This will be the last chapter of communication, at least for the time being. Most of the things we do are different forms of communication. To-day we have so many different media and we are therefore communicating in so many different ways. TV, internet and mobiles are those media that are mostly used I think. Many are also listening to the radio. These media have an enormous and frightening influence on people. When we watch television, we receive information of different kinds and watching can make us rather passive unless we are encouraged to participate in one way or the other. It is also a one-way communication. Many think that the information they receive is true, but that is a lie. Many of the things that we see are either lop-sided or in some cases totally wrong. One should really examine the source of the material. The devil knows that people are spending hours in front of the television and he wants to communicate through music, films, theaters or other entertaining programs. He knows that when we watch violence and pornographic scenes, they will be stored in our conscience and our sub-conscience. The more we watch, the more it will be part of our personality. Many are asking why there is so much criminality and so much evil in the world to-day and I believe that both TV and internet play a part in this fact. Children are taught that it is OK to kill and young people are encouraged to experiment with sex. Quite a few countries are accepting cursing on the official television and films and theaters are full of swear-words. Children and young people are copying the adults and children might not even know that they are cursing. A sweeper came to me some years ago and he was calling on the devil by using his name again and again in a loud voice. I asked him if he thought that the devil could help him in any way since he called upon him all the time. He looked shocked and said that he probably couldn’t.

We have to be thankful that the television also can be used in a positive way. It can convey healthy knowledge, fantastic experiences from God’s nature and healthy entertainment. God can also use this media and especially to-day. I really think that it is great to bring the gospel to millions of people through this media. Christian and anointed music can reach the world and some channels are offering intercessory prayers. Many have received Jesus as their Savior  

Those who convey the message of Jesus through television have a great responsibility. They need knowledge about communication. They need to speak clearly and they should not use a language that the common people do not understand. The message should be simple and they should not make Christianity to a complicated thing. It is easy to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. What they say must be true and they should not compromise in order to be popular. Your look and the way you dress are also important factors. I do not believe that you should dress yourself in very old-fashion clothes nor in too modern ones. You should also be decent. As a woman you should not wear a neck-opening that is so deep that you create sexual feelings in the opposite sex or wear so tight clothes that nothing is left to the imagination. A person’s look says a lot about your motivation for the message. You can wear something nice without playing on sexuality. The Bible also mentions the use of jewelry. I believe that we can use simple jewelries, but do our clothes and jewelries draw the attention to ourselves or to Jesus?  Your clothes are means of communication. People who frequently are seen on television are models for an entire world. This is true both for the secular and the Christian channels.

We Christians have the Love living in us. We have to show that no matter where we are and it is especially important on television since it reaches so many. We should show joy and be secure. People are very sensitive to what is real or not and do not wear a phony smile. Jesus was real and He loved His audience. We should do the same both in individual evangelization as well as on television.


When it comes to internet, we get information both by reading, listening and seeing. Internet is also giving a possibility of chatting and talking to each other. I myself talk on skype with people around the world. To-day we can even see each other on a video camera. This has unfortunately been used by the devil to make especially young girls to undress in front of the camera and to expose themselves sexually. Others have experienced that intimate pictures were exposed against their will. The devil I spreading his material in many ways, but God is also using internet and we Christians must be aware of this fantastic tool. We can watch videos from meetings, listen to anointed music and watch anointed dancers, people being healed and saved in campaigns and watch videos by people who have seen heaven and hell. The devil has his videos and there is a war between the two powers.


The mobile is a fantastic mean of communication, but can be misused. I was one of the latest to receive one and the reason was that I was so irritated. I could not stand listening to the conversation that people had on official means, in restaurants and even when they were visiting friends and family. Many can hardly turn it off even when they are in church. They might turn it on soundless, but I see some who are still using it without talking loud. The positive thing is that we have never had such a possibility to commune with the entire world as now. We can use it when we have been in an accident and the help can reach us quickly. We can encourage each other by sending a message or even use Bible verses. I believe that the Holy Spirit can use the mobile and I have both used it to receive prayer requests and to send requests. I think that many are dependent on the mobile in a negative way. I turn it off when I counsel, in meetings, when I visit somebody and when I have an appointment with God. I do know that you can talk about very private things in the mobile. I have overheard that unwillingly, but the mobile can take away the attention from the people you are with and people are talking less to each other face to face. One can easier hide oneself behind a mobile.


How do we people talk to each other? Are you one who talks all the time or can you be quiet and listen to the other? A good conversation is one where both can talk and be quiet and listen. Are you good in responding? I think it is very difficult to tell somebody something that is important to me if the other person does not give me a response.

Are you one who always must be right? If you are, you are most likely one who accuses others easily. I do not like to be pointed fingers at. I can be corrected in the right spirit, but the devil is called the accuser so be careful with this. My advice to is to say: “I think, I feel, I have heard what you have said, but I look at it in this way…..” By doing so, you are not accusing the other person, but you are saying that you have another opinion. You are also taking responsibility for your opinions. It is not dangerous to have different views on a subject, but it is dangerous if you condemn the other by saying: “What you are saying now is stupid. You do not know how bad you are or you do not understand a thing.” I could have used a lot of negative examples. The worst is if you talk to children like this. Can you imagine how detrimental it is for a child to hear: “Nobody will ever be friends with you or you will amount to nothing. “ These sayings are like curses and we have to ask for forgiveness for saying things like this. One should be very careful in using words like never and always. Remember that our tongue is used to spread life or death.


Mother Else