The Holy Spirit 6

Part 6

I wrote about the fruits of the Spirit and the works of the flesh last time. This time we look at the gifts. I will mainly stay in Rom. 12 and 1.Cor.12+14.

In Rom.12:11 it says that we should be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. We are one body, but the body consists of many parts. Each part has a special function. In 1.Cor.12:14 it says that there are many different gifts of the Spirit, but the Spirit is the same. A gift is not given to us so that we should have something to boast of, but the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the profit of all.

I will divide them in three categories. (We must never forget that they are gifts and something that are given to us.)

1.The gifts of knowledge or the gifts of revelation:

A. The Word of Knowledge. B. The Word of Wisdom. C. The gift of discerning the spirits.

2. The gifts of power or energy-gifts.

A. The gift of faith. B. The gifts of healing. C. The gift of performing miracles.

3. The oral gifts, also called the inspirational gifts.

A. Gifts of different tongues. B. Interpretation of tongues. C. The gift of prophesy.

All of these gifts are supernatural gifts. We receive knowledge and wisdom that we cannot get by studying. It is given by the Spirit. Paul prayed that the people in Ephesus should receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. (Eph.1:17) The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and He will never give us information about another person that would in any way harm the other person. We receive as much information that is necessary in order to help somebody. The gifts are given to strengthen the Body of Christ, but they can also be used to help a Non-believer. I have heard stories from Christians who got a word of knowledge or wisdom, and when these were given to the Non-believer, he came to faith. I think we should use these gifts much more. Just think of walking over to somebody on the street or in a shop

and say: “I see that you are suffering from ulcer. God wants to heal you. May I pray for you?” When that person gets well, he will easily believe that God is good and that He performs miracles.

When I pray for people to get healed or delivered, I am totally dependant on the gifts. Neither one of us might know the root of the problem, but the Holy Spirit can reveal what is hidden for our eyes. I often get a picture that is understood by the other person or the Holy Spirit explains it.

We can read 1.Cor.2:13 “We speak not in words which man’s wisdom teaches but which the Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual.”

When we use the gift of discernment, we must not think that we can be critical to things we are not used to. When we use this gift, we might “see” demons or angels. Others get names of the demons and I have heard of people who are smelling demons or angels. Others get a nauseating feeling when they have an encounter with demons. The purpose is to discern what comes from the Holy Spirit and what comes from other spirits. The Angel of Light is difficult to discover without this gift. It comes in very religious forms. Might look very honest and sweet. We read in 1.John 4:1 that we should not believe every spirit, but test the spirits if they are of God for many false prophets have gone out into the world. In next verse we read that every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God. The opposite is a spirit of Antichrist. There are so many deceiving spirits in the world to-day so this gift is very necessary for the Body of Christ.

When I have been teaching this subject at Bible-schools, there have been many questions around the gift of faith. We have all received faith. We could not be saved without faith and we could not please God without faith. The gift of faith is a special faith that we receive in certain situations and for a certain purpose. I have gotten this sometimes when I have seen people with serious illnesses. Once I was in India, I saw a baby who had a wound that had to be cleansed by a doctor every day and the parents were very sad. All of a sudden I received faith and power and I declared the baby healed. The next day the doctor could only explain this as a miracle. The same thing happened with a woman who was sick from cancer. I just knew that she was not going to die. In these cases I received supernatural faith. I have seen churches being built on supernatural faith. The pastor or maybe the whole congregation receive faith and both money, people and material come forth in a supernatural way. This is not based on the faith that should increase by hearing the Word of God, but it is a gift in a special situation.

I will write about healings. It stands in plural. That mean that we have different kinds of healing. When we talk about healing, it is a sickness that will be healed. We are not talking about creating a non-existing eye. It is healing of diseases. Doctors are being used to heal people, but they use knowledge that they have learned. Supernatural healing comes from God and it happens in a supernatural way. The gifts can be used when you lay hands on the person or in combination with a word of knowledge. I am sure you have been to a meeting and the preacher calls a person with a special sickness and says that she or he will be healed. The person who uses the gift does not know how it happens, but that it happens. I have experienced to see many being healed from wounds in their soul. It is wonderful to see the Holy Spirit healing a person from a wound that might be many years old. That is just as real as seeing a person getting new skin after a fire-burn. It’s wonderful to hear people say: ” Before I had to take sedatives before I went out among other people, but now I look forward to it.”

The Holy Spirit steps into areas that have been in the dark and removes infection and heals wounds.

We talk about miracles when something is created. When somebody gets a new part, for example an eye, it is a miracle. I heard about a person who could see through a glass-eye.

That is impossible without God. One can roughly say that what a doctor cannot do, is a miracle.

When a believer is baptized in the Holy Spirit, he or she should speak in tongues. That is a divine language that we receive as a gift. We do not have to learn the alphabet nor study it in any school. Sometimes we only get a few words in the beginning. Others get so much that they cannot stop to speak for a long time. We can use this language at any times. You might have attended a meeting and a message has been delivered in tongues. You might not understand anything or maybe the Spirit shows you. Some people have the gift of interpreting.

They interpret the message into our language so that we all can enjoy it.

To have the gift of prophesying is not the same as being a prophet. This gift can be used towards individuals as well as to a whole congregation. The Spirit shows something about the future or reveals some thoughts from God. It could be sins that must be dealt with or words of encouragement. God wants to speak to the church and prepare them for times to come. When a woman is going to give birth to a child, she is first pregnant for nine months. This is a time of preparation.


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