Part 1

I have become very conscious about the fact that Jesus lives in me. He moved in the day that I received Him as my Lord and Savior. He gave me a totally new nature and I was borne again. I did not receive a new body nor a new soul, but my spirit got renewed and I can truly say that I am righteous and on my way to Heaven because of His blood. The apostle Paul says in two of his letters that we should walk by the Spirit. We should identify with God in us and that should actually become our identity, not our lacks and mistakes.

My question to myself and to you will therefore be: Can people see Jesus in us? When you and are in a shop, will the others say: “See that Jesus person.” I am not talking about a superficial, religious smile or masque. Most people would see through that. I remember a preacher who was always smiling, but many got irritated about his smile since they did not think it was real. In this case it wasn’t always real, but Jesus will not always be received even if it is real. It is written that we are a fragrance of Christ to those being saved, but an aroma of death to those that get lost. (2.Cor.2:15) Some of you will now ask how people can see Jesus in us? That’s a good question and I do not have all the answers, but some.

I believe that Jesus is friendly and full of love. He doesn’t push Himself in front of others. It is written that one of the fruits of the Spirit is patience. I feel I am tested on this one. If we walk around with a gloomy face and look like we are carrying all the worries of the world on our shoulders, it is not easy to see Jesus then. He considered Himself to be a servant and He thought of others more than of Himself. What kind of needs do they have? If you see a neighbor without a car, offer him or her a lift home. Maybe you are strong and can help to carry something heavy for somebody or maybe somebody needs a few pennies when they stand in front of the cashier.

What do we do when we hear somebody crying for help? We should ask the Lord for guidance since many are carrying a knife or a weapon, but we should not become indifferent. If the Lord leads you to stop a fight, He will protect you. I just heard about a woman doing just that. We can stop it in the Spirit also by taking authority in the name of Jesus. Maybe we should call the police as well. Do something! The Bible has the story about the compassionate Samaritan and Jesus saved a woman from being stoned. She had sinned, but He wondered if anybody else was without sin? Only Jesus is without sin.

Some people can easily come in contact with other people and they can easily talk about Jesus in a natural way, also to strangers. Others go out in the streets and into shopping malls and they pray for sick people and many get healed. This is both a way of showing love, but also a way of testifying about the Healer. When we approach people, we should always show them respect and love.

I think that we should avoid discussions as far as possible. We do not need to compromise, but say that this is what the Bible says and this is what I think. We should not force anybody to believe in Jesus or agree with us. It is the Holy Spirit that should convince a person about sin and grace.

There are quite a few people who will not come to Heaven because of you and me. I know some of you will protest, but none of us have done everything rightly. Many people have told me that they either left their faith because of some Christians or they did not want to become one because of the behavior of a Christian. Many are having great wounds from their childhood. They might have been heavily punished in the name of Jesus. I am not talking about a healthy consequence of disobedience, but something much worse.

Some Christians are so religious and hard that they push people away. Jesus had the greatest problems with religious leaders. A religious person does not have an aura of Jesus, but of laws and regulations. I can almost see a pointing finger full of condemnation. Others will not become a Christian since they think that a Christian life is boring. Jesus is the most exciting person in the world. He is not dull and it is not boring to be a Christian, but exciting. A life full of surprises.

I will continue with this theme, but in the meantime you can think of how you can present Jesus for the people you meet.

We have a slogan saying: Smile to the world and the world will smile to you. We might start with a real Jesus smile for encouragement and comfort.


Mother Else