False and true peace, part 2

15th of February


I described last time some areas giving peace, but a false peace. I will continue to write about false peace and will eventually come to true peace. I am so thankful that true peace exists and we must remember that the Bible writes 365 times: “Fear not!”  Peace and love are the opposites of fear.


I wrote that most of the people will do almost anything in order to obtain peace, but they might use the wrong methods. Both alcohol and different drugs can give peace for a short time, but the fear might come back in a stronger way afterwards. I believe that many start with these things out of curiosity or pressure from others, but there are many with psychological problems and they might do anything in order to release the sense of fear or anxiety. They might say: “I get calmer when I drink alcohol.” The fact is that they get worse if they drink too much. Many have become dependent on this so-called peace and they have gotten a problem of dependency and that is giving them new problems, problems that might be hurting themselves and others. Many drinkers have the opposite reaction of peace and they might hurt themselves and others under the influence of alcohol.


Many drugs give an intoxication of false peace. They might enter an unreal world and their sense of judgment is slowly broken down. Some drugs have unknown effects and no one knows how they will react to these things.


I strongly warn people against using alcohol and drugs!

                              A “short-lived” peace can lead to a greater fear and to

                              numerous problems.


Lots of medicines are made in order to release anxiety and fear and they might give a certain peace and a sense of relaxation. I am not against medicines, but do not seek medicines alone. I believe that God can give you peace through healing and deliverance and His peace lasts forever.

Many psychiatrists and psychologists help people, but if they do not talk about sin and the fact that we all need forgiveness, they do not come to the root problem. I am not saying that all problems disappear when one confesses sins and receives Jesus as your Savior, but real peace is based on the fact that Jesus took all our sins on the Cross and we can receive Him and thank Him for what He has done for us.

If one has done something very bad and one is carrying this without confessing, the person is actually carrying a heavy burden. I have recently heard about people who are not confessing themselves as Christians, but they finally wanted to confess their wrong doings. They said that a heavy burden was lifted off their shoulders even if they had to serve a sentence in prison.

Sin creates a problem. The confessing of sins takes away a problem and for us who have received Jesus as our Savior, it is the beginning to real peace. We have a defender acquitting us for judgment and we can leave the court-room free or should I say that we can go out in life free.

What do you think a person feels when he knows that he has committed a crime, but the judge cries out: Acquitted. I believe that he might feel that it isn’t just, but he is still glad to leave as a free man. Those of us who have confessed our sins to God, hear these words often. The Father says: “My Son has paid your punishment, the one that was yours.” Yes, it is unjust, but I am so glad that I can go free. This gives me real peace and joy.

I do not need to fear for punishment or for any reprisals. I can daily live in the acquittal. It applies for all the past, presence and future. I refer to 1.John 1:9 where it says: “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Hallelujah!


I wrote that the truth will give us true peace. There might be many facts that will not make us so happy, but the truth will, the truth that is in accordance to the Word of God. I have lately been with Christians where the presence of God has been so strong that no one is able to say anything. His presence has been so heavy and His presence gave a deep peace.


God’s Word and His presence give real peace.


I highly recommend you to seek Him, praise Him and set aside time for Him. He is not hiding in a fog. People seeking Jesus, will find Him. I have heard a lot of testimonies from people who have cried out for God and Jesus and they have said: “If You exist, show Yourself for me or let me know that You exist. Sometimes He has revealed Himself as a person. Others say that they have been filled with an enormous peace, a peace that passes all understanding. One of the covenant names of the Lord is the Prince of Peace. (Is.9:6) If you have received Him, He lives in you. That means that you always can have real peace since it exists on the inside of you. Those who live without Jesus, must seek for a peace outside of themselves. Their peace will therefore often be a false peace. Many are saying that they find peace when they are out in the nature. “I find tranquility there”, they say and I do not doubt that. They enjoy the created, but might forget the One who created the beauty. Others say that they get peace in their soul when they listen to beautiful music, but remember that it is the soul. I have many times taught about the difference between the soul and the spirit. Our spirit is the new born nature in Christ and the soul consists of our will, emotions, mind and our subconscious. Holistic way of thinking talks about the connection between our soul and body, but not about our spirit. God has created us all with a spirit, but all of us are not a new creation in Christ. A peace that is built on only two parts of the human being, is a false peace and aborts a part of the human being, the spirit. God wants our soul to prosper, but He first and foremost wants our spirit to be born again. He wants the Prince of Peace to fill us with a real peace, a peace that lasts for now and all eternity.

Do all Christians have peace? All Christians have peace in their spirit, but might feel anxiety in their soul and also in their body. God doesn’t want us to live like this. Jesus says: “Fear not, for I am with you.” He also says: “Cast all your worries on Me.” He wants us to live in the peace He has given to us in our spirit. I have many times called upon that peace to come into my soul and body.


Mother Else