When you go to a doctor and present a problem, he will most likely ask you if somebody else has the same problem in your family. He is actually asking if you have an inheritable sickness. I do not think that we understand how much we have inherited from our forefathers. Your parents have inherited from their parents. I recently met a small boy looking exactly like his father. I have never seen anybody looking like a copy. I had to laugh and say: “Here we have no doubt about the fatherhood.”

I have mentioned inherited sicknesses, but we can also inherit the way we act. If one of the parents is introvert and the other one extrovert, the children will ether be the same or become a mixture. I am the extrovert in the family and I have an extrovert daughter, but the other one is introvert like her father.

In counselling I deal with inheritance almost daily. Many are having problems with anxiety and fear and they often say that either their mother or father had the same. They might suffer from fear caused by inheritance as well as an insecure upbringing. The Bible says that we have not received a spirit of fear. It can very well be that you have inherited a spirit of fear. Others have an anger that they cannot control. Sometimes I have to free people from a spirit of anger. They might have inherited from their mother or father. Yesterday I delivered a person from a perverse family-spirit. The perversity went back a few generations and it had lead to guilt and shame.

It there something that can be done with the bad inheritance and the guilt and shame?

I want to refer to 1.Peter 1:18 saying that we should get rid of the aimless conduct of our forefathers. There are different translations, but we can clearly understand that we can get free from inheritance. The word free is the same word used when they bought a slave free. We can continue to read the next verse saying that we were bought free with the precious blood from a spotless lamb. The lamb was Jesus. He dealt with these things on the Cross. A lot of our inheritance can be listed as curses. Galatians 3:13 writes: “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree)”

Christ has bought us free!

Isaiah 53:5 is saying that the chastisement for our peace was upon Him. We received peace and by His stripes we are healed. If we have sinned, we should according to 1John 1:9 confess our sins and He will cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We are not supposed to grind the confessed sins. “Fishing forbidden!”

Back to inheritance. The day that we received Jesus as our Savior, Jesus moved into our spirit or rather His spirit moved into our spirit. The Bible says that we became new creatures. (2.Cor.5:17) Philippians 2:12 says that we should work on the salvation of our soul. I believe that is a life-long process. I am almost daily breaking aimless inheritance over people during counselling. A Christian is today belonging to another family. God is our common Father, our Daddy. The kingdom of God has different rules than those in the world. We have moved from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of Light. It can be compared to the time when the Israelites left Egypt to enter the Promised land. Egypt is often a symbol  of the kingdom of darkness. Since Jesus has set us free, we do not need to be under the dominion of the sins, sicknesses or shortcomings of our forefathers. God is eternal and I can therefore go back in time. There have been times when I have broken the umbilical cord between mother and child.

The Lord gave me an inner picture many years ago. I saw a forest full of trees. I saw a person tied to every tree with thick ropes. I entered the forest with a scissor used in garden-work and I started to cut every person free from the tree. I aske the Lord for interpretation. He said that each tree represented a family and He said that I cut people loose from family curses. I might not be able to break all the ties in one time. People might have had their identity in their inheritance or it might have been a big part of the person’s life. Both thoughts, emotions and behavior might need to be changed. If you repeat saying the wrong words, you might keep old patterns. Our words should be according to our new nature.

If you are an adult, you might have to renounce your inheritance yourself. If your mother and father lived in sin, it is no excuse for you to continue to live in sin. You have to confess it and stop doing the wrong thing. Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery: Sin no more!

Many do not know nor understand that it is possible to break inheritance and to stop bad inheritance to continue. If you are saved, God has given you authority to bind and to lose. (Matthew 18:18)


Mother Else