BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. Part 2 We usually think of more than one person when we talk about relationships. We think of what happens between two people or between members of a small group, between colleagues, church members, bosses and employees, teachers and students. This is just to mention a few examples. The strange thing is that our relationship to others depends on how we look upon ourselves and how we feel. I will try to be more concrete. If I should have a low self-esteem, it could come out ... (read more)


BUILD RELATIONSHIPS! Part 2 I am finally back from Ukraine where I have had a very important and useful stay. I have had many seminars and a lot of counselling and I got new friends and developed an even deeper relationship with those I had before. What is Christianity? For me it is not a religion, but a relationship. When sin entered the world through Adam and Eve, the close relationship between God and man was broken. God hates sin and He cannot have an intimate relationship with sinners. He ... (read more)