15TH OF JUNE This will be the last chapter of communication, at least for the time being. Most of the things we do are different forms of communication. To-day we have so many different media and we are therefore communicating in so many different ways. TV, internet and mobiles are those media that are mostly used I think. Many are also listening to the radio. These media have an enormous and frightening influence on people. When we watch television, we receive information of different kinds ... (read more)


1ST OF JUNE   Last time I was writing about leaders and pastors within the church. This time I want to write about communication in general and see what that leads to. I myself do not know any details before I start writing. I am totally dependent on the Holy Spirit.   God has created us with five senses and we are using all of them in communication. A small new-borne baby cannot talk, but it sees, hears, tastes and feels the touch. A baby is using its voice to cry or to make ... (read more)


15TH OF MAY We have many types of communication. I will give some advice to preachers, speakers and leaders in the church and then I will write about the necessity for clear and good communication on the human level. You might not think that this is so spiritual, but most of the marriages are broken since they lack a sound communication. They misunderstand each other. The problems of a congregation are often caused by misunderstanding or lack of healthy communication. When Christians do not ... (read more)