Summer vacation

15th of June

I know that different countries have vacations at different times, but this is the last one I write before people in my country take a leave, a little summer holiday. Your plans might be ready a long time ago, but I will philosophy around this theme in spite of that.

FIRST OF ALL I WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU KNOW THAT GOD IS FOR YOU AND HE DESIRES THE VERY BEST FOR YOU. Go with me to 3rd. John 2. It says: “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” We have earlier said that the soul consists of three parts, our emotions, our will and our mind. God has given us a soul in order for the soul to prosper and be in balance and be satisfied. I remember that I attended a concert in India, a very good one and the woman accompanying me said: “My soul has been in a desert, but this was like an oasis.”

Some Christians become very worldly and forget that their spirit need spiritual food, but others become so overly spiritual that they forget to give inspiration to their soul.

Each person is different and your soul might be satisfied by different impulses than mine. I know a boy with Down syndrome and he is extremely happy when he can go to the opera or listen to music from different operas. I rather go to a concert with different music.

Others enjoy going to museums and different art exhibitions. They get really inspired. I can go to some, but it doesn’t touch me the same way as some of my friends. Others get even more inspired by making art in one form or the other. We might ask ourselves: “What is art?” As Christians we ought to be sure that we know the source behind the art. Our soul should not be satisfied by sinful and satanic inspired art. Others go to the extreme and say that all art is sinful. They must not have read the Bible. God was very careful when He ordered the temple. He knew exactly which colors to use and what material and He chose the different kinds of artists. God is the Creator over all creation and he has formed us and given us different abilities to create. Lots of art is so inspired by the Spirit that is also satisfies our spirit. Do you remember when David played for Saul when Saul was tortured by the devil? Praise and worship and dance in the spirit can be very strong tools used by the Spirit. Drums can be used to attract the attention of the devil or used by God to send him away.

Why do I write about these things in connection with the theme “summer vacation”? I really believe that we Christians are far from appreciating all the gifts and talents that God has given us and far from appreciating the Creator as well as the created. We can change this trend during our vacation since we have more time. Maybe you can enjoy the drawings and paintings or maybe sculptures made by more or less known artists. Others might want to join concerts that you normally have no time for. What about going to churches and cathedrals with all their magnificent art? I can hear that some of you say: “Religious.” We must not forget that this art was an expression of their worship at the time they were made and many artists gave their lives to make art based on the Bible.

Maybe you should create something yourself? You might want to write poetry or compose music. Others might want to paint or maybe weave. Maybe you want to form pottery? We are all clay in the Big Pottery’s hand.The possibilities are enormous. Do the things that you desire and are equipped for! You can naturally do these things the whole year, but I give you an inspiration for this summer. You are created to create.

I can almost hear some of you making protests and giving me a long list of things you think you must do. It might be some visits that you do not desire at all or the hobbies of your husband that you do not share with him, but still take part in. I am aware of the fact that one has to do certain undesirable things when one is part of a family and there is a question of giving and taking, but do not wipe out yourself for four weeks. It is easier to do something for others when you know that your needs also will be met. Be bold and take care of your desires and ask for grace to do something for others.

Nature is given to us by God. We shall not ignore this wonderful gift. Some people enjoy the mountains while others the sea. In Scandinavia we enjoy the forest. I have heard people say that God seems closer to them when they are out in His nature. Use this summer to get out in His nature and enjoy the beauty. You will experience a lot of interesting things and it is also good for your body. It is not created to lie down on a couch unless you are sick or need rest. THANK GOD FOR YOUR BODY AND THANK GOD FOR HIS NATURE.

I am one who loves travelling and I share this interest with many, but I say: “Be careful!” It is not meant to be so full of stress and programs that you need one week of rest when you come home. You are supposed to start every-day life refreshed.

What about the mission trip arranged by my church? I myself get very refreshed when I can use the gifts that God has given me and I love mission trips, but give yourself a little rest too.

Most churches and organizations arrange some kind of a conference during the summer. Many of these have a combination of spiritual food, good fellowship, recreation and good food. They might have special arrangements for the children and the youth according to the different levels. This is perfect since it covers the entire human being, spirit, soul and body and the entire family.

Some people do not want any prearranged program at all. They want to get up when they want and go to bed when they are tired and do the things they desire for the day. This would most probably be difficult for a family with children unless they stay on a camping place or near the water or a pool.

What about God during our vacation? We are never on a vacation away from Him. On the contrary, we have more time for Him now than the rest of the year. Our walk in the Spirit is a daily walk, not only 11 months of the year. The same spiritual principles are at work and Bible reading and praying are just as necessary as ever.

We might meet more people than usual and will have lots of opportunities to witness. Many are visiting family and friends and they might not know our Lord and Savior. Most people are impressed by our own testimonies and we might get a chance to pray for those who are sick. Please ask first.

When we travel around, we will often meet someone who needs our help and may God help us to be quick to bless those around us. God is sending us out into the world to be His witnesses. I usually take some Bibles with me when I travel to other countries and ask for guidance. I want to give them to the right people. This is a time when it it exiting to be led by the Spirit. (Though it is always exiting to be led by the Spirit) I have many times been led to important contacts both in my own country and abroad.

You are blessed and God wants you to be a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mother Else