Most of us have had a garden, a bed of flowers or a place where we have been sowing. When we have sowed and it begins to grow, I think all of us have experienced that it seldom comes up alone. All of a sudden we see weed that we haven’t sown. The seeds might have been hidden in the earth or have been blowing from somewhere else. It seems like the weed has grown up faster and become bigger than the original plant. The weed will often take a lot of energy from the original plants. That’s the reason why I try to remove the weed. My experience is that they try to come back.


It’s difficult to get rid of weeds. Ill weeds grow apace.


I want you to look up Matthew 13:24—30. I have a title over this passage saying: “The parable of the wheat and the weed.” It starts by comparing the kingdom of heaven with a field where one sows good seed. The sad thing is that the enemy was sowing bad seed while they were asleep. The weed came from the devil. The servant wanted to remove it, but the owner didn’t allow that. The owner said:” No, lest while you gather up the tares you also uproot the wheat with them.” When there was harvest time, they should first gather the tares and bind them together in bundles to burn them. The wheat should be collected and put into his barn. You can read Matthew 3:12 saying the same thing.

I have personally found these verses a little difficult to understand since I want everything to be fruits from the Spirit. I despise lies and even more half-truths. I earnestly seek His will and desire His power. I am not saying that I don’t miss it sometimes.

We live in a very special time and I feel that the foundations are shaken. Many countries are going through a change and many lives get lost. Former truths of the Bible are questioned and many people have lost their own safe foundation for their personal life. I have in the spirit seen a sword going through the Body of Christ dividing the ten virgins. Five had oil on the lamps and they were ready when the bridegroom came. These wise virgins celebrated the wedding with the bridegroom. The unwise were knocking on the door, but they were refused entrance. We read in Matthew 25:13: “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming.”


This is not a time for sleeping or for ignoring the Word of God. We must watch over the commission we have gotten from the Master.


The Lord has commanded us to make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them and then teach them all that Jesus was teaching the first disciples.(Matt.28:18-20)


Some people think that they can live exactly according to their own desires. They do not think about salvation for others. We have prophesies that people will get selfish in the last days. They think about themselves and maybe their own children. The love is growing cold. The Bible is also prophesying about great deceptions in the end time. I see and read here in Sweden that known preachers have changed their opinions about almost all their old believes. What they thought was an abomination before is ok now. Some of them are saying that the Bible is no longer the highest authority. Some of these have earlier been very true to the Word and loved the Bible more than anything. They have opened themselves to laws made by men and even occultism. Many secularized churches have occult séances in front of the altar and they enjoy the power, but do not question which power. People are so hungry for religious experiences and are participating in anything as long as they get a kick.

This confirms the warnings in the Bible about temptations and deceptions. I start being old and I can seriously say that this has never flourished as much as now. When something is almost true, it is more dangerous since it is more difficult to distinguish the truth from the false. I do not find it so difficult to see the devil when he comes as a roaring lion, but it is more difficult when he comes as the “angel of light”. The weed looks so nice then. In New Age they talk about the good and bad advisors. I think they are all black if they do not come from the Lord. This belongs to the deceptions.

Many Christian leaders exalt themselves and say that everybody must obey them since they are hearing from God and talk about themselves as infallible. The Catholic Church says that the pope is infallible. Jesus was the only infallible person and all of us are sinners saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ. If a Christian leader says anything else than what the Word of God says, so run. Do not follow men, but the Lord.  We see a tendency in the Body of Christ that when a leader falls, a lot of others fall too since they have built their faith on men and not on the Rock, Jesus Christ.


There is a great difference between worshipping men and subordination of authorities.


We do know that Jesus is coming back quite soon. He is coming to fetch a spotless bride. He knows who belongs to Him. He knows the virgins with oil on the lamps. What do we do with the weed?

We are supposed to forgive and bless people, even our enemies.


In James 4:7 we read that we should withstand the devil and he shall flee from us. We must distinguish between men and satanic powers. I have a great desire that more people would get the gift of discernment. I was recently involved in a critical situation where one person tried to force some people to act contrary to their own conscience. This woman had evil spirits, but one treated her with respect, but one was warring against the evil powers and didn’t bow down before the manipulations of the devil.

Can we get rid of all the enemies? No, we cannot. We can read in Matthew 13 that we will not get rid of the weed or divide the goats from the lambs before the very end. We read in psalm 23 that the Lord shall prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. If the enemies were gone, they couldn’t stand there to watch the Lord blessing us. I believe that most of us find it difficult when the devil attacks us through people, especially people close to us. Most of us are afraid of being hurt or hurting. A spiritual problem becomes a relational problem and the devil knows how difficult that is to solve for most people. In these cases we need a lot of wisdom and love from the Lord. The great thing is that the Lord wants to help us.

When should we get rid of the weed?

We should first and foremost get rid of the weed in our own lives. We call this sanctification. This is a daily process.

We read in 1.Cor.5:6 that a little leaven leavens the whole lump. In this case the leaven was immorality. It had to come out of the church. Only a few were participating in it, but they had to come out of the church or repent and get rid of the sinful behavior. This example tells me that we should not allow sin among the people of God. A church-leader is responsible for his member, a father for his family and a boss for his firm and I could continue. We must all keep the sin outside the territory we are responsible for.





Mother Else