The Word of God is your food, part 2

November 18th

Part 2.

We are continuing to compare the Word with the food we eat or choose not to eat. I wrote that we need variation in our diet. If we have a one-sided diet, we become undernourished.

In some churches, they teach a lot about the word of salvation and grace. This teaching might have led you to make the decision of salvation and you are very happy. You continue in the same church and the problems of every-day life arise. You might have problems with paying your bills and you wonder if the Bible has anything to say about this. Then you need teaching on the fact that you are in a blood-covenant with the Father. He has taken His responsibility to take care of you. Besides that, you also need teaching on tithing and on faith. It is therefore important that the pastor is preaching to all needs in his church and not only to the unsaved.

You also need advice in how you can “eat” the Word yourself. When I meet a newborn Christian, I recommend one of the Gospels, maybe Mark or John. If you want some encouragement, you can read the Psalms, If you are searching for wisdom, one chapter of the Proverbs a day is good.

The Word of God has something for everybody and for all needs. The Bible is full of stories about healing and deliverance. If you are afraid, you will find that “do not be afraid” is written 365 times in the Bible. Paul writes about every-day life as a Christian and how the churches should function. You can also read about the exiting mission trips of Paul. They were quite dangerous.

The Old Testament is full of outstanding leaders, such as Moses and Abraham. Joshua represents the new generation and is a very good example for young leaders.

If we study the history of Israel, we will see that many of the problems we have to-day are the same as in the past. They were rebellious and disobedient. They were in danger, and got saved. We have always been human and that is the reason why history is always relevant.

We have some differences in our diets, but we do not stop eating because of that. The basic ingredients are the same.

If you want to read about women, you can read the Book of Ruth and Esther. I am only mentioning a few themes of the Bible. It is an exiting book and is full of family-dramas and cruel wars. Wars always came as a result of disobedience and idol-worship.

After mentioning so many themes of the Bible, I get very sad when people say that they feel forced to read the Bible. Who is forcing them?

God does not force anyone, but He has given us living food. The Word of God is alive. If you feel forced, ask God to take the veil away from your eyes. I want you to see how exiting and useful the Bible is. Besides that, ask the Holy Spirit to be with you when you read so that the Word comes alive and you can understand what is hidden from you.

There are many recipes explaining how we should read the Bible. Some say that we should rad it from the beginning to the end. Others read one chapter of the Old Testament and one from the New Testament every day. You can also find many booklets with plans for the whole year. The world is full of different devotional booklets. Others pray for daily inspiration. You will also find those who look it up in a haphazard way. You can in the worst case risk to get following words: “See, he went and hung himself.”

I am sure of the fact that there are many more recipes. If you are in a difficult situation, maybe sick, you can get hold of a Bible-dictionary and look up the word “healing” and then you can feed yourself with the Word. That creates faith(Rom.10:17) and we need faith in order to overcome the lies of the devil.

I love food and I do not need to be told to eat. I have never had that problem with my children either. Food is representing life and is absolutely necessary. In addition to that, I enjoy it tremendously.

In natural life you will find people who are fat or thin. If you are too fat, you probably have eaten unhealthy food and have not used the energy that you have eaten. My spirit can never get too fat. I want as much as possible of the Bible to get into my spirit. I can never eat too much, but at the wrong times. When I attended Bible-school, we were warned not to read the Bible during intermission. They wanted us to be together with the other students. It is healthy for us to sit with others and get to know our sisters and brothers. It is not spiritual to hide behind the Bible if it covers a fear of men.

I like to read the Bible together with others so that we can share different revelations. Twenty eyes can see much more than two.

Some complain about the fact that they get the same food all the time. Then I think you should talk to your pastor or visit another restaurant.

You tithe to the congregation where you get food. You are not paying the pastor, but the tithe belongs to God. You pay to the restaurant where you eat. God owns all the restaurants(churches), but you have one home where you get your daily food. That should not stop you from visiting others.

When you eat, it is not only so that you yourself shall be well satisfied. Jesus says to Simon Peter that he should feed the lambs. When I have eaten something good, I give the recipe to others or I make it so that others can enjoy it and get happy.

Jesus says in John 4:34 “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.” This is a word that I live by. I am satisfied when I do what He asks me to do. He is asking all of us to do something. We are all having the ministry of the believer. This ministry is described in Mark16:17+18 “And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they shall cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no mans hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

This is nothing special for a few, but for all believers. You can find churches where they do not cast out demons or believe that healing is for to-day. They might believe that speaking in tongues are for somebody special or in the worst case only for eccentric people. Then they have not read the Bible and seen that it is for all believers. God wants us to do something for others. We should not eat so that only we get happy and maybe get some goose pimples on the back.

We should all eat the same spiritual food says 1.Cor.10:3. They also drank of the same spiritual Rock, of Christ.


Mother Else