, soul and body and He wants all parts of us to be well.

Some people use the vacation for evangelizing, telling others about Jesus. They might travel to another country, or another place and they will connect with a local church. My youngest daughter was part of a dancing team when she was younger. They used dancing as a way to get people’s attention. Afterwards they shared the Gospel and had a chance to talk to many people about Jesus.

Jesus lives in us, and He is where we are. The more you identify with Him, the more you will be like Him, and the more you will do what He wants. Jesus might guide us through The Holy Spirit all the time. With whom should we talk? Where should we go? What should we do? If you are used to talk with The Holy Spirit, do that also during your vacation.

Some people think that now I have vacation and now I can do whatever I want to do. God has given us a free will and He will not say no to our desires, but our desires are not always coming from Him. What is making you happy and what gives you peace? Be sure that the joy and the peace come from the Lord.

We must not forget that God is a good God and He wants us to have a vacation charging our batteries. We are spiritually saying that we charge our batteries when we speak in tongues. God also wants us to charge the batteries for our soul and our body. My way of charging the batteries might be very different from yours. I once went to a wonderful concert. That was like a oasis in the desert, but maybe you would have been bored.

Some love to take long walks in nature. Others are picking berries and mushrooms. For some it is vacation to take care of the garden. Others might sit for hours enjoying some wonderful views.


I will have some vacation now and there will not be a new writing before the 15th of July.


Mother Else


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