I know that I have written quite a bit about that in different connections, but I write a separate theme about it now. This is a theme that The Holy Spirit often brings me back to. We can go back to the very beginning. The third verse in the Bible goes like this: God said: Let there be light; and there was light.” In the sixth verse God said that it should be a firmament in the midst of the waters and that should divide the waters from the waters. The firmament was called Heaven. The entire chapter continues with God said and it was. Words are creative. I recommend you to read the first chapter of Genesis. I believe that we can create things through our mouth. We are created in His image and He has given us a power of creativity. We can read in the Proverbs 18:21 that death and life are in the power of the tongue. That are strong and serious words.

We create life or death by our tongue.

Some years back I asked a technical person how I could send text messages around the world and it would reach the other person in seconds. I travelled a lot to India at the time and messages went between Sweden and India. The distance was huge. The person explained that there are signals in every room and it goes through satellites and the signals were received in for example India. While this person was speaking, The Holy Spirit also started speaking. He said that all the words spoken are kept in the atmosphere. On one side we have the true and positive words and on the other side we have the lies and negative words. God can use the true words and He can bless us through the words we and others speak. The devil will use the words coming from him and they can harm or destroy us. I am sure that you have entered rooms or places where you have sensed something unpleasant. Demonic words have most likely been spoken there. There is a lot of praying going on in my home and many have commented on the atmosphere in my home. I had never thought of the fact that words stayed in the atmosphere and didn’t disappear. I use my mouth a lot both in counselling and when I preach and teach. I am a verbal person also in private. I really took this teaching to my heart. I do not believe that every word I speak comes from The Holy Spirit and I do not want to scare you from speaking. My intension is to encourage you to be more careful with your mouth.

I believe that words are important for a child long before it is born. When the parents lay hands on the stomach of the mother and talk life and joy into the child, I believe that they create what they are saying. Many mothers sing for the child inside their tommy and it is proven that it has a positive effect on the child. If you only talk about all the problems you are going to face by getting a child, the child might not feel so wanted. You are also creating problems that you could have stopped with your mouth. How? The Bible says that children are a blessing and you could thank God daily for the child in your stomach and bless it. Philippians 4:13 says: ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” His strength lives in you if you are a believer in Christ and you can draw from His power and The Holy Spirit since He is your Helper. Ask Him to help you. God is with parents to be since He is with us in all areas of our lives.

When the child is in the process of growing, it is important to feed the child with true and positive words. Many have heard that they will not succeed in life because of mistakes made in childhood. Children as well as adults need encouragement. One shouldn’t demand too much of them, nor too little. When a child is around one year old, it starts to walk. One shouldn’t laugh when it falls. One should not say that they are stupid either. A child needs to try, fail and try again until they succeed. We need to say: “You will manage this, next time it will be better.”

Both parents and teachers are very important in developing a child.

I got very negative words from a teacher in school when she looked at my knitting and drawings and that created an image of being stupid in these areas.

I recently wrote about marriage and I mentioned a lot about communication. Many marriages are destroyed because of wrong words. I know of people trying to commit suicide since the spouse mostly came with negative words and when they are repeated often enough, one believes them. That could create a self-image leading to death in the worst cases. Remember the Proverbs 18:21. Some sick people hear voices and many murderers have said that they heard a voice inside their head saying: Kill. They didn’t manage to stop the voice and did what the voice told them to do. I believe that this voice is a demon. Many non-Christians would agree with me while many Christians are sceptic. Christians can be delivered from demons in their soul and body. Their spirit is perfect.

In 1.John 3:8 we read that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. Jesus gave us the same power to do the same. It actually says that we should do greater things than Him. (John 14:12) We should also undo the works of the devil. Jesus has already conquered him and so can we. If I say things in a wrong spirit, I ask both God and people for forgiveness. I also ask The Holy Spirit and angels to destroy the words. If others say negative words or cast curses by words, I forgive them and ask the Lord to send help to nullify the words and the effect. When I listen to people through counselling, they would often share stories of negative speaking either by themselves or others. I ask them to forgive and ask the Lord and The Spirit to send angels to destroy the words.

Many do not take words seriously. They might say that they do not mean what they say.

Never say what you do not mean!

In Sweden we recently had 14 pastors from a African country visiting. They prayed and fasted for Sweden. They also said that we Christians should encourage each other. I get very happy when my friends find their place in the Body and I encourage them, but many get jealous. They might criticize others in order to say positive things about themselves. We are supposed to point out things that are wrong and do not correlate to the Word, but we must remember that we do not fight flesh and blood, but against principalities and the rulers in darkness.



Mother Else