The Woman, part 2

1st of April

Part 2

It is always easier to see the problems when they are far away and it is not difficult to find solutions to the problems either. These solutions are often easy solutions. The longer I am in a country, the more I know, the more complicated are the problems and the more difficult it is to find a solution.

Women movements in the West have been fighting for equal wages for the same kind of work. They have fought for the same opportunities to go to school and to get a work. They have fought against the misuse of the female body. She has so often been used to sell other products. A good example is a picture of a woman with minimum of clothes laying on top of a new car. They work against sex-misuse and sexual suggestions at work. In certain places a woman can get a job if she is willing to have a sexual relationship with her future boss. You can see this in the film industry and with models.

Certain political parties and other groups have started to make quotas in order to avoid too many men. They might say that at least forty per cent should be women.

How is it within the Body of Christ?

Unfortunately I cannot say that the situation is very good, neither in Europe nor in Asia.

Many Christian men have misinterpreted the words by Paul and thought they could subdue their wife. They might think they can be rulers over her, have an intercourse when they desire it or some might even hit their wives physically or with words. This is a total misinterpretation of the Word. You can go to Eph. 5 and read verse 22. We read that the wife should submit to her own husband as to the Lord. It does not write that she should submit to a slave-owner, but as to the Lord. How is the Lord? He came to the world to serve others. He went as far as to give His Own life for us. He opened a new and living way straight to His Father and He carried all our sicknesses and broke all the curses over us. Jesus will never meet us with an attitude that makes us feel offended. Jesus washed the feet of the disciples and He made food for them after the resurrection. He always did something good for those He met. This is an example for our husband. He should be like Christ.

Read Eph.5:28+29. It actually says that the man hits himself if he hits his wife because he should love his wife as he loves his own body. No one hates his own body, but cares for it as the Lord cares for the Church. It never says that a woman should be a victim for the bad mood of her husband and allow herself to be mistreated.

You can nowhere in the Bible find that the woman has less value than the man. This thought is satanic. The devil knows that a woman can be dangerous for him and he wants to subdue her as long as possible. The devil started to attack Eve before he attacked Adam. The snake tempted her and questioned the Words of God. Has He really said? He made her doubt her own discernment and made her insecure. The devil is still using the same tactics, especially towards women. If somebody else questions us, we can easily have doubt about ourselves. Many women have heard: “You do not know anything about this” or “you must misunderstand

this”. Eve allowed herself to be tempted and she dragged her husband into it. Adam ate from the apple, but he accused Eve for what he did. If Adam had been a good “man of God”, he should have stopped the devil, protected Eve and said “no” to the apple. He should also have taken the full responsibility for his mistake.

The consequences were enormous. Man was separated from his and her love-relationship with God and the earth was cursed. This lasted till Jesus came and sacrificed Himself for us and reunited us with our God and Father.


You can look up John 8:1-12. The scribes and the Pharisees brought to Jesus a woman caught in adultery. She should be stoned according to the law, but Jesus said that those without sin could start throwing stones at her. Jesus wrote something in the sand and many have wondered what He wrote. Since none of them was without sin, the left one by one. In verse 10 Jesus said: “Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?” She answered that no one had condemned her. Jesus said that He would not condemn her either, but that she should stop sinning. Jesus did not want her to continue, but He forgave her what she had already done.

In John 4:1-26 we read about a woman from Samaria. She met Jesus by a well. Jesus got a word of knowledge about her life. He said that she had had five men and the man she had now was not hers. This convinced her and she said that Jesus must be a prophet. She was already surprised that He had talked to her since she was a woman and from Samaria. Jews did not communicate with Samaritans. Jesus showed us that He accepted women from other cultures, races and countries. He is not discriminating. Jesus said to this woman that He had Living water and she did not need to ever be thirsty. She did not understand this, but He wanted to say that He could give her ETERNAL LIFE.

In Luke 7:36-50 we read about a sinful woman who came to the house of Simon while Jesus was visiting him. She brought an alabaster flask of fragrant oil. She washed the feet of Jesus with her tears, kissed them and anointed them with the expensive oil. Simon got very upset by this. Jesus says in verse 47 that she has been forgiven for a lot of sins and that is the reason for her joy. If you have been forgiven a lot, you love much. If you have been forgiven little, you love little. Jesus calls sin for sin, but He is full of forgiveness.

There are many stories about women who were healed. The blessings belong to women just as much as men. Mary Magdalene was delivered from seven demons and later she walked with Jesus. She did not have a sexual relationship with Jesus as some authors write to-day. Jesus had female friends. I refer to Martha and Mary, the two sisters. Jesus visited the widow and raised her son from the death. Jesus always treated a woman with respect and love and He never accused her alone for something she could not do without a man. On the contrary, He forgave her and gave her back her dignity.

I do not understand why so many women are looked down on even in the Church. In many churches women are doing children’s work and serve in the kitchen. They can attend mission groups and sow and knit. I myself was highly accepted when I served in the cafeteria, but “hell” was loose when I started to teach and preach. That is the case for many women. Nice pastors are not so nice any more and one can be accused of a lot of strange things. I do not want us women to do things in a rebellious spirit. Leaders should be respected. If we have to obey God more than men, it is better to leave for another church where we can use the gifts of the Spirit.

I have had to forgive men who have worked against me because I am a woman and there are many men who should ask for forgiveness since they have subdued or rejected women. Rejection is a very effective weapon and the devil is using it frequently. There are many women who need deliverance and healing from being rejected by her own husband or brethren in the church. I want to say to all of these men: “LOOK AT JESUS!”

God is our father and He is suffering when His daughters suffer. He wants them to be loved and honored. He has asked the Holy Spirit to lay gifts down in them and He gets very sad when these gifts are rejected since they are used by women. Men do not understand that they are rejecting God when they reject what is coming from Him.


Mother Else