What does the Devil do to hinder the Body of Christ to function? Part 1

15th of December

Part 1

Some of the things that I will write about have come through prophesies. Other things come to me through the Holy Spirit while I am writing and many things are based on my observations through the years passed.

I will naturally write only about a few tricks of the devil. You will most likely think of more things. Since God and Jesus are in heaven, the devil knows how important the Church is. We are the tools in the hand of God and thatfs why the devil is so interested in making the tools weak or ruin them if possible.

Have you ever been sick? I have to be honest and say that I have been sick many times and when I come around to different churches and want to pray for the sick, many come forward with small and great needs, even deadly sicknesses. Do you believe that this is the will of God? Some believers think so, but that is far away from the truth. If that had been the case, Jesus would not have carried our sicknesses on the Cross. Why should He carry something that we were supposed to carry? You should read Is.53:4+5. When Jesus was walking here on earth, He healed every person who was sick. (Matt.8:16) This is only one out of many scriptures that emphasizes the same. We can therefore be sure that God wants His children to be well. Which father doesnft want that? Only a father that is influenced by the devil. We recently had a tragedy in Norway. A man killed his wife, his three children and then himself. This is very abnormal, but it shows the nature of the devil. GOD IS GOOD AND WANTS THE BEST FOR HIS CHILDREN. Sickness came after the fall of man. I would like to study and get revelation on the roots of sicknesses and why so few get healed. I have been healed many times myself, but would like to see so many more in the body of Christ.

How does sickness influence you? I know that it takes a lot of attention in my life. Pain cries out: gHere I am. Do something.!h It doesnft make any difference where it comes from. If you have fever, you are most likely bedridden. If you are dizzy, you might become uncertain and afraid. You are certainly not running around. Some people have lost their seeing, others their hearing. Sometimes the devil will destroy vital organs in the body. Others are unable to walk. The devil will do anything to stop us in functioning. We can pray while we are sick, but we are handicapped.

Some sicknesses are contagious, but the Word of God is a wonderful protection.

Other sicknesses are due to the fact that they run in the family. Jesus broke every curse on the Cross. We can therefore destroy the power of every curse in the name of Jesus. By the stripes of Jesus we are healed. I only know of a few times when a sickness is turned to a blessing and thatfs when people get so desperate that they turn to Jesus for help. Some sicknesses are caused by what people have been eating and drinking, but many sick people are victims.

I will now continue to write about another weapon: Temptation and sin. We remember that even Jesus was tempted, but He did not fall in sin since He used the Word against the devil. That is what also we should do.Resist the devil and raise the Word of God as a banner against him.

The fact is that way too many members of the body of Christ forget or consciously avoid doing this and they fall into temptations. Some of them can be very serious and the consequences can be detrimental. We can constantly read about brothers and sisters who have fallen into sexual sins. They might have used even innocent children. We can read about quarrelling and division within the different churches and among the different churches. There might be misuse of power and unhealthy control. Others steal money that was supposed to be used by the church. I get very upset and sad every time I hear or read about these things. Why should the devil succeed? People expect something else from people that call themselves gfollowers of Christ.h Our sin hinders many in coming to Christ. That is why this weapon is so effective. Those who commit sins, lose their freedom and their boldness and might totally fall away from their walk with Christ. Other believers might be so disappointed that they too turn their back to Jesus. Where does the devil tempt us? Where we are weak. It is therefore very important that you know yourself and know where you are weak and need help. You must never be so proud that you canft accept your need for help. That is dangerous. Seek the Lord for help and use your trustworthy sisters and brothers.

Every sin isnft obvious, but it is still there and might eat you up from the inside and hinder you in having an intimate relationship with Jesus. You can then lose your strength, your joy and your protection. We choose to live outside the Word of God and we deceive ourselves if we think that will be without any consequences. We forget that many of the promises start with a IF. If you do this, so and so will happen. Who is tempting? The devil. Who is sinning? We.

I mentioned misuse of power and positions and divisions within the body of Christ. I sometimes find it more difficult to build healthy relationships within the body than outside the body in secular jobs. I work with people and those of us working there are genuinely interested in people and we have knowledge of human ways of acting and thinking. This is often missing within the church. We might get so spiritual that we forget that the body consists of people, living creatures created by God. Jesus was passionate and loved people. He is our best teacher.

All divisions, spreading of rumors, jalousies and gossip come directly from the devil. This goes around and spread poison into the churches. The result is a weak and unhealthy church. The Holy Spirit doesnft have free entry into the churches. You can read about some of these things in Gal. 5:19-21. Paul writes about the works of the flesh. He says that people doing these things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

A congregation that is divided cannot be used as a strong force. The energy goes in all directions. In the book of Joel it says that we should not turn to the left nor to the right, but do the things each person is called to do. Then there will be no room for envy and comparison. Many are comparing themselves with others because of a minority complex and then it is easy to find faults with them. God is calling us and God is giving the gifts. We have nothing to boast of. We are often forgetting this truth and we act in the flesh and look up to people instead of the Giver of gifts. The devil loves carnal people.

Do you know what God has called you to do? The devil likes to keep you ignorant of your purpose in life. He likes to make you confused. Confusion always comes from the devil, a very effective tool. A confused person doesnft know where to go or what to do. God is a God of order. He speaks through His Word, through His Spirit and through other believers. You cannot say that God is quite. You have a variety of possibilities to hear from Him. SEEK HIM! HE IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE!


Mother Else