My own experiences

June 18th

Part 15 of Spirit, Soul and Body.


Almost all the books that are written will touch our spirit, soul or body in one way or the other.

When I am home, God uses me mostly to pray for healing and deliverance in the soul. When I am out in other countries, I also pray a lot for people with physical sicknesses. No matter what I pray for, I am totally dependent on the Holy Spirit.

When God started to teach me about the devil and all his deeds, He gave me a warning. He said that I needed to be together with Him a lot and that I needed to see myself sitting together with Jesus in the heavenly realm. God needed to become very important and great in my life. I should see all the problems that I met in the right perspective and the devil should not become bigger than he is. When you sit in an aeroplane and look down on the earth, everybody is so small and even big buses become like small toys. It is with that perspective that we should meet problems and the devil.

The devil loves attention and he will often scream loud and blow himself up to a big giant.

This I have experienced both in my own life and that of others. Then I might forget that I am in Jesus Who won a victory over all evil on the Cross. I often refer to the Cross when I pray for myself or others. I also remind the devil of the Cross.

I have talked to a lot of people through the years. They have all a tragic story to share. Some of them share very personal things. It is extremely important that the person feels secure and knows that whatever he or she says, will stay with me. The promise of secrecy applies to friends or anybody with whom I talk. I have three listeners with me; God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. If I need to share the information I have gotten with anybody else, I must ask the person first. I experienced recently that a pastor went to a member of the congregation and told very sensitive things about another member. I do not know how many who got told before I got to know about it and kept it to myself. This is only one of many similar incidents. When one is working in the secular world, one can loose the job if one brakes the promise of secrecy. Some pastors need a lot of education about this. Whatever is told you in confidence, is HOLY.

Sometimes it is not good for me to be alone. When I talk to a man close to my own age, I always have another person present. I am called to be a mother so I do talk to young boys alone. Once when I should pray for a young man to be delivered, God did not allow me to start before I had called four persons to stand together with me in prayer. There are times when I take somebody with me when I expect a fight with the devil. The Holy Spirit leads me from time to time.

When it comes to healing and deliverance, I see that the confessing of sins and the forgiveness of oneself and others are absolutely necessary ingredients for a result.

I always invite Jesus and the Holy Spirit to the conversation and I pray that they will convince the person of sin and righteousness and help the person to forgive. Some people will almost always blame somebody else and these people will seldom get real help. I am not suggesting that we should take the blame for what we have not done. I have also met people who think that everything they do is wrong. In those cases I ask the Holy Spirit to show me the root of the guilt.

There is almost always a root to a problem. It is important to come to the root before one prays. It does not help much to cut the top of the tree if there is a root with a tree full of birds. One has to take all of it. The birds are symbols of demons. They are not coming back if the Holy Spirit has burned the whole tree. The Holy Spirit will often give me pictures and I pray according to what God shows me. A tree can have its root in generational curses, sin, traumatic and negative experiences or bad words that have been repeated constantly. A person can have many such trees and one can seldom take more than one tree at a time.

When one prays for a person, you have to meet that person with love and respect. One does not need to agree, but one needs to listen and allow the person to tell exactly how she or he feels. Sometimes it is necessary to talk about another person and my job is not to defend the other nor to agree. If I know the other person, I should not be influenced by what I got to know. God has helped me a lot in keeping my love for the other person.

I do not get shocked by what people tell me. There is not a new sin under the sun. I can see people getting relaxed when I am not disturbed by their terrible confessions.

I do know that no sin is too difficult for God to forgive nor is there any wound too deep to heal. We have healing in the stripes of Jesus. I pray that the Blood of Jesus will cleanse the wounds and that His love and/or the oil will heal them. I pray that the Holy Spirit will fill up all empty places. There are times when I brake thought-patterns in the mind or lies and false pictures. Many have false pictures about themselves or others. Have you not heard people say: “This person is always angry. This person can never forgive anybody. This person is always sad.” Their whole life can be controlled by these pictures. These pictures must be crushed by the Holy Spirit since they are real to the person in question.

Quite often a person might stop me in the middle of praying and that is quite O.K. The Holy Spirit is not leaving and most of the time it is the Holy Spirit reminding them of something. Sometimes the Holy Spirit remind me of something I have forgotten after I have finished praying. That is great. I find it very safe that the Holy Spirit is watching over us.

When you pray for somebody, it is very important with teaching. One has to refill what you have taken away. I will share with you a story from the beginning of my ministry. I should pray for a former drug-addict. He really wanted to get free. He had received Jesus and he confessed sins. I commanded demons from his occult activities to go and likewise sexual demons. They all left and we were both happy, but not long after he got worse than ever.

He went back to old sins for some months, but then he came back again. Then we took one area at a time. We filled him up with love and with the Word. He himself had to learn how to stand against the tempter. He had to live in a daily relationship with the Lord and taste and know that He is Good. Both his soul and body had to be restored. I this case he moved to a Christian family.

Rome was not made in one day. To restore people takes time. The truth must be repeated time and time again. Maybe we have to talk the truth into many areas. Maybe we forgive with the will, but our emotions might have to forgive many times before we are healed.

Many advisors work according to a pattern. I do not do that. God has taught me much about people, but every person is special in the eyes of God and I am making myself dependent of the Holy Spirit. He is my best helper. I look upon myself as a connecting link between the person and Jesus. I want to lead the person to jesus and teach him to live with Him and to make myself superfluous. If the person gets dependent on me, I have done a bad job.


Mother Else