It was my youngest daughter who gave me the idea for the title of this sermon. She had recently been waiting for some friends at a restaurant for some time. She had been wondering what she should do and decided to buy a flower for one of her friends. She came from a country far off. The flower was received with great appreciation. What other alternatives did she have? She could have become irritated and thinking that she wasted her time. She could have accused her friends and she could ... (read more)

Don’t give up!

15th of May Do you remember that I have written that there will be many births this year? I do not primarily think of biological children, but I think of God’s plans and visions. They will come to pass this year. I said that birth-pains could be painful and it is not easy to give birth. Mine were not easy ones. When you see the child, you forget the pains and you know that it was worth the pain and the hard work. You rejoice in the result. I participate in different groups and we pray a lot. ... (read more)

We want to give birth to an Isaac

1st of May I can almost see the question marks in the faces of some of you. What is she thinking about now? Is she suggesting a name for our boys? I am a man and I can’t give birth to a child. Where are you heading? I will explain, but first I want us to look up Genesis the 16th chapter. I think that you should read the entire chapter. It is about Abram’s wife Sarai who was old and childless. She had a maidservant with the name of Hagar and she wanted her husband to be with her in order ... (read more)

How are you reacting to the end-time prophesies?

15th of April The Old Testament has quite a few prophesies about the last days and so has the New Testament. I am not an end-time prophet and do not have a revelation about everything the Bible says about it, the return of Jesus and what will happen when the Bride is ascended to heaven, but there are lot of prophets writing and speaking about these things. Many are to be read at internet. Some are specific and others are more general. In whom should we trust and what should we believe? The ... (read more)

Do you feel secure?

15th of March Some people will ask: Secure, in connection to what? That is a good question since we can feel very secure in some situations, but very insecure and fearful in others. We can also be very comfortable with some people, but feel very uncomfortable and insecure with others. Others seem to be very secure on the outside, but they keep a façade in order to hide their insecurity. They hesitate to show this side of themselves to others. Everybody doesn’t even know that they are ... (read more)

The Almanac

15th of January I have the last times been sharing with you what the Lord has given to me. We are still in the beginning of a new year and I can still write about an empty almanac even if you cannot read this before the 15th of January. I have written about a lot of new births this year. God’s plans, visions and dreams will be delivered during the year of 2013. There will also be born new spiritual babies. The normal is to have birth-pains before a delivery and I wrote about that last time. ... (read more)

Pains of Childbirth

1st of January Last time I wrote that the time had come to give birth. I also said that there will be a lot of childbirths next year. I wasn’t thinking of biological children, but more of the things God has planted in His children.  It could be dreams, visions, God’s  plans for the individual as well as for congregations and cities. Many people are carrying a calling, but they have never taken the necessary steps into their calling, but we will see many callings being born next year. ... (read more)