I am thinking that some of you might say: “No, I only speak the truth. Do you really think that I am lying?” No, I do not really think that many are lying, but some do and what is the truth really? I often hear about people with fear or anxiety and that might make them lie or keep them from telling the whole truth. They are governed by fear or anxiety then and not The Holy Spirit.

I will give you some examples making it easier for you to understand. I will start with myself. I was going to a country that was Communistic at that time and Christianity was not officially accepted. I had taken with me three Bibles in the language of the country. When I arrived at the border, they discovered one of the Bibles and they asked if I had more. I automatically said no. In the moment I was so afraid that I forgot that I had two more. I remembered that five minutes later and I wanted to go back and say so, but those around me said no. Please do not do that they said. The fear had made me lie. Some might say that it was God’s protection.

I know of people discovering something illegal at their working place, but they do not dare to say anything in fear of losing their job. If you are stopped by the police in a control, would you tell them how fast you were driving?

Children are often lying in fear of being punished. When a teacher either in kindergarten or at school, is asking: “Who has broken the window or who has written those bad words on the blackboard?”, it might take a long time before anybody says: “It is me.” Sometimes it will not be done at all. A nice watch had disappeared when my sister went to school. She met a woman from her class about 40 years later. This woman was so glad to meet my sister because she had been the thief and she had become a Christian and had tried to find the other students in her class to confess her sin and to clear them from suspicious. I think that most parents might tell stories from their children refusing to tell the truth.

                      The fear for being punished might make us lie.  

This fear might make us lie about small things, but also big things. A pastor was told to call a sick person in the congregation. He automatically said that he had done that, but that was not true. He might not have planned to lie, but he automatically said that he had done so that he could give an impression of caring for people.

Lying is often used to defend one’s self-image.

Sometimes I think that it is done subconsciously. The devil is called the father of lies so we know that there are demons lying. Even Christians might have demons in their soul. Philippians 2:12 says that we should work on the salvation of our soul. Demons can only be in our soul or body.

Children are not only lying in order to avoid punishment, but they might lie to make themselves interesting. They might make up stories and if they get a positive response, they will continue. I believe that children should be taught to speak the truth. When they are small they might not be able to know the difference between lies and fantasies. We must be careful to punish them for lying. We adults should also be a little more careful and tell them less fairytales.

Economy is area where lying is quite common. I heard a pastor saying that in business everything was allowed. Where does he find that in the Word of God? Our speech should be yes, yes and no, no does it say in my Bible. I do not believe that God will bless businesses that are build on lies. If you believe that God is with you, you will speak the truth and give right information even if you take a risk of loosing money. I have sold both houses and apartments and it was very important for me to give correct information. I could at the end take an insurance in case hidden mistakes should appear. Once that happened.

I just heard a story from another country. Two leaders from a congregation had made a woman give them some money. She had no idea that these two were smoking weeds. It was luckily discovered and God could give them a chance to repent. I know that many Bible-school students go around saying that they live by faith. The problem is that many of them do not pay their rent and they ask others to buy them food. Some pastors think that they can get furniture and clothes without paying for it. They think that the church member owning stores can give it to them. That is actually to steal. Some Christians are borrowing big sums of money without paying back. I was helping a woman once with a big sum of money. She used the money for something else than what was agreed on. When I confronted her and said that it was sinful, she regretted and she finally paid back little by little.

                      Do not lend out money without making an agreement.  

Some evangelists are known for exaggerating. When they give a number for the attendants, they might give a much larger number. Some are saying that there are miracles at every meeting, but it isn’t. When a guest speaker is coming to a church, it is almost expected that he or she should come with a positive prophesy.

                                   Wishful thinking is not the same as the truth. 


Mother Else              

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