Part 2

How do we Christians talk with each other and how do we communicate with those that are not believers? Some congregations are focusing so much on being successful that it can be difficult to be honest. Many are putting on a masque hoping to be accepted. One can become one person at home and a totally different person in church. The gap between these two can grow so big that one stops going to church. I will be a little more concrete. Maybe you are depressed and experience sorrow and hurts in your life, but you think that people in church expect you to be happy and satisfied. When people ask how you are, you put on a smile and say: “It’s fine. Always victory, hallelujah.” I cannot help seeing behind the façade and I get sad when I get this kind of answer. Should I say something about what I see behind the façade or should I accept what is said? This is really a dilemma. I sometimes try to come behind the masque and the words of victory. I know that there are people complaining all the time and they want attention through their wounds instead of healing and deliverance. They forget the promises of God. I am not talking about those. When we talk about our wounds and our sorrow, the purpose is to get help from the Lord so that we can continue our walk with Him. It is not a mean for attention.

The Lord hasn’t created masques and He cannot help people with masques, but those that are honest.

I am so glad that I am surrounded with people encouraging each other with the Word of God. I also have friends that I can be honest with. When I need help, they pray for me and I do not need to feel alone. I have unfortunately been with religious people being offended when I encouraged them with the Word of God. “ You think you are better than me. I also know the Word of God.” This is how the devil creates misunderstanding. I never had that kind of thought. I only wanted to encourage with the best I have: The Word of God. The same people do not want to hear about divine healing. “Just think if you do not get healed when you are prayed for.” I would rather say: “But think if you get healed.” Religion can kill the real life with God.

How do we talk to those that are not Christians? I believe that we often use the wrong vocabulary. When I attended Bible school, we should write a paper being used for evangelizing. We should avoid using Christian words and phrases. That was not so easy. I have lived in the Christian world for many years and one forgets that others do not understand our terminology. We use a way of talking that seems strange to others. I had some people with me to a party where we prayed for somebody at the end. We were all stretching our hands toward the person and one of the strangers wondered if we used a Hitler greeting. I had never heard that before.

We communicate verbally, but we also communicate with our body. I do not only hear what is said, but I watch how the person look at me. Does he or she avoid eye-contact? Does the person speak with a clear voice or does he or she whisper? Does the person sit in a relaxed position or does he or she hold their arms in a tight position? I know people visiting the doctor and he has stared at the computer during the entire consultation. I have had to teach my translators to put the mobile away when they translate during counselling. I have been to prayer meetings where the pastor takes the mobile in the middle of our prayers. The Lord is not the first priority then. “Excuse me, I have to talk to somebody else that are more important than You.”

We are talking about how we communicate with our body. How we dress is also saying a lot about us. I remember that I should visit a prison with male prisoners when I was young. We should sing and tell them about Jesus. I was very innocent and naive at that time and had put on a tight shirt. The pastor’s wife came and explained that that was not good for these men. I appreciated her saying so and I have done the same to young girls today. Many Christian women create difficulties for men by the way they dress. Some are innocent as I was. Others want to be sexy. Some people are depressive and they do not care how they look. I believe that we should be an example to others. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but clean and fresh. I know of a woman. She came from the world to a Christian meeting. She looked at the women there and she thought: “If I have to look like that, I do not want to become Christian.” I do not believe that Christianity lies in the outward appearance, but it should reflect the inside.

Can people see Jesus in your eyes? Are you sadly walking around or do you have a smile inviting people to come closer to you? I recently sat in a restaurant and I watched a family entering. I was 100 per cent sure that they were Christians. They reflected the light of Jesus and when I asked, they confirmed that they were Christians. I have lately been thanked for being patient in stores and other places. I am not a patient person in the natural. No, on the contrary, but The Holy Spirit has done a work in me.

I will write about communication in families and wherever there is a conflict.


Mother Else