Our Identity, part 1

15th of January OUR IDENTITY. Part 1 God has created us as human beings in His image. (1.Gen.1:27) He created us as man and woman. Since God has created us, He knows more about us than any doctor or psychologist. I have studied some psychology and some of it has been useful and interesting, but the Holy Spirit has taught me more than I have learned through books. He was there when you and I were created. In psychology I was taught that it was important to develop a strong ego that was in ... (read more)

My own experiences

June 18th Part 15 of Spirit, Soul and Body. MY OWN EXPERIENCES. Almost all the books that are written will touch our spirit, soul or body in one way or the other. When I am home, God uses me mostly to pray for healing and deliverance in the soul. When I am out in other countries, I also pray a lot for people with physical sicknesses. No matter what I pray for, I am totally dependent on the Holy Spirit. When God started to teach me about the devil and all his deeds, He gave me a warning. He said ... (read more)

Jesus the Restorer

June 8th Part 14 of Spirit, Soul and Body.   JESUS IS THE ONE WHO RESTORES YOU.   What is the motive behind everything Jesus is doing? That is His unconditional LOVE. He is not demanding anything before He heals people. Jesus was often asking people: ” What do you want me to do for you?” He is asking the same question to-day. It is also smart for you to ask that question when you counsel a person. Then you know what is expected of you.   We can turn to Mark 1:40. ... (read more)

Healing and deliverance

May 28th Part 13 of Spirit, Soul and Body. HEALING AND DELIVERANCE. The two of them belong together so I use both in the headline. When we look at the ministry of Jesus, we see that He healed and delivered people all the time. This is one of the main reasons for the big groups of people gathering around Jesus all the time. I have been in churches where they have taught a lot about healing of the body, but very little about healing wounds in the soul. I have also been places where they have ... (read more)


May 18th Part 12 of Spirit, Soul and Body. PROTECTION The devil can live with his demons either in your soul or in your body, but he can also attack us from the outside. The Blood of Jesus: I have several times mentioned the blood of Jesus since there is a very strong protection in that blood. I will give you a couple of illustrations of the blood. I asked God to make the blood real to me and He did. (Ask, and it shall be given.) He said that I could compare the blood of Jesus with an ... (read more)

Spiritual War

May 8th SPIRITUAL WAR You might wonder why I write about this in a book on spirit, soul and body. It is because we live in a daily war. I constantly meet defeated Christians. They live in defeat since they lack knowledge about the enemy, how to protect themselves and how to win victory. I am not writing about warfare over cities and countries, but how we can live a victorious life. THE ENEMY We have two enemies in our own lives, and that is not your neighbor nor your mother-in-law. We are never ... (read more)

Spiritual Comparisions

April 28th Part 10 of Spirit, Soul and Body. SPIRITUAL COMPARISONS WITH THE BODY. God has created the body of a woman to give birth. In Gen.1:28 God says:” Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it.” We read in the verse before that He created them as man and woman. The man is made to plant life into the woman and she is made to receive it and to nourish the seed for nine months. By the end of nine months, a new person is ready to enter the world and she gives birth to ... (read more)

The Senses

April 18th Part 9 of Spirit, Soul and Body. THE BODY I wrote last time that the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. I wrote about the physical body. When we talk about the body, we are also including the five senses. These are: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. THE SIGHT God has created our eyes. They are like a door opening up for a lot of fantastic impressions, but also many bad ones. To-day I can hardly change from one channel to another one on TV. Anything might pop up on the screen. ... (read more)

The Body

April 8th Part 8 of Spirit, Soul and Body. THE BODY God has created our bodies and He knows everything about them. In order to become a doctor, you have to study medicine at a university for six to eight years. This is the same all over the world. In order to be a good doctor, they have to attend new courses to update their knowledge. God does not need any of this since He has created the body and knows every little detail about it. You will find many places in the Bible saying that our body is ... (read more)

The Soul, part 6

March 28th Part 7 of Spirit, Soul and Body. THE SOUL REASONS FOR WOUNDS AND DEMONIC ACTIVITY IN THE SOUL.(part 2) NEGATIVE WORDS We read in Proverbs 18:21 that death and life are in the power of the tongue. God created by speaking. There was so much life and power in His words that the whole creation became alive through His words. Our words will also create life or death. I have really prayed that God should reveal this truth to you. We should not be afraid to speak, but get help to choose ... (read more)