The Lord wants to deliver His children

1st of May

I know that I have written about deliverance several times. You can also go back to 2006 and 2007 and read about deliverance under the headline: “Spirit, soul and body”. Why do I write about this again? Many new readers have started to read my site. We all see in parts and I believe that I see more now than then and I have gained more experience through the years. I also have a great passion to see my sisters and brothers delivered. I sense an increased activity from the devil. He deceives God’s people by heretics and other deceiving spirits. Jesus, Himself, asked if He would find faith on earth when He returns. The devil’s increased activities prove to us that we are closer to the return of Christ. We are really in the end times.

Some Christian groups become more and religious and others become more secular. These trends go sometimes together and create a terrible mess. Once you have opened yourself for demonic powers, your vision becomes more and more blurred and it is difficult to discern what is what. Some Christians copy others and it is not unusual to make a Christian leader into a guru and this guru gets unhealthy power over you. Emotions can to-day be more and more important and one does what feels right. The Word of God becomes less important and is often interpreted in a way that satisfies the emotions. This is all a result of deceiving spirits. The Word of God should be read by everybody, but The Holy Spirit should together with our spirit interpret the Word. God has also placed apostles, prophets, shepherds and teachers in the Body and they should help us in interpreting the Word. Their interpretation should make like an echo in our spirit.

Do you know the difference between spirit and soul? When we received Jesus as our Savior and our Lord, He moved into our spirit. Our spirit is therefore perfect. Our soul consists of our free will, our emotions and our mind. Our senses influence both our body and our soul and our spirit can also use them, but so can other spirits. We also have a conscious and a subconscious life. As Christians we can fight the enemy in our consciousness, but many do not know that the devil work with us and through us from our subconscious. Maybe you had a life before you became a Christian and that life might not be so good. It might have been a sinful living. Maybe you confessed some sins when you received Jesus as your Savior, but the devil will not always leave a person automatic. I have talked to quite a few people who lived a sinful life in the past. They stopped when they got saved, but they are still having problems with lust,(thoughts and emotions). The devil also comes in dreams. They do not understand since they have stopped living in the old way, but the fact remains; the demon is still there. They are most active when people are weak and in their dreams. When a sin is confessed, it is not so difficult to get rid of the demon. When I start praying for people, the Holy Spirit reminds them of more non-confessed sins, and the more they confess, the easier it is to be free.

Many do not want to hear about deliverance since they have seen or heard about dramatic events. This is not necessary. If the spirit/spirits do not have a legal right to be there, you can command them to leave without a show. Quite a few demons come out through our breathing. You can sometimes become nausea and in some cases they vomit. It is important that you keep on praying until you know that the demon has left, but do not go on for hours. If that is the case, I think that the demon holds on to something. Jesus drove them out with a word.

To-day we have two ditches in the Body of Christ. One group says that Christians cannot have demons and the other group sees demons everywhere and is too concentrated on the devil. It is not easy to find the right balance. The devil does everything he can in order to draw the attention. I have seen so many deliverances in Christians and cannot deny the presence of demons in my sisters and brothers. They cannot have a demon in their spirit since the spirit is borne by God who is perfect. They can stay in the soul and in the body. They do not always stay there permanently, but they might come from outside since they have a grip on the person, like a magnet.

I will mention a few points that are openings for the devil:

Sins, curses (generational curses, words, occult things that are thrown against you), trauma, shock, harassment, unforgiving, unbelief, disobedience, wounds and fears.

Both disobedience, unforgiving, unbelief and fear could come under the headline of sin. Fear is the opposite of faith. If you have been hurt by people, go to Jesus. Ask Him to heal you and be sure to forgive the people who caused you to be hurt. You might have to forgive many times before you are totally healed. We are often wounded because of misunderstandings. There might therefore be times when you should ask the other person some questions. Ask the Holy Spirit when you should do what.

There are demonic spirits behind most of the conflicts between people. Eph.6:12 says that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against powers and rulers of the darkness. People either say things that the demons say inside them or they might be under influence by demons outside themselves. You and I can do the same. We also have a flesh and that is very open for the things that are opposite to the divine spirit.

We cannot throw out demons of other without their permission. We can do so if the children are small. Otherwise we can bind the spirits and stop their destructive activities. I recently heard of a person who destroyed a prayer group. Some of the members decided to bind the spirits in this person and she became like a lamb next time they met. The spiritual world is real.

When we deliver ourselves or others, we must know that we are in a spiritual war. We have to cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus, not only ourselves, but our family and the one we pray for and his or her family. I usually cover all our belongings also. If I am conscious of a sin that I have not confessed, I am sure to do that before I enter a war.

I want you to know that certain demons can come as a family spirit. Fear and anxiety can have entered at different times and sometimes one can take them all. Other times one should take only one. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you which area to take and how much. The consequences of a demon can be wounds, wrong thought patterns, bad habits, sicknesses and fear. There are many more.

Some people are too eager to deliver others and they might not be free themselves, nor are they rooted in the Word. They might also lack teaching and experiences in casting out demons. I recently heard about a team of young missionaries to India. They all run away the first time they were confronted with a demonic manifestation.

Many sicknesses are caused by demons and the cause of the sickness must go before healing can take place. A question that is essential is: Does the demon have a legal right to be there? You can look at the openings in the beginning of this page. If you have confessed, forgiven and live in accordance with the Word, the devil has no right to torment you. You should therefore either cast him out or stand against him, steadfast in faith.

Once you have cast him out, clean the area with the blood of Jesus and close the doors for his entrance. Ask for healing and use the Word to renew your mind. It is good to pray in tongues too. This is not a complete recipe for deliverance, but some points to consider.

The most important for me this time is to make you aware of the fact that many conflicts, sufferings and sicknesses could have been solved if the Body of Christ would know more about the works of the devil. You cannot drive the devil out in any other name than the name of Jesus. He has conquered the devil.


Mother Else