The Almanac

15th of January I have the last times been sharing with you what the Lord has given to me. We are still in the beginning of a new year and I can still write about an empty almanac even if you cannot read this before the 15th of January. I have written about a lot of new births this year. God’s plans, visions and dreams will be delivered during the year of 2013. There will also be born new spiritual babies. The normal is to have birth-pains before a delivery and I wrote about that last time. ... (read more)

Pains of Childbirth

1st of January Last time I wrote that the time had come to give birth. I also said that there will be a lot of childbirths next year. I wasn’t thinking of biological children, but more of the things God has planted in His children.  It could be dreams, visions, God’s  plans for the individual as well as for congregations and cities. Many people are carrying a calling, but they have never taken the necessary steps into their calling, but we will see many callings being born next year. ... (read more)